Malaysia a Christian Nation?

What do I think? What do you think I think? I am a Muslim. So again, what do you think I think? A yes? No?

Fiqh Medic

What are the legal maxims of Islamic Law (QAWA’ID FIQHIYYAH). Let's say, if a patient is having a colostomy bag (which contains his urine or feces), would the ablution be valid? How about, if a women is in labour (bear in mind that giving birth to the first child can be as long as 19hours); can she still performs Salah? (Let's find the answer here.)

Men VS Women

Let's think critically. Who is the one which better in governing this world!? Men, who have more influencing and have strong character or women, who have emotional values, and boundless cares and love?

Are You Ready to Fall in Love??

What is love to begin with? we might assume that we have that sort of wonderful love, unshakeable by no others even death. We may sacrifice anything to our beloved person. But, if we claimed that we love Rasulullah, where are the proofs? You are willing to sacrifice anything for his sake?

Does God need us?

Now, tell me, what are the differences between this human-made lego tree and the one who created by our almighty creator,our god?

Friday, December 24, 2010

Feminist Revolution

Assalamualaikum brothers and sisters, hope this article will help open our eyes to the world we are living now. Insya Allah. Prayers for everyone.
Subject: The Feminist Revolution

1. "And among His Signs is this, that He created for you mates from among yourselves, that you may dwell in tranquility with them, and He has put love and mercy between your (hearts): Verily in that are Signs for those who reflect." (Surah Ar-Rum, 30:21)
2. Allah has created men for women and women for men. They are attracted to each other like how night and day are attracted to one another. We ourselves would agree that the most beautiful time within 24 hours a day are during sunset and sunrise, when night and day are embracing each other. So long as this attraction exists, sunset and sunrise will remain as beautiful and captivating as ever. ;-)
3. But why in the modern world today, men dress like women and women dress like men? Why are women provoked to prove their worth by competing with men? Why are men marrying men and women marrying women in homosexuality? What is actually happening in this gender issue and how does it relate to the Signs of The Last Day? How does it relate to the Age of Dajjal, the False Messiah? 

4. In this article, we are going to see how feminist revolution plays its role towards the destruction of society and how it actually paves the way for Dajjal to appear and fulfil his aim to rule the world and deceive all mankind.

5. In Surah Al-Falaq, the 113th chapter, verse 2, we seek Allah's protection and refuge from the mischief of created things. This mischievous and evil being is the Dajjal. And quite interestingly, the satan and devil were not created to be evil, but it was their choice to go against Allah after He created Adam a.s. Dajjal, on the other hand, was purposely created by Allah to be an evil being, and he was programmed by Allah Himself. So Allah knows his strategy and Allah knows how to fight against Him. And he will be fought to death in this world because that is his fate. Only those with an internal eye will not be deceived by Dajjal and safe from his deception.

6. Dajjal is one-eyed and he sees things only externally. His biggest mission is to impersonate Isa a.s, Allah's Messenger whom will come and fight Dajjal. Those who follow Dajjal are those who only see with external eyes. Only by having faith in Allah, and see the world with the internal eye, ones can escape from the fitnah of Dajjal. Because in the Age of Dajjal, reality and appearance will change place. The reality will not look as real, but the appearance will be regarded as reality. 

7. Dajjal will come with a river and fire. The river is actually the path to Hell and the fire is the path to the Paradise. That is how reality and appearance change place. And only those with an internal eyes  (see from the heart) will be able to sense the Dajjal's deceiving method and therefore choose the right way while to the deceived, fire is fire.

8. Back then in history,  Jews believed that their holy Nation will be sent a Prophet from amongst themselves. They believed that this man sent to them must rule the world from Jerusalem as a proof that he is their Prophet. But when Allah sent down Jesus (Isa a.s), they rejected him as their Prophet because they accused Jesus was a bastard (born without father). In the end, they killed and crucified Jesus, though in reality, which was only explained 600 years later through the revelation of Al-Quran to Prophet Muhammad s.a.w, Jesus was not killed but replaced with someone else and he was ascended by Allah and they did not crucify him. Instead, Jesus will come down to fight Dajjal when the time comes. However, because Jesus to them was dead and did not rule the world from Jerusalem, they were convinced that Jesus was not their Prophet.

9. Now here is how the story above related to the Dajjal's mission. Dajjal now is on his way to rule the world from Jerusalem. This explains why the Jews have been fighting for Jerusalem up until now. They are preparing for Dajjal! When Dajjal rules the world from Jerusalem, then people will believe that this is the Prophet that they have been waiting for all this while. (Note the sentence in red bold above).

