Malaysia a Christian Nation?

What do I think? What do you think I think? I am a Muslim. So again, what do you think I think? A yes? No?

Fiqh Medic

What are the legal maxims of Islamic Law (QAWA’ID FIQHIYYAH). Let's say, if a patient is having a colostomy bag (which contains his urine or feces), would the ablution be valid? How about, if a women is in labour (bear in mind that giving birth to the first child can be as long as 19hours); can she still performs Salah? (Let's find the answer here.)

Men VS Women

Let's think critically. Who is the one which better in governing this world!? Men, who have more influencing and have strong character or women, who have emotional values, and boundless cares and love?

Are You Ready to Fall in Love??

What is love to begin with? we might assume that we have that sort of wonderful love, unshakeable by no others even death. We may sacrifice anything to our beloved person. But, if we claimed that we love Rasulullah, where are the proofs? You are willing to sacrifice anything for his sake?

Does God need us?

Now, tell me, what are the differences between this human-made lego tree and the one who created by our almighty creator,our god?

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Food For The Souls.


Food is something you eat, when you are hungry. Fill your stomache.

Something that provide essential nutrition for your body, nourish yourself for a healthy life.

When we talk about, 'food for the souls', what does it really means?
(I'm sure all of you already aware though. Never mind.)

It's a metaphor. literally, it is a spiritual nourishment.

It nourish your soul. Nourish your thought. Nourish your heart.

It makes you ponder of who you are, and what the reason that you born on this earth, for what purpose.

'Food For The Souls'.

Its something that you can 'eat' routinely anywhere and everywhere, resembles the food for you stomach. But, it nourish and fulfill you inner-self need, rather than physical necessities.

That's why, these theme has been brought further and chosen as one of a name for event conducted by Muslim Society, this year!


Food For The Souls

*note: the venue for 'entre' event is changed to IMU Driveway.

Below are some of general information regarding all the main speakers, that has been extracted from several reliable websites.


1. Ustazah Isfadiah binti Mohd Dasuki

  • Graduant of Bachelor (Hons) Revelation Knowledge Course with minor in Communication from International Islamic University Malaysia on the year 1994.
  • Complete her Master in Psychology course in Universiti Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) pon the year 1998.
  • She was ex-lecturer of Centre of Foundation Studies of  International Islamic University Malaysia, and served for 13 years since 2000 in Human Science and Revelation Knowledge Department. (Jabatan Ilmu Wahyu dan Sains Kemanusiaan (IRKHS).)
  • Qualified Religious Speaker of Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor and Qualified Member of Neuro-Linguisticprograming (NLP) Antarabangsa (2011), Certified Coach (2011), Certified  Time Line Terapi™(2011), dan Certified Professional Hypnotheraphist (2011).
  • Consultant for ‘Little Scientist’ Curriculum by Fun Science Enterprise which implement science experiment and Islam for the kindergarten children around the world since 2013.
  • Appearance in television such as TV Al-Hijrah in several segments especially in 'Assalamualaikum' segment to touch about parenting issues. and 'Cinta Ilmu' program. Also appeared in other TV channels such asTV9, TV3 and Astro Oasis as well as some radio channels.
  • Columnist in 'Berita Harian' for 'Parenting' segment.
  • Became one of the jury for the reality show in TV al-Hijrah ‘Solehah’
  • Now, Syariah Advisor of Brainy Bunch Islamic Montessori (BBIM), the combination of Montessori and Islam in early education of pre-schoool children and posted as Chief of Brainy Bunch International School.


2. Muhammad Syaari bin Abdul Rahman.

  • Graduant of Bachelor (Hons) of Arabic Literature and Languange from International Islamic University Malaysia, and now further his study of master level in the course of Ottoman History.
  • Chief Executive and full-time consultant in Ibrah Paradigm Training & Consultancy since May 2011.
  • Qualified Consultant under Human Resource Developmen Bhd. ( Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad, PSMB.)
  • Experienced more that 4 years in training, motivational, and consultancy industry and he had served for 2 years in I.P Minda Training & Consultancy Sdn. Bhd.
  • Registered member under Training and Consultancy Association Muslim Malaysia.
    (Pertubuhan Perunding Latihan dan Motivasi Muslim Malaysia (TAMRIN).
  • Author of  a best-seller book. “Kuasa Kepemimpinan Al-Fateh” published by PTS Milennia.
  • Few television programme that he was invited before for interview session were TV Al-Hijrah in “Assalamualaikum” segment and RTM TV1 in “Amir Amira” segment.


3. Mohamad Ridhauddin bin Mohd Salleh

  • BA (Hons), Fiqh And Usul Fiqh, International Islamic University Of Malaysia (IIUM).
  • Acquisition editor, PTS Publications and Distributors Sdn. Bhd, June 2006- Disember 2006
  • Teacher, Setiabudi School Sdn. Bhd, January 2007- June 2007.
  • Lecturer, International Education College (INTEC- previously known as International Education Center), July 2007- 27 July 2011.
  • Publishing book entitle ” Demonstrasi BERSIH: Menilai Semula Pandangan Antara Mengharamkan dan Mengharuskan” published by Kolej Islam Darul Ulum (KIDU) on July 2012.
  • Publishing book entitle “Kerjasama Politik DAP PAS dan UMNO MCA: Menyingkap Tabir Kebenaran”.
  • Invited speaker in Rancangan Selamat Pagi Malaysia (SPM) RTM on the topic of “Kelesuan Mahasiswa; Apa penyelesaiannya, 8.00-8.30a.m.
  • Actively be the speaker for many talks, and events either in Malaysia or overseas.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

MSOC Recruitment Drive

            Last week, there has been held 'Club Recruitment Drive' at IMU, just in the atrium and driveway area. The purpose of this event is solely to recruit new members from the intake from that year which want to involve themselves with the clubs and society.

