Malaysia a Christian Nation?

What do I think? What do you think I think? I am a Muslim. So again, what do you think I think? A yes? No?

Fiqh Medic

What are the legal maxims of Islamic Law (QAWA’ID FIQHIYYAH). Let's say, if a patient is having a colostomy bag (which contains his urine or feces), would the ablution be valid? How about, if a women is in labour (bear in mind that giving birth to the first child can be as long as 19hours); can she still performs Salah? (Let's find the answer here.)

Men VS Women

Let's think critically. Who is the one which better in governing this world!? Men, who have more influencing and have strong character or women, who have emotional values, and boundless cares and love?

Are You Ready to Fall in Love??

What is love to begin with? we might assume that we have that sort of wonderful love, unshakeable by no others even death. We may sacrifice anything to our beloved person. But, if we claimed that we love Rasulullah, where are the proofs? You are willing to sacrifice anything for his sake?

Does God need us?

Now, tell me, what are the differences between this human-made lego tree and the one who created by our almighty creator,our god?

Friday, January 25, 2013



Ren. Patience. Picture from here.

In this transient journey towards akhirah, none of us are spared from challenges. Is is just simply because the Almighty has made this dunya a very PERFECT testing ground for His a'bd. As His servant, whenever we face hardship and challenges in life, do stop, sit back, close your eyes, try to see beyond with the "eyes" of your heart. 

Let yourself embrace in His love. 

Let Him move your heart. 

Finally, when we look back at the footsteps that we left behind, we could see that all the difficulties, hardship, and challenges are indeed His blessings for us.

" And obey Allah and His Messenger, and do not dispute (with one another) lest you lose courage and your strength depart, and be patient. Surely, Allah is with those who are As-Sabirin (the patient ones, etc.)." 

Al- Anfal [8: 46]

" O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and Acquainted."

Al- Hujurat [49:13]

" Don't pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a hard one."

Make Me Strong- Sami Yusuf

Editor: Salha binti Mohd Fadil 
Multimedia and Publicity Bureau 2012/ 2013
Muslim Society (MSOC)
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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Comfort Zone


You who read this, what does it mean to you to be in a comfort zone?

Does it mean to gather with your best friends in the usual hang-out ports?

Rolling yourself in a blanket, lie down on a bed and being engrossed in a novel?

If you are a student, comfort zone = eat, study, sleep, avoiding club activities?

If you are a worker, comfort zone = eat, work, sleep, television time for weekends?

Picture from here.

Everyone loves their comfort zones, being in a state of less anxiety and being truly themselves. And I agree that it is important for us to have a little time and space on our own. However, often we feel reluctant to step out of this zone and ended up spending too much time being comfortable.

How do we relate this to being a Muslim?

Once we become a Muslim, one of our responsibilities is to reach out. To do dakwah.

People who won’t take off their shoes to step on the grass bare-footed because they think it is unhygienic, they cannot claim their love to nature is unconditional. Similarly, staying at home, keeping your knowledge on Islam from the rest does not justify your claim “Islam is my ad-deen”.

Nevertheless once you started doing dakwah that does not mean you can brag about how you have gone out of your comfort zone. Take a look at the people whom you approached. Are they already ‘angels’? Have you only been choosing people who already have a good understanding of Islam? Did you leave others with unstable background, those with ‘too un-Islamic’ lifestyle perhaps? Have you ever thought of approaching the non-Muslims? If yes, how far do you reach out?

These questions are to be answered by every Muslim regardless of your backgrounds. A good Muslim does not make his faith invisible to the society, but instead radiates the nuur(Light) of the Deen, far reaching the deserted hearts of humankind. And to be able to do this, get out of your comfort zones! The solutions are out there therefore it is up to us to decide whether we are ready to be the hands that give instead of taking.

Never think that it would be easier for you to do dakwah if you are to study in an Islamic university. If Allah choose you to be where you are, there are reasons behind it. Let’s just stop looking so hard for our comfort zones and stop staying away from the reality. Ultimately, we do not know where we are heading after this. One thing for sure, the journey is never comfortable all the way through but the beauty of Islam has to be spread.

One last question, do you agree if I say comfort zone is the new term for ignorance?

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Editor: Dayang Zainab binti Awang Hambali
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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Realize or not?

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" Oh Allah, I want to pass the exam with flying colours"
" Ya Rahman Ya Rahim, I want a good wife and children"

" Ya Allah, ......."

Everyday and every time we pray, we will ask Allah for things that we want,
Some people ask for wealth, some for passing exams, some for good health,etc...

It is not bad to ask Allah for these things,
In fact, Allah loves and wants us to ask Him everything and anything,

However, it is not a guarantee that we will obtain what we ask from Allah,
Some may get what they want while others may not,

And those who do not obtain what they asked,
Some of them get angry, upset to Allah,

But,do they realize that there are so many things that Allah give us,
Although we never ask Him,
Oxygen, organs in our body, our parents,
And the greatest of them all : IMAN and ISLAM,

Picture from here.

 Have they ever thank Him for these important and valuable things?

Editor: Abdul Afiq bin Abdul Rahman
Vice Treasurer 2012/2013
Muslim Society (MSOC)
International Medical University (IMU) Bukit Jalil.