Dear brothers and sisters, 

10. As a matter of fact, Dajjal is in his final part of the mission. It is not going to be long before the above truly happens. Are we ready? Here are 4 things (in sequence) that have to occur before the Dajjal announces that he is the Messiah and rules the world from Jerusalem. Though in fact he is actually the false Messiah, the impersonator and the Anti-Christ!

First, the Holy Land must be liberated. And this has already occurred.
Second, Jews must be brought back to Jerusalem and claim that it is their land. This, also happened. (Before, Jews were scattered around the world)
Third, they must reestablish and restore the state of Israel and claim that it is the Holy Israel of David and Solomon. This, also had now taken place.
The fourth, is when Israel takes over from America as the ruling state of the world. This, is very near to be fulfilled. It is only a matter of time before it becomes a reality.

11. I do not want to make this very long so I will skip on the explanation of how has Israel played huge role in all policies and actions taken by America. You may make your own research and realize about their enormous and significant influence in politics, economics and social of America, which prepares them to replace America as the ruling state of the world.

12. Age of Dajjal is Age of Riba' (Usury). The predominant practice of riba' has caused nothing but poverty and destitution. Lending money on interest makes the rich richer and permanently rich, while the poors become poorer and permanently poor. It is a blatant form of injustice and oppression. 

13. So now, men can not go to work alone. The money that he earns will not be sufficient. So, women must also go to work to support the family due to the economic instability in the Age of Riba'. Some women have to go to work because their husbands are not responsible and left them with no choice but to work. Not only that, women are encouraged to go out for work and compete with men to prove their worth and claim that it is their freedom and human rights. Along the way, women start embarking on a new mission under the name feminist revolution. They have to prove that in Islam, they are treated equally, so they must be allowed to become Imam in solat (prayers) and also call for prayers i.e azan (Bilal) and many other things that previously were only common and allowed for men. They must also go to work and compete with men. This is already now taking place.

14. Slowly, women breach their limits and losing their ultimate function in family, marriage and society. Being a mother or a housewife are considered embarassing and low in status. So, women start to participate in rat race and be as aggressive as men. They also need someone else to take care of the children and worse, they start thinking of not having too many children, and resort to abortion when they feel like doing so. Women, as now are competing with men, must dress like men and do all the things that men do. It is a revolution! And ultimately, women are now losing their characteristics slowly and night is on its way to become day.

15. In early verses of Surah Al-Lail, the 92th chapter, Allah compares the relationship of men and women with the relationship of night and day. They complement each other, and they are functionally different! But in feminist revolution, there is no such a thing. Night can be day and the other way around.

16. Although there are some positive dimensions in the feminist revolution i.e securing women's education, it is however (as a whole), destructive. Dajjal and the followers are not stupid. They mix the good and the evil, to make way for the evil motives.

17. Divorce is now common in everywhere around the world including Malaysia. This is because men and women do not find satisfaction from each other, and they compete with each other instead. Men do not fulfil his role as men and the same goes for women. Women are convinced to be independent of men and again compete with them. Consequently, divorce has an increasing trend and from time to time, marriage institution loses its trust among people until there is a time when people do not believe in marriage anymore. What happens next? More babies are born outside marriage and as a matter of fact, even now baby dumping and abortion are among the leading social problems.

18. When men become women and women become men, they start to lose attraction to one another. Marriage institution is destroyed and the whole society is on the verge of destruction. And when men lose their attraction towards women and women lose attraction towards men, men now find satisfaction among men themselves and so is the case for women. This finally leads to homosexuality i.e gay and lesbian.

19. What happens to our society? Last Tuesday, 21th of December, I was both tremendously shocked and fueled with anger when I read a news about Gay movement in Malaysia. The news reported that a Malay Muslim guy sparked anger amongst many local Muslims as he posted a video on YouTube claiming that he is gay and he is okay for that. The movement it called GLBT, short for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transexual. They claimed that it is a human right and these people should be given chance to be whom they are as the right belongs to the owner of the body.

20. I fear Allah's wrath for this. Nauzubillah. Sometimes I wept. Quoting history, there was no nation punished by Allah in a way worst than that given to the people of Prophet Luth a.s whom were the homosexuals despite the warnings from Prophet Luth himself. Allah raised them up to the sky and smacked them onto the earth until all of the people were vanished from the earth! Masya Allah, He already gave a lot of warnings and He already punished people in the past, why is it so difficult to take lessons?