            It was a compulsory annual event in which the committee or volunteer of that represent of that particular society will struggle and sacrifice their time, to explain about activities and other stuffs in order to recruit new members.

More members, are definitely better!

And usual, the committee and volunteer of Muslim Society also strive to attract as much new members as possible especially for those muslim.

Below is the video from the recruitment drive to summarise all of the activity done this year.

You would learn a lot of new thing.

Gain new experience.

Grab MPU hours more! ( for certain tasks )

Get the Knowledge.

Experience it yourself, and

Let's join us!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Understanding the Manual

As a first video for the 'Wazakkir Project', highly gratitude to akhi Marsaid had came forward and willingly to share his knowledge to us.


"The month of Ramadhan [is that] in which was revealed the Qur'an, a guidance for the people and clear proofs of guidance and criterion. So whoever sights [the new moon of] the month, let him fast it; and whoever is ill or on a journey - then an equal number of other days. Allah intends for you ease and does not intend for you hardship and [wants] for you to complete the period and to glorify Allah for that [to] which He has guided you; and perhaps you will be grateful." (Surah Al-Baqarah 2:185)

So, what's our guidance as human?

Yes. Exactly.

It's Al-Quran.

It is a guidance for people, and clear proofs of guidance and criterion.

Thus, we must read it, and don't just 'read' it...

Do you get the message?? Then, watch this video first.

Read means, you recite it, you know what you read, and understand about what are you reading.

Don't just recite, without understanding anything. And yes, though you might not from Arabic tribe who are very fluent in their arabic, and might not know as well arabic languange since you never learnt it at the first, or even though you learnt you might can't understanding the whole picture about the sentence. (So, learn arabic? Eh. )

For those persons, you can always refer to the translation. For deeper understanding, you can also refer to any recommended tafsir such as tafsir fi zilal and tafsir ibnu katsir.

And, that's would be the perfect manual for you.

Are we created without purpose?

No. Obviously not. We are not exist without purpose. The god always created something with purpose.

While human were given a choice, either to live astray without purpose ruled to us, or live accordingly as we are told and taught via our manual, the Qur'an.

Live as worshipper of Allah,

and caliph of Allah, on this earth.

It's true,

we have that choice.

Follow the manual.

So, decide the perfect choice for yourself.

You know what you should decide.

Visit 'Wazakkir' youtube channel, and subscribe, and share, so that everyone can know!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Sunnah Of Smiling

Everyday, we're going to meet people.

People that acquainted with us. Our best friends, batchmates, family, co-workers and others.

People that strangers to us. That we never know about them. Even his/her name!


To show the respect towards people. To elude from arrogance appearance. To avoid from negative circumstances.

There is a 'Smile' created. To save your day! The best medicine of your life. (though, it's supposed to be laughter. Err. Never mind.)

"It's a 'Smile'?"



"Yes. Of course."

"Do you mean, by doing like this?" (while smirking.)

"No! Not that's smile!"

"Then, what?"

"It's like this..." (while smiling sincerely, like a rose bloomed after the rain.)

"Waaa.... I can feel it. I can feel it. It has the sense of love. A true sense of love. Can we befriend?" (while smiling sincerely, but this time it's like a colourful rainbow flew in the sky of heart.)


There's a video that we would like to share to all of you.

Watch this. It's just spend your few minutes.


Still don't want to smile?


As a homework for all the precious readers, now, tell us, what's the barrier on the smiling between man and women? Isn't it supposed to have certain rules according shari'a?

Congrates for those already know. :)

Monday, October 13, 2014

Coklat Solat

Tahukah anda, bahawa solat itu boleh rasa lebih enak dari coklat?

Ya. Lebih best dan sedap dari coklat Toblerone, Daim, Cadbury dan Cokolat celup, celup celup! (ok.lame…)

Sama ada kita sedar ataupun tidak, solat itu perkara asas bagi seorang Muslim.

Bila kita bercakap soal asas, bermakna ia permulaan bagi segala sesuatu. Maksudnya, apa saja yang kita lakukan dengan asas yang rosak, ia tidak akan pergi ke mana. Ibarat sebuah bangunan, jangan bermimpi untuk pasang arial radio terbesar berbentuk bulan sabit, jika asas atau foundation kepada bangunan itu rapuh dan tidak lengkap. Apatah lagi jika rosak dan langsung tiada.

Ibarat juga seperti kita sekarang. Bagaimana kita mampu membaca dan menulis sekarang, dengan teks yang panjang dan sukar, tanpa kita selesaikan perkara asas dahulu iaitu; belajar mengenal huruf dan mengeja.

Jadi kemana saja kita akan pergi dan berkembang, jika asas sudah tidak lengkap, penghujungnya juga tidak akan lengkap.

