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Sunday, September 16, 2012

I’m a good kid Yauww~

May peace be upon you. 

Not long ago, we celebrated Father’s and Mother’s Day. And we have to admit, how macho we are right now (uhuk2), how mature we are right now (hope so),
we’re still their little boy/girl. We’re still their beloved son and daughter. 

And we want to give them everything, to make them happy. We remember their birthdays, things that they love, pleasing them (insyaAllah), but..
Are we doing enough? 
Are we giving enough? 

What are the best present that we can give? 

The best present, that every parents would love, 

The best present, that each one of them, would dream of.. 

Is it Porsche? 
Nope! (coz mom might not like it, too noisy they say) 

Is it a fully sponsored vacation throughout the world by you?
err..they might like it, but nope! 

We are talking about a present that they will never ever get bored of! 

The ultimate present! Muahaha~ (evil laugh) 





Keep reading. Hahah! 

Brothers and sisters,
I would like to deviate a bit, by quoting a Hadith from our beloved Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h, 

When the [Muslim] son of Adam dies, his deeds stop, except for three: a charity resulting in a continuing benefit, a knowledge benefitting others, and a pious offspring making supplication to Allah for him. 

(related by Bukhary) 

As the hadith says, 3 things, when a person dies, the deeds from these 3 things will not stop.

1. a benefit charity 
2. a benefit knowledge shared with others 
3. a pious (soleh/solehah) son/daughter that makes dua’ (doa) for them (parents). 

So brothers and sisters, based on this Hadith, I would like to emphasize on the 3rd part of the hadith. 

The 3rd part of the Hadith says about a dua’ from a pious offspring will benefit the parents. 

Ermm.. how?

Simply because, any du’a from a pious person, is more acceptable by Allah.

Simple analogy, you are good with your boss, you work hard, finish all the work that he gave you efficiently, the result from your work are superb, so, isn’t it will make it easier for your boss to give you rewards? Or fulfill your request whatsoever? 

Or, u played Tetris everyday (uhuk2), you are winning, you are upgrading your level, so isn’t it easier for you to buy new items, and upgrade some new features? (until it affect your study.. ouch!) 

So the same analogy applied here. 

But how are you going to be one? (good question. Heh) 

There are some criteria, but I would like to take the criteria from surah al-Mukminun from verse 1-11, as a reference for this post. Because a Mukmin, is a pious person. Since everybody was born with parent(s), hence it will make any Mukmin, a pious son/daughter. Insha Allah. 

Certainly will the believers have succeeded: 
They who are during their prayer humbly submissive;
And they who turn away from ill speech;
And they who are observant of zakah; 
And they who guard their private parts; 
Except from their wives or those their right hands possess, for indeed, they will not be blamed;
But whoever seeks beyond that, then those are the transgressors;
And they who are to their trusts and their promises attentive;
And they who carefully maintain their prayers;
Those are the inheritors;
Who will inherit al-Firdaus. They will abide therein eternally.
(Al-Mukminun, 23:1-11) 

All of these, are criteria for a Mukmin. 

1. They pray humbly submissive, which means they are khusyuq in their prayer. Nothing goes into their mind while praying except for things that will make them remember Allah more. 

2. They didn’t do useless things. Things that can’t improve their Imaan. Why this thing is important, because a useless thing, will lead you to vice (maksiat), bit by bit. 

3. They pay Zakah. In a sense, that they are concern about others and willingly to do charity. 

4. They guard themselves from adultery. How? By guarding yourself from vice first. 

5. Those who kept their promise by being honest and fulfill their promises. 

6. They take good care of their solah. Pray EARLY, in Jamaah, at Musolla/Mosque. 

All of these criteria, Allah said, are criteria for those whom inherited/being rewarded with Jannah. 

Now brothers and sisters, 

Based on the above Hadith, it clearly shows that a son/daughter that has the criteria of a Mukmin, will not ONLY benefit himself/herself, but others around them. Especially, their parents. 

Now, coming back to our previous question, what is the best present that you can give to your parents? 


You have been living with them throughout your life. All your basic need, are provided. All/most/some of your request is fulfill. You got your iphone, your car, your expenses etcetera and on top of all, you got their love. 

So how are you going to repay them? 

By money? are not working, plus, you even use their money right now. 

By time you spend with them? 
Yea, but until when? 

Times run away. 

Sooner or later, they will be gone. That is a fact! Face it! 

So you can’t spend most of your time with them. 

So how? 

Don’t you think you should repay them by being a pious son/daughter? 

By becoming one, and pray for the best for them based on the Hadith? 

Don’t you want to? 

Don’t you want to give them Jannah? 

A place where every need is fulfilled. 

Who says by becoming a good Muslim, it only involved you and your life alone? 

Who says?~~ (Selena Gomez's song) erk. 

Now ask yourself, how bad you want to repay all their love? 

How bad, you want them to live a good life, here, and the hereafter? 

Don’t you think they deserved it?? 

Put aside whatever things they did, they are your parents, and they deserved the best! 


Now a boy, once pray to Allah, he said in his prayer, 

“Whatever thing that I did, I really hope that my parents will go to Jannah. So, please please please O Allah, forgive all their sins. If You can’t forgive them, let me responsible for their sins! I rather see myself hurt in the hereafter, than seeing them hurt! I have nothing to repay them, except for my Dua! O Allah, grant my wish! Please please please..” 

Now I ask again, how bad do you want to give them eternal happiness? 

And I will say it again, since when, by becoming a good Muslim, you only benefiting yourself? 

So let’s start, making Dua for them, and at the same time, improving ourselves to become a good Muslim. 

Indeed, to become one, is not easy. It needs motivation. 

And surely, you can’t find it at shopping mall, or cinema. 

Get close to someone that can help you. Insha Allah, you will get the motivation to continue. 

Maybe we can start by referring to Surah al-Mukminun. 

pic source: click here

I pray that whoever read this, will also get Jannah and the strength to carry on, improving themselves. Insha Allah. 

Now don’t you stop praying for your parents ok? 


Msoc Committee 2011/2012