21. These people (GLBT) organise a program called Seksualiti Merdeka and they even have a blog that allows anyone to post their videos about themselves, so that they confidently and proudly admit about their perverted sexual orientation in the video. Is it not known that this is another obvious sign of the coming Judgement Day?

22. Brothers and sisters, reflect now and pray to Him, seeking protection and we have to fight against those whom challenge Allah by at least keeping ourself strong and steadfast with the truth!

23. With the existence of feminist revolution, situation can't get any better. People now care not about the norm of life that men and women are different. Under the name of human right and individual's independence, they want to change everything even to the extent of going against the divine guidelines by Allah. They want to challenge the Creator and how dare them for doing so. Unfortunately, homosexuality is after all only the tip of the iceberg. The world is getting far more astrayed than what we can ever imagine.

24. Rasulullah s.a.w also prophesized that The Last Hour will not come until women give birth to her own mistress/master. Again in the Age of Riba', there is a huge gap between the poor and the rich. And women in the rich or upper strata, they struggle hard to amass wealth, and they compete with men. As a consequence, women in France and Singapore for instance, which both have strong grassroot of feminist revolution, now face the problem of infertility. Yes, these women can't produce eggs and they are infertile. God knows what are the reasons and we believe that it is a punishment from Allah for going against the fitrah He has created.

25. The problem is that if they want children, they need somebody to grow their babies in the uterus. How? Surrogacy of course! And these surrogate mother are the poors and they are all that are left as fertile. Moreover, they need money to survive. They are the slave women living on slavery. So they give their body to be pregnant, and when the child is born, they are paid very little money and the children are not theirs, they become their master or mistress instead! Because the babies belong to rich family and they only intend to borrow a place to grow in the women's uterus. And truly, women now have given birth to her own master/mistress.

26. Dear brothers and sisters, let me now end in this article with this question. What do we have to do in response to feminist revolution? Are we not aware of the danger we are facing right now? If we are, please do consider the following actions.

27. First, is to correct our perception and mentality. Women are never degraded as inferior than men. Of course Allah gives some advantage to men, but that is because men are entitled to protect and mantain women (Surah An-Nisa', 4:34). But in the eyes of Allah, it is not because you are male or because you are female, but if you fear Allah the most and you are the most pious, so you are regarded with higher value  (most honored) by Him. It has nothing to do with your gender in the first place. Please refer to Surah Al-Hujurat, 49: 13.

28.  Second, it is wrong to say that women can never go to work. Islam does not forbid it. But we must put first thing first. Women's most important job is to be a good mother and therefore a good wife. If by going to work, women do not sacrifice the first two most important roles as a mother and a wife, then go ahead. In fact, it may be an advantage to the family. However, remember that it is not so that women can compete with men and end up living in an adversarial relationship. This is against Islamic teachings. The permission from a husband is also important. Why? Because women, the money that they earn, it belongs to them and no one even the husband has any right over it. But for men, the money that they earn belongs to him, his wife and the whole family because that is his role as a breadwinner of the family. That's why the responsibility as a man and a husband is so huge that a woman must therefore be loyal to him.

29. Rasulullah mentioned mother three times when the companions asked Him on whom to be honored in our life. Only the fourth is then the father. Islam never degrades women but teaches us to put the right thing at the right place. Night should be night and day should be day. Never, ever dare to cross the line and let us live under the guidance of Him and the Divine Book, Al-Quranul Kareem.

Thank you for your time reading. May Allah bless us. Wallahua'lam.

P/S: This article is inspired from a lecture by Sheikh Imran Hosein entitled The Feminist Revolution.
By: Ibnu Hanaffi

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Exam Fever

Assalamualaikum  warahmatullahi wabarokatuh! =)

Salam sejahtera kawan-kawan. Salam 1 Malaysia. 1 IMU.

Masih sempat rasanya untuk saya mengucapkan TAHNIAH diatas kejayaan kepada brothers and sisters semester 5 yang baru sahaja menerima keputusan peperiksaan minggu lalu. Buat yang kurang bernasib baik, juga wajar diucapkan tahniah.Kerana sekurang-kurangnya masih bersemangat untuk percubaan kali kedua. Untuk yang lain pula, mungkin pada masa ini sedang sibuk dengan urusan persediaan menghadapi peperiksaan.