“Orang yang mengambil ringan tentang sembahyangnya akan lebih mengambil ringan dalam soal yang lain” 
(Rufai’ bin Mihran)

Akan lebih mengambil ringan dalam hal yang lain…. Ohoi~

Oleh kerana solat ini begitu penting, ada hadis keras dari Rasulullah s.a.w yang menyentuh perihal solat.

 Nabi saw bersabda yang bermaksud : “Pemisah antara seorang hamba dengan kekufuran dan keimanan adalah solat. Apabila dia meninggalkannya, maka dia melakukan kesyirikan.” (HR. At-Thabari)

Dengan hadis ini juga Umar al-Khattab pernah mengatakan : “Tidak ada bahagian dalam Islam bagi orang yang meninggalkan solat”.

Bahkan seorang tabien yang bernama  Abdullah bin Syaqiq beliau mengatakan: “Dulu para shahabat Muhammad saw tidaklah pernah menganggap suatu amal yang apabila ditinggalkan menyebabkan kafir kecuali solat”.(Lihat As-Tsamar Al-Mustathab fi Fiqhis Sunnah wal Kitab, ms. 52)

Gulp. Terasa palpitation.

Sememangnya, tidak lengkap hidup kita sebagai seorang Muslim tanpa solat. Serius.
Kalau tidak solat, ibarat rasa macam pen, yang tak boleh tulis. Ibarat macam kedai 7eleven,yang tutup waktu malam, bahkan rasa seperti phone yang mahal2, tapi kemek dalam seluar.. Seram tak perasaan tu?

Maka solatlah. Selagi nyawa masih ada.

Side Effect Solat

Ya. Ada side effect setelah kita menjamah solat ini. Solat yang dilakukan dengan bersungguh-sungguh. Dan side effect yang hadir ini tak dapat digambarkan dengan kata-kata.

Kita sedar tak, selepas solat kita rasa sedikit tenang?

Rasa sedikit lapang?

Adakah kita yang mengawal perasaan itu? Tidak.

Melainkan itulah tanda, bahawa diri kita diciptakan, untuk Dia. Kembali pada fitrah.

Kerana hati itu hanya akan tenang, dengan perkara fitrah yang menyenangkan. Ia tidak akan tenang dengan perkara yang kotor. Susah sebenarnya untuk rasa tenang lepas mendengar muzik metal. Tapi dengan deruan air, kicauan burung, nah. Hati itu sudah berbicara bahasa yang nyaman. Rasa lapang..

Bahkan, Rasulullah dan para sahabat meletakkan solat ini, bukan sebuah ritual berat, tapi sebuah pertemuan yang merehatkan.

Nabi s.a.w bersabda, “Wahai Bilal, rehatkan kami dengan solat.”(HR Imam Ahmad)

Nah..itu yang kita mahu.

Supaya solat ini, rasa seperti mendengar deruan air, kicauan burung. Bahkan lebih lagi.
Bukankah itu masanya kita bertemu janji dengan Allah yang membangunkan kita hari itu? Yang menghidupkan kita pada waktu itu?

Jadi tidak pelik jika ketika solat, terasa getaran hati itu. Luluh air mata berderai mengingatkan diri, mengingatkan Tuhan.. tambah2 ketika solat bersendirian, saat dunia masih lagi sedang tidur.

Hanya kita dan Dia.

Hanya kita dan Dia...

Tak dapat nak diungkapkan kata-kata. Hanya mereka yang pernah merasa akan tahu. Dan rugilah jika kita tidak bercadang untuk merasa. Rugi, kerana mata itu tak mampu menangis untuk Tuhannya, tetapi mampu menangis dengan hal-hal dunia. Seolah mata itu tidak berguna. Hanya menambah dosa, demi dosa..


Jadi inilah solat yang diajar Baginda s.a.w.

Solat, dengan hati yang berhubung dengan Penciptanya. Dengan hati yang hidup dan bernyawa.

Achievement unlocked-Level Upgraded.

Yaanda solat. Bagus.

Tapi, err..napa solat Zohor pukul 4? Solat subuh ke Dhuha tu? Solat Dhuha ada qunut ek? (kantoi) Uish..lajunya. Tengah senam robik ke…

Ya. Sudah tiba masanya untuk kita perbaiki solat kita.

Jika sebelum ini kita hanya solat dibilik, cuba kali ini turun ke surau. Solat awal waktu. Berjemaah. Jangan bimbang, anda tidak perlukan GPS untuk itu. Bawah blok anda sahaja.. Aish!

Terasa berat nak ke surau/masjid? Tiba-tiba graviti bumi tidak stabil pulak masa tu. Berat betul graviti di kaki.. Yang peliknya,dia seorang je rasa..

Hmm.. Itu mungkin gangguan jin kott.. Dia tak nak melepaskan member dia ke kancah dan lembah ke’surau’an yang sungguh dahsyat dan penuh cahaya ini.


Kesian jugak jin tu sorang-sorang. Tiada sape nak teman.

Nanti kat akhirat, dia boleh teman anda juga kan..

Waah.. BFF ni. Friendship forever… and ever.