Semangat pada musim peperiksaan ini macam ombak, kan? Kadang kala naik setinggi KLCC, ada kalanya turun macam memang tak dapat nak diselamatkan. Itu dinamakan lumrah manusia. Semua orang hadapi perkara yang sama. Paling penting, semua orang mesti miliki faktor pendorong masing-masing yang menjadi motivasi untuk teruskan perjuangan. Jadi, jangan sesekali putus asa.

Makanya,marilah kita hayati nota kecil di bawah agar kita TIDAK SEKALI-KALI PUTUS ASA! (dinomborkan supaya lagi berminat nak baca kerana begitu pendek, ye dak?)

1. Kegagalan sebati dengan kehidupan.Namun selepas itu berlaku, ketabahan dan penerimaan masih tiada. Malah disusuli dengan kekecewaan dan terlalu sukar untuk diterima oleh hati.

2.Ada saja persoalan yang ditimbulkan lalu membawa kepada rasa putus asa dalam diri.

3. Acap kali kita dengar “Chill la der.ini bukan penamatnya,bukan penghujung”  cliche bukan? Tapi memang itu yang sebenarnya.Ramai yang berjaya selepas menemui kegagalan.

4.Paling penting Lawan Perasaan Putus Asa itu.Hakikatnya, putus asa ialah punca kegagalan.Bukan kegagalan punca kepada timbul rasa putus asa.

5.Jangan sesekali sematkan sifat putus asa dalam diri kita.Tetapi jadikan rasa inginkan kejayaan dan mengejar kepada kehidupan yang lebih bermakna sebagai matlamat kita.

6. Malas timbul kerana rasa putus asa. Hilang semangat juga timbul kerana putus asa.Halus dan spontan, bukan? Memang harus cari kekuatan disitu.

Don’t despair and never lose hope
'Cause Allah is always by your side
Insha Allah
(fine.cliche.yeah.i know) :P


Artikel ini disediakan oleh Saudari Nurul Farahin Ruslan. Boleh dihubungi di

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Renungan Sejenak

Assalamualaikum WBT.

Mungkin sudah agak terlambat untuk membincangkan hal ini, tetapi cuba anda dengar lagu di bawah ini.

Pernah dengar tak? Ingat tak?

Salam Maal Hijrah.

Hijrah itu sendiri bukan sekadar bermakna perpindahan dari satu tempat ke tempat yang lain seperti yang dilakukan oleh Nabi Muhammad SAW tetapi juga membawa maksud berpindah dari satu keadaan atau situasi kepada sesuatu yang lebih baik.

Allah berfirman :

"Orang-orang yang beriman dan berhijrah serta berjihad dijalan Allah baik dengan harta dan jiwa mereka, adalah lebih tinggi derajatnya di sisi Allah, dan itulah orang-orang yang mendapat kemenangan."     (At-Taubah, 9:20)

Oleh itu, marilah kita bersama-sama mencuba untuk melakukan penghijrahan kita. Mengubah diri ke arah kebaikan, ke arah yang lebih positif . Sesungguhnya, Allah telah menjanjikan kemudahan untuk orang-orang yang bersungguh-sungguh melakukan hijrah tersebut.

Selain itu, adakah anda sedar bahawa bila bercakap soal awal Muharram, mesti kebanyakan daripada kita semua akan terus “tune in” lagu di atas. Pada pendapat saya, lagu di atas berjaya digubah dengan baik kerana sedikit sebanyak dapat membuat kesimpulan daripada peristiwa sejarah Islam yang gemilang itu. Bagi sesiapa yang lahir dalam lingkungan umur saya mesti sinonim dengan lagu ini kerana sewaktu sambutan Maal Hijrah kumpulan nasyid pasti akan menyanyikan lagu ini, malah turut dimainkan di kawasan sekolah dan akhirnya lagu ini tersemat di dalam ingatan kalian. Dengan itu, tidak mudah untuk kita melupakan serba sedikit tentang peristiwa hijrah dan kepentingannya dalam Islam.

Sedar tak sedar sebenarnya lagu-lagu sebegini memainkan peranan yang penting dalam membentuk akhlak seseorang. Masih ingat tak lagi sewaktu zaman kegemilangan nasyid seperti kumpulan Raihan, Hijjaz dan Rabbani. Bagaimana sewaktu itu anak-anak kecil menyanyikan lagu-lagu memuji kebesaran Allah SWT, berzikir dan berselawat keatas junjungan besar Nabi Muhammad SAW. Mungkin mereka tidak memahami maksud disebalik lirik nasyid tersebut namun lidah telah dilatih untuk menyebut kalimah-kalimah Allah SWT, ingatan telah dilatih untuk mengingati Allah SWT, Nabi Muhammad SAW dan akhlak telah dibentuk mengikut cara Islam. Kanak-kanak juga mempunyai ingatan yang kuat, dan saya yakin rakan-rakan pasti masih mengingati paling kurang satu daripada lagu-lagu nasyid tersebut.

Walaupun kumpulan-kumpulan nasyid sebegini sudah lagi tidak aktif, namun lagu-lagu sedemikian harus dinaikkan semula untuk membimbing kita dan juga anak-anak di masa hadapan supaya sentiasa ingatkan Allah SWT, Nabi Muhammad SAW dan Islam. Malah lagu-lagu nasyid sebegini juga mempromosikan pembentukan akhlak yang mulia. Seperti pepatah Melayu, kalau melentur buluh, biarlah dari rebungnya.  Kemunculan Maher Zain yang menyanyikan lagu berbentuk dakwah dalam bahasa Inggeris boleh dijadikan contoh yang baik memulihkan semula industri nasyid yang kian pupus. Mesej yang disampaikan bersesuaian dengan konsep dakwah dan penggunaan bahasa Inggeris membolehkan lagu-lagu beliau difahami oleh seluruh dunia.

Sesungguhnya tujuan artikel ini bukanlah untuk bercakap tentang muzik atau artis semata-mata tetapi sebagai satu renungan buat semua bagaimana muzik boleh digunakan untuk membentuk seseorang. Dan cara yang sama juga digunakan oleh orang kafir untuk menyesatkan kita dengan mepropagandakan lagu-lagu mereka yang melalaikan.

Saya akhiri artikel ini dengan satu soalan:

Sila sebutkan nama-nama Rasul.

*anda mesti sedang menyanyikan lagu nama-nama Rasul yang diajar sewaktu di tadika dulu kan? *

Artikel dikarang oleh Saudari Nazren Othman. Boleh dihubungi di

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Yusuf Estes: Ex-Christian preacher Embraced Islam

Assalamualaikum. Please Visit YouTube to finish all the 5 parts. May we benefit a lot from this piece of sharing. Truly to Allah belong everything in the sky and on earth.

Source: YouTube
Credits: Bro Kevin =)

(5 Parts on You Tube)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Solat Tasbih

Assalamualaikum friends, have you heard of solat tasbih before? If yes, have you done it before? If no, then don’t worry this article fills you in on what is solat tasbih and how to perform it.

This solat is called tasbih because when performing it we will recite 300 tasbih which are Subhanallah, wal hamdulillah, wala ilaha illa Allah, wallahu akbar.

Sabda Rasulullah:
Dua kalimah yang mudah diucapkan oleh lidah, tetapi kedua-dua kalimah itu berat pada timbangan Allah, kedua-dua kalimah itu disukai oleh Tuhan al-Rahman iaitu: Subhanallahi wabihamdihi, subhanallah al ‘azim.

Sabda Rasulullah:
Bahawa aku ucapkan: Subhanallah, wal hamdulillah, wala ilaha illa Allah, wallahu akbar; lebih aku sukai dari segala apa yang ada pada hari itu.

Sabda Rasulullah:
Empat perkataan yang amat disukai oleh Allah Ta’ala, yang tidak menjadi masalah engkau memulakannya dengan menyebut mana-mana dahulu: Subhanallah, wal hamdulillah, wala ilaha illa Allah, wallahu akbar.

Pernah Rasulullah bertanya kepada para sahabat: Tidakkah seseorang itu merasa lemah untuk melakukan seribu (1,000) kebaikan setiap hari? Lalu salah seorang sahabat bertanya: Bagaimana seseorang dari kami boleh melakukan seribu kebaikan? Jawab Nabi: Bertasbihlah dengan seratus (100) kali tasbih. Nanti Allah akan tuliskan untuknya 1000 kebaikan dan menghapuskan 1000 kesalahan.

Rasulullah bersabda:
Aku bertemu Nabi Ibrahim pada malam aku di “Isra’ ”kan. Nabi Ibrahim berpesan: Wahai Muhammad, sampaikan salam aku kepada umatmu. Beritahu mereka, bahawa syurga itu tanahnya amat subur, amat tawar airnya. Di sana ada tanah kosong yang tidak mempunyai pokok. Untuk menanamnya bacalah: Subhanallah, wal hamdulillah, wala ilaha illa Allah, wallahu akbar.