Jeles i...… (tgn ke bahu, mata ke atas)

Daripada Abu Hurairah ra, bahawa Nabi sallallahu alaihi wasallam bersabda maksudnya: “Demi Tuhan yang diriku berada di tangan-Nya, sesungguhnya aku pernah hendak menyuruh para sahabat untuk mencari kayu api, lalu aku menyuruh agar bersolat jemaah. Seterusnya, aku menyuruh seseorang untuk mengimami orang ramai, sementara aku tidak ikut solat berjemaah kerana mencari rumah orang yang tidak mengikuti solat berjemaah, lalu aku bakar rumah mereka.”(Riwayat al-Bukhari dan Muslim)

Ini bukan lah sunnah Baginda untuk kita terus statik dan tiada peningkatan dari segi amalan. Semua orang pasti bermula dengan kosong. Tapi itu tidak bermaksud kita juga perlu berakhir dengan kosong.

Lihat Umar r.a, dia bermula sebagai seorang pemuda musyrik semasa Jahiliyyah, tetapi akhirnya menjadi khalifah ummah. Dari pemuda yang banyak bergaduh dan berlumba, kepada pemimpin yang bertaqwa. Kuncinya,dia mahukan perubahan pada dirinya. Dia mahukan kebaikan.

Dia mahukan kebaikan, lalu dia akan sentiasa memeriksa dirinya.

Jadi persoalannya sekarang, adakah anda masih lagi tidak merasa solat berjemaah di awal waktu di masjid dan surau sebagai perkara baik? Jika anda tahu itu perkara baik, apa yang menghalang anda?


Apa yang menghalang kita dari menerima kebaikan itu?

Adakah the fact that yang kita tak yakin? Atau rasa berat?

Bukankah perkara baik, layak untuk kita usahakan? Dari perkara yang sebaliknya?

Lalu apa sebabnya…?

Takkan sebab jin lagi kott….. Aish!

Ada sebuah hadis dari Jabir r.a, katanya: “Bani Salimah bermaksud hendak berpindah tempat di dekat masjid. Berita itu sampai kepada Rasulullah s.a.w., kemudian beliau s.a.w. bersabda kepada Bani Salimah itu: “Sesungguhnya saja telah sampai berita kepadaku bahawa engkau semua ingin berpindah ke tempat di dekat masjid?”
Mereka menjawab: “Benar, ya Rasulullah, kita berkehendak sedemikian itu.”

Beliau s.a.w. bersabda lagi: “Wahai Bani Salimah, tetaplah di rumah-rumahmu itu saja, akan dicatatlah langkah-langkahmu itu – pahala melangkahkan kaki dari rumah ke masjid itu pasti dicatat sebanyak yang dijalankan. Jadi tidak perlu berpindah ke dekat masjid. Tetaplah di rumah-rumahmu itu saja, akan dicatatlah langkah-langkahmu itu.”
(Riwayat Muslim)

Jika kita lambat, ada kelas, ada lab, ada kerja dan sebagainya, cuba solat juga di surau/masjid.

Jika kita tidak mampu dapat pahala solat awal waktu, dapat pahala untuk setiap langkah pun jadi lah.
Tak dapat pahala solat jemaah, sekurang-kurangnya dapat fadhilat dari 7 golongan yang mendapat naungan ketika di padang Mahsyar pun ok jugak.. (iaitu insan yang hatinya berada di rumah Allah)

Demi kebaikan kehidupan akhirat kita kelak.

Kerana mati itu pasti, maka kita perlu mempersiapkan diri walaupun ketika waktu kita muda. Sememangnya waktu kita muda!

Rugilah nikmat pemuda/pemudi itu, andai hidup tidak seperti pemuda. Tiada semangat. Tidak membawa perubahan. Khususnya diri sendiri.

Sedangkan nilai pemuda dalam Islam sangatlah hebat. Islam tidak akan tiba ke kawasan kepulauan Melayu ini tanpa dimulakan dengan pemuda yang bersih, tersusun, bervisi dan bermisi dengan hala tuju nya seperti Mus’ab bin Umair, Anas bin Malik, Muadz bin Jabal, Abu Ubaidah ibn Jarrah, dan lain-lain.

Adakah anda mahu menjadi pemuda/pemudi itu?

Maka, perbaikilah solat mu. Sempurnakan ia. Tunaikan hak kamu dengan Tuhanmu.

Tambahlah juga dengan solatsolat sunat yang lain.

Hidup ini bukan sekadar kelas, komputer, katil, couple (ehem.). Ia sangat luas lagi.

Tanpa anda perlu menjadi insan lain, anda hanya perlu menjadi edisi diri anda yang terbaik.

Mat yang suka main bola, masih sama, bezanya, sekarang dia ada nilai taqwa.

Mazlin yang suka bersembang dan ceria, masih sama, bezanya, sekarang dia ada nilai al-haya’.

Umar masih umar, tapi dia menjadi Umar edisi syurga. Jadi, apa yang menghalang anda?

Jadi jom kita sama2 menjadi diri kita yang lebih baik!

Edisi syurga biiznillah!

Jagalah solat anda. Kerana segalanya, bermula dengan solat. Segalanya.

Kita selesaikan perkara asas ini dahulu.



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Friday, September 26, 2014

Explore Yourself

The sky was the limit. Yes, this is so true given you had the funding to support yourself taking a flight to a country that held historical significances.
“So have they not travelled through the earth and have hearts by which to reason and ears by which to hear? For indeed, it is not eyes that are blinded, but blinded are the hearts which are within the breasts.”
But you can also listen from others or read to gain the knowledge and lessons. And so here is my story.


The weather looked promising. The air was cold despite the fact that the sun was shining brightly in the cloudless morning. It was as if the whole nature was giving consent towards our plan for that day. Everyone seemed psych up, ready to take up any challenges for the day.

We kicked off our day with our newly-appointed Spain-style breakfast; tuna and mayonnaise sandwiched between baguette, or any halal forms of bread. To be truthful, that was the only kind of breakfast that we could afford due to our tight budget. Alhamdulillah.

We were wandering in front of the information booth, feeling utterly disoriented. We were hoping for the slightest aspiration as where should we start our most anticipated visit. While sitting on a bench, pondering on our next plan, a man approached us. He did not look local and in fact, he was not, but a Pakistani. He greeted us with salam and put forth his suggestion for us.

“Would you pay me €20 each if I bring you for a tour around Cordova? I know that you come here not for fun, but to understand the historical significance of this place. So I’m offering you myself as a tour guide. Insha Allah you will benefit from it.” He started the conversation slowly, anticipating our response.

We hesitated, should we trust this man and fulfil the reasons why we chose cordova at the first place or should we turn him down, for the sake of being ‘prudent’ of our safety. Having considered all the pros and cons, we went for the risk.

“Salam sir, that is a really intriguing offer and we would really appreciate it if you can show us around as we ourselves are clueless of where should we start and what to look for. But you see, one of us lost her purse so €20 per person is quite expensive given now we have only small share of money for each of us…” one of my friend voice out her concern.

The man was silent for a moment before continued bargaining, “Well then, I’ll make it €15 each. How was that? Come on, don’t you want to explore this place in Islamic perspective?”

To cut the conversation short, …

“Well, why not?? Let’s go then.” We were expectedly eager and put all our faith in Him that this man, whoever he was, will not mislead us.

Okay so, I am not going to tell you everything that we did as it will make this story too lengthy and you might give up after a brief moment so I am choosing only those that I think might benefit you at the moment.

So off we start. My friends and I were walking while taking note of the pathway that we stepped on and that was when we reached a small opening in front of a small shop. The man, Ahmad, stopped and asked us what we saw along the way. We were puzzled at the moment and almost mentioned everything that we saw when he interjected our answers.

“You know, when Cordova is still ruled by the Moorish (term used for Muslims during that century), there was this dentist. Whenever he was depressed and needed to calm himself, he would walk back and forth at his patio. During his time, his house was among those that has patio and the patio was covered with the reflexology stones, like this, the ones you are standing on now.” We looked at our feet and our curiosities bloomed again. We had always wondered why the path was made that way since we first arrived at that place, what could be the significance.

"Whenever he was in his patio, he would find peace of mind and this raised query within himself. ‘What made I feel this way whenever I am here?’ And that was when he started to realise the key lied to the gravels that made up the floor of his patio.” Ahmad continued.

We just nodded in understanding, but then, why the whole pedestrian walk was made that way?

“The dentist, having a great faith in his religion, understood that as a Muslim, he needed to benefit the people around him, so he brought forward his idea to the Sultan and then the whole pathways was fitted with the gravels. Do you understand, when you realise the good of something, you should not hold it within yourself. You need to suggest it to someone, you must always think to benefit others.” We looked at among ourselves in agreement.

We continued our journey around Cordova and then came across a bridge, the Roman Bridge (during the early Islamic domination the Muslim governor Al-Samh ibn Malik al-Khawlani ordered a bridge to be built on the ruins of what was left of the old Roman construction across the Guadalquivir river).

“Observe this side of the river (where it seemed to flow towards us) and then compare it with the other side (where it flowed away from us). Then inform me of your observation.” he reckoned.

We just followed his order. “Hmmm, the water moved faster as it passed the bridge.” we stated our observation in unity.

“Yes! Exactly! Now how would you suggest for this phenomenon?” another question was being proposed on us.

We racked our brain, trying to figure out the answer in the most acceptable and intellectual thought we could muster, (well it was spring break and we (kind of) completely shut down our brains from thinking hard and this seemed to be a wrong decision.)

“Uh well the water was going through a gap, and by the law in physics, it was diffracted so perhaps that was the reason?” But then my brain told me, water lost the energy as it went through the gap, so they should not be faster. Oh well, my mouth acted faster than my brain. “Well, no. Come on, what else do you have in mind?”  After giving more and more wrong answers, he looked quite disappointed (and we were even angrier with ourselves. And you called yourselves medical students??).

Slowly he said, “Look at your right side. The flow was even faster than to the left. What structure do you notice at your right?”

“Water turbine.”

“Exactly, the flow was faster on the right side because they needed it to be so. So that the water at high speed could rotate the water mill and generate power. And how was this possible? The thing you needed to know was; it was the fact that the river was dig deeper on this side of the river (where the flow is away from us) as soon as they pass the bridge. The slope was about 45⁰. This bridge was built during the Muslim colonisation of this place and it was during the medieval age but you see, these Muslims are capable of inventing such mechanism. Islam used to be great, we pioneered in everything.”

“Sir, how do you this?”

“I just knew.”


Our heads hung low, thinking of our contributions to the world, to the Muslim world.


We tend to look thing on the surface.

Some of us might not even try to discover himself/herself deeper.

We like to stay in our comfort zone, not wishing to take the risk and truly be as what we are supposed to be, the Khalifah.

It is time to explore yourself and insha Allah, it shall never be

too late.

Article contributed by:

[Someone who currently studying abroad]

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Devil's Trap

Fear Allah! Servants of Allah, for everything we do will be accounted for, each soul is going to come to an end at a prescribed time, and you will be dealt with according to your deeds.

O Muslims, Allah Azza Wa Tabaraka says which translates as: "O Children of Adam let not Satan tempt you, as he removed your parents from paradise, stripping them of their clothing to show them their private parts, indeed he sees you, he and his tribes, from where you do not see them. Indeed we have made the devils, allies to those who do not believe" (Al-A'raf: 27).


Shaytan is the enemy of you, the children of Adam.

We, as muslim should against the shaytan's whispers and their encouragement to lead us astray from the right path of Islam, from reaching the mardhotillah.

Allah says which translates as: " And indeed they avert them from the way of guidance while they think that they are rightly guided. The worst that the companion or the devilish companion would do is to avert someone from the truth. And not allow them to wake up to find out the truth, rather deceives him and makes him think that he is on the right path until painful fate and destiny takes him by surprise "(Az-Zukhruf: 37).

In our main reference of guidance, Al-Quran have a lot of sentences that talk about the harm of shaytan and even about how they affect the human's way of life.

Today, in our society, we could see many aftereffects of media and technology towards the way how they live. ( I mean...we.. )

the television always become the main tool to destruct the fikr (fikrah) of human being, destructing the humanity within themselves.

Murder seems as common thing in society.

Rape seems as common thing in society.

Stealing seems as common thing in society.

People get used to this kind of crime, until they lose their sensitivity over things like this.

Even those BIG crime! we saw as just as small crime... meh...

From those crime, bad attitudes, we learnt it from media, from televisions, movies, films, and such. we declared it as entertainment for us. Fulfilling our Nafs.

The warning from Shaykh Hamza Yusuf, reached us. ( from a talk conducted by Shaykh Hamza Yusuf, at Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan, Kuala Lumpur recently... )

Do we care for our children?

Do we care for our siblings? Our relative?

Why we let them, being influenced by the media and such.

Don't you know, before 18 years old, average children have already watch 160, 000 murders just from the media. (a study in United States, on 2000)

Other than this, he gave lot of others statistics to prove to us, about how the technology and media affect gradually, without no one even noticed.

Through television and films, we can see the gradual increase of 'R' rated films. the one need parental guide and such. Contains terrific violence, sadistic scene, pornographic scene and such.

Why we need to show those to human? to feed human's nafs?

And, they will say... Its for the sake of 'entertainment'.

Surely, there are limitation for the so-called 'entertainment'. They easily exceed that barrier.

Even some of the cartoons, contains a lot of violence! It really have effect towards our young children's behaviour.

Same goes to video games!


The hand sign of 'okay' which resembles the number '6' , was related to the demon curse ritual, 666.

The hand sign of 'spiderman's web' ( you know, the one when spiderman use to spread the web via his hand) , was a also a part of demon curse symbol.

The hand sign of 'peace' which said to symbolise 'V' representing victory, was just a mask.

 "V" is the Roman sign for the number five and Adam Weishaupt used it in the Illuminati to symbolise the "Law of Fives,'' but there's more.

In the Cabala:

"the meaning for the Hebrew letter for V (Van) is 'Nail.' Now, 'The Nail' is one of the secret titles of Satan within the Brotherhood of Satanism.


Last but not least,

Don't let the media control us. Influence us. Affect our mind, affect our children's mind, affect muslims' minds.

Affect everyone, or otherwise,

we have already fall into those

Devil's Trap.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Ini Badr Ku

Angin-angin gurun bertiup kuat.
Debu-debu pasir mengisi udara.
Ada hati-hati yang bertaut hebat.
Pada kiat-kiat Sang Pencipta.

Perang Badar berlaku pada 17 Ramadhan 2H.
Pertempuran pertama umat Islam. Bagi meraih hak-hak harta Muslimin yang ditinggalkan di Mekah.
Pertempuran ini, bukan pertempuran main-main.
Hanya yang benar-benar beriman, akan menyertai.
Hanya yang benar-benar yakin, akan pergi.
Hanya yang benar-benar ikhlas, akan bersedia.
Hanya yang benar-benar taat, akan menyerahkan segala.

Rasulullah tidak menyatakan ke mana mereka akan pergi. Bahkan Rasulullah tidak menyuruh para sahabat untuk lama menyiapkan segala kelengkapan. Hanya bawa apa yang ada, dan pergi.

Tapi ternyata, Allah punya perancangan Nya yang tersendiri. Pada awal hanya ingin mengentarkan kafilah Abu Sufyan, tanpa perlu berlawan. Tidak dijangka ia akan bertukar menjadi peperangan.

Namun para sahabat bersedia. Tenaga dan darah sanggup dikorbankan. Jiwa dan nyawa sanggup diserahkan.

Ini bukan main-main.

Medan Badar menjadi saksi. Doa dan munajat Rasulullah & para sahabat dilaungkan. Memberi kekuatan pada hati-hati yang hadir.

Kedua kumpulan bertemu. Musyirikin Mekah & Muslimin Madinah. Gentar dan takut bukan lagi pilihan. Hanya kepada Allah segalanya dipertaruhkan.

Peperangan bermula. Mata pedang saling bertemu. Debu-debu percikan derapan kuda memenuhi udara. 

Disini, hanya satu pilihan yang tinggal. Hidup atau mati. Menang atau kalah. Segalanya demi Allah.
Segalanya demi Allah.

Peperangan semakin memuncak. Ramai sahabat yang terkorban. Terasa 313 melawan 1000 menjadi bebanan. Keadaan semakin genting. Pertempuran semakin sengit. Lalu doa dipanjatkan. Rasulullah terus memohon pertolongan Allah. Melaungkannya.

“Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku sekiranya termusnah kelompok ini di hari ini nescaya Kau tidak disembah lagi selepas hari ini untuk selama-lamanya”

Ketika harapan dirasa tiada. Ketika peluang kemenangan terasa sempit. Allah membalas,

“Sesungguhnya Aku akan menurunkan bala bantuan kepada kamu dengan seribu malaikat yang datang berturut-turut”.

(al-Anfaal: 9)

Allah membalas doa hambaNya yang taat. Membalas doa kekasihNya. Rasulullah lalu bersabda kepada Abu Bakr,

“Terimalah berita mengembirakan ini wahai Abu Bakar, itu dia Jibrail yang berada di antara debu berterbangan”.

Bantuan telah tiba.

Para malaikat telah turun. Juga bersama gerombolan itu, ketua para malaikat, Jibrail a.s. Dia juga turun berjuang bersama Baginda dan tentera muslimin. Demi sebuah kebenaran, Allah membenarkan.

Serangan perlu diteruskan. Semangat juang perlu dinaikkan. Laungan jihad perlu hebatkan. Nilai kekuatan syahadah itu perlu dizahirkan. Nilai seorang Mukmin perlu dinampakkan.

Agar gentar musuh-musuh Islam. Supaya ada beza antara perjuangan Haq & Batil. Sekali lagi, laungan pembakar semangat dilaungkan, diingatkan semula akan janji-janji Allah.

“Demi Tuhan yang jiwa aku di tangannya tak seorang pun yang memerangi mereka itu penuh kesabaran, perkiraan dengan Allah dan tidak lari, kemudian mati syahid kecuali di masukkan Allah ke dalam syurgaNya”

Kaum Muslimin semakin bersungguh-sungguh. Malaikat juga datang membantu. Serangan demi serangan diberikan. Akhirnya, benteng tentera Musyirikin Mekah semakin goyah. Semakin ramai yang parah. Semakin sedikit yang tinggal. Dan kesan dari itu, ramai yang melarikan diri. Lebih ramai yang mati.

Lantas kemenangan berpihak kepada kaum Muslimin.

Allahu Akbar.


Kunci kemenangan?

Keimanan. Itulah kekuatan.

Bukan pada tubuh yang besar, tapi pada jiwa yang suci.

Kerana yang berani itu bukan pada otot yang besar, tapi pada hati yang berhubung dengan Tuhannya.

Keimanan juga kunci kepada pertolongan Allah.

Meskipun kita sudah merancang, meskipun kita ada kelebihan, tetapi kelebihan & pertolongan yang sebenar itu adalah dari Allah.

Badr Kita.

Kini, kita telah melepasi 15 hari pertama Ramadhan. Bagaimana? Ada perubahan? Sudah semakin dekat dengan Quran? Semakin dekat dengan Rabb Yang Menciptakan?

Sepertimana Rasul & para sahabat ada Perang Badr mereka, kita juga ada Perang Badr kita sendiri.
Jadi siapa musuhnya?

Musuhnya, diri kita sendiri. Nafsu kita sendiri.

Kali ini, pertempurannya one on one. Satu lawan satu.

Pertempuran, antara Haq & Batil dalam diri kita. Dalam hati kita.

Antara ingin melakukan perubahan dengan kebenaran, atau hanyut dengan kelalaian.

Kerana dalam Ramadhan ini, inilah Badr kita.

Supaya Ramadhan ini tidaklah hanya pada Bazaar Ramadhan. Buka puasa. Baju baru. Hari Raya. Bila Ramadhan habis, tiada apa-apa yang berbeza. Ramadhan berlalu bagai angin, tiada kesan. Tiada beza.

Ramadhan ada atau tiada, tiada beza.

Jadi inilah Badr yang harus kita tempuhi.

Perang Badr pada Rasulullah adalah sebuah peperangan penentu. Sama ada Islam menang, atau kalah. Pilihannya satu. Kerana itu Baginda sungguh-sungguh berdoa,

“Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku sekiranya termusnah kelompok ini di hari ini nescaya Kau tidak disembah lagi selepas hari ini untuk selama-lamanya”

Betapa gentingnya saat itu. Betapa pentingnya perang ini.

Ia bukanlah pertarungan yang main-main.

Jadi kita juga wajib melihat peperangan Badr dalam diri kita ini, dari kaca mata Rasulullah. Pentingnya, untuk Haq ditegakkan dalam diri ini. Pentingnya untuk Islam bertapak dalam jiwa ini. Pentingnya untuk Quran menjadi panduan kehidupan ini.

Kerana insan itu, jika bukan Quran pegangannya, jika bukan Islam anutannya, maka pegangan & anutan nya adalah selain dari itu. Sumbernya selain dari wahyu Allah.

Itulah insan. Dia akan berpegang pada sesuatu. Sayangnya, sesuatu yang dia paut itu, adalah apa saja yang dia jumpa dihadapannya. Baik dari rakan-rakan, media massa, majalah-majalah hiburan dll, tanpa dia cuba nilai.

Lalu tidak hairan jika Ibadah itu sudah mula rasa kering. Sekadar ritual. Gerakan-gerakan kosong. 

Kemanisan Ibadah itu terasa asing.

Apatah lagi Ramadhan digalakkan menambah amal. Terasa janggal.


Hati itu bukan pada Rabbnya.

Pertolongan malaikat

Lalu belum terlambat untuk kita berdoa kepada Allah, mohon kekuatan, keikhlasan,ketaqwaan, rasa Ihsan dalam diri.

Sepertimana Baginda berdoa pada Allah seperti dalam perang Badr. Supaya diberikan bantuan. Saat terasa berat baginya ujian peperangan itu. Saat Baginda tidak yakin akan kemenangan.

Itulah insan. Dia kadang terlupa bahawa dia hamba Dia.

Katakanlah (wahai Muhammad): "Wahai hamba-hambaKu yang telah melampaui batas terhadap diri mereka sendiri (dengan perbuatan-perbuatan maksiat), janganlah kamu berputus asa dari rahmat Allah, kerana sesungguhnya Allah mengampunkan segala dosa sesungguhnya Dialah jua Yang Maha Pengampun, lagi Maha Mengasihani.Az Zumar 39:53

Jalan kembali belum tertutup. Jalan memperbaiki apa yang ada sentiasa terbuka.

Badr Mereka.

8hb Julai 2014. 10 Ramadhan 1435H. Saudara-saudara kita di Gaza diserang oleh Zionis. Roket-roket dilepaskan. Dituju kepada kawasan penempatan. Semua masyarakat awam terkorban. Bayi-bayi kecil. Kanak-kanak. Orang tua. Seluruh keluarga dilenyapkan begitu sahaja.

Itu Badr mereka. Kita?

Allah ingin mengajar kita bahawa ujian kita disini, masih terlalu kecil. Terlalu remeh jika dibandingkan dengan mereka di Gaza. Mereka di Gaza, tiada lagi isu masalah diri. Tiada isu membazir makanan. Tiada isu tak jaga pandangan. Disana,masing-masing berlumba menjadi Hafiz Quran. Mereka disana berjuang melawan musuh Allah. Kita disini hanyut dengan nafsu syahwah.

Disana mereka mahu mati syahid. Mahu menyumbang pada agama. Disini, seolah sebaliknya.

Badr kita adalah diri sendiri.

Badr mereka adalah musuh Islam.


Mereka telah bersiap sedia mnghadapi Badr mereka.

Jadi kita juga harus menyiapkan diri untuk menghadapi Badr kita.

Berbahagialah orang yang dapat menjadi Tuan untuk dirinya, pemandu untuk nafsunya, nakhoda untuk bahtera hidupnya. (Saidina Ali) 

Jika dirujuk al-Baqarah 2:183, talian untuk Mukmin untuk mencapai Mutaqqun adalah melalui puasa. Dan sudah tentu ada cabaranya yang perlu kita tempuhi. Ada Badr yang perlu kita menangkan. Maka
1.       Istigfar. Jujur dengan diri.

Muhasabah, ada tak perkara yang kita boleh perelokkan sempena Ramadhan ni. Perkara untuk diperbaiki. Kerana, the changes must start from within. From yourself. People can tell you what to do,but it’s you who decide. So be honest.

Kenapa nak tolak benda baik?

Perkara apa yang masih menghalang kita untuk berubah?

2.       Kita perlu kenali nafsu diri. Put a conscious mind of every action that we do. Allah redha ke x?

3.       Selepas usaha, doa.

Rasulullah semasa Perang Badr tak henti-henti doa. Jadi kita pun patut sama.

4.       Never give up. Kadang,kita sendiri yang jatuhkan diri kita sendiri. Kerana rasa diri tak layak dsb. Siapa pernah sangka Umar al-khattab r.a akan masuk Islam? Siapa pernah sangka dia akan menjadi antara 10 sahabat dijamin syurga?

You never know your potential, until you have tried your best.

Have you ever wondered, what would happen if Umar never try his best?

“Alangkah baiknya sekiranya aku dulu membuat sekian..sekian..”

“Kembalikan aku!”

Harap ini bukan ucapan kita nanti..

Jadi mari kita ambil semangat perubahan bulan Ramadhan ini sempena Bulan Tarbiyyah.

Moga-moga kita dapat mencontohi keimanan para sahabat di perang Badr. Mencontohi pergantungan mereka pada Allah untuk menewaskan 1000 musuh. Mencontohi kesungguhan mereka untuk menegakkan kebenaran.

Bismillah. Jalan sudah terbentang luas dihadapan. Allahu musta’an.


*Perlukan tembakan-tembakan doa untuk Gaza. Semoga mereka dapat menghadapi Badr ini.