Solat Tasbih sama seperti solat-solat sunat yang lain. Cuma solat tasbih mengandungi bacaan tasbih yang banyak. Solat ini dilakukan sebanyak 4 rakaat. Jika dilakukan pada sebelah malam, lakukanlah 2 rakaat dengan satu salam. Kemudian teruskan pula dua rakaat lagi dengan satu salam. Sempurnalah 4 rakaat. Jika dilakukan pada sebelah siang, lakukanlah 4 rakaat berterusan dengan satu salam sahaja.


Malam : Sahaja aku sembahyang sunat tasbih 2 rakaat kerana Allah Ta’ala.
Siang : Sahaja aku sembahyang sunat tasbih 4 rakaat kerana Allah Ta’ala.

Daripada Abi Rafi’ r.h, Dia berkata, Rasulullah berpesan kepada Abbas: Wahai bapa saudaraku, tidakkah engkau mahu aku hubungi silaturahim dengan engkau, tidakkah engkau mahu aku menyintai engkau, tidakkah engkau mahu aku memberikan sesuatu yang bermanfaat kepada engkau?. Jawab Abbas: Mahu ya Rasulallah. Sabda Rasulullah: Sembahyanglah empat (4) rakaat. Engkau bacakan pada setiap rakaat, Surah al-Fatihah dan diikuti dengan membaca surah. Selepas itu bacalah (tasbih): Allahhu akbar, walhamdulillahi, wasubhana Allah 15 kali sebelum engkau ruku”. Kemudian ruku’ dan baca (tasbih) 10 kali. Kemudian angkat kepala kamu (‘iktidal) dan baca (tasbih) 10 kali. Kemudian sujud, bacalah (tasbih) 10 kali. Kemudian angkat kepala engkau (duduk antara dua sujud) dan bacalah (tasbih) 10 kali. Kemudian sujud dan bacalah (tasbih) 10 kali dan sebelum engkau bangun berdiri (10 kali tasbih). Maka kesemua itu 75 (tasbih) pada setiap rakaat, dan jumlah semuanya pada 4 rakaat sebanyak 300 kali. (HR Turmuzi)


Setelah Rasulullah menjelaskan tatacara Solat Tasbih kepada Abbas, Baginda menjelaskan pula kedudukan atau tuntutannya.
…Abbas bertanya: Siapakah yang mampu untuk menunaikannya pada (tiap-tiap) hari?. Sabda Rasulullah: Jika engkau tidak mampu melakukannya setiap hari, lakukanlah pada setiap Jumaat (sekali seminggu). Sekiranya tidak mampu melakukan pada setiap Jumaat, lakukanlah pada setiap bulan. Rasulullah terus menjelaskan sehingga beliau bersabda: Lakukanlah walaupun setahun (sekali). HR Turmuzi


Bagi kebanyakan ulama Mazhab Syafie, Solat Tasbih hukumnya sunat. Pendapat ini antaranya dikemukakan oleh Abu Muhammad al-Baghawi dan Abu Mahasin al-Ruyani. Demikian juga dengan pendapat salaf, Abdullah bin al-Mubarak. Sungguhpun begitu, ulama hadith tidak menerima hadith mengenai solat tasbih dan mengatakan hadith tersebut adalah gharib dan daif. Namun hadith mengenai kelebihan membaca tasbih adalah sahih.

Oleh itu saudara-saudari, marilah kita semua cuba mengamalkan solat tasbih ini kerana ada banyak kebaikannya.

Prepared by Amin bin Harun

Friday, November 26, 2010


Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Dear all,

1. I am Amirul Asyraf and I am writing this on behalf of the incumbent MSOC Committee. I hold the biggest responsibility as I am the president. I wrote this because I'd rather relinquish the post if I didn't write.

2. "....Allah intends every facility for you; He does not want to put you to difficulties...."(2:185)

3. I am here to put things at perspective. Muslim Society (MSOC) as known by people at IMU is a society of Muslims, only different to the Malay Cultural Society (MCS) in the sense that it comprises more than just Malays.

4. My message here is simple. By any means, MSOC and Islam are two completely different entities. Islam is the target. MSOC instead, is the means or a tool (wadah) that is used to reach the target. Hence while the target shall always remain, the tool can be changed and it can be other than MSOC. Therefore, consider these 2 things. 1. Islam is alive even if MSOC doesn't exist in the first place. 2. It is not people in MSOC committee alone that shall decide what's best for Islam. It's all the Muslims. It's also YOU!!

I am telling you all this so that you know that who ever you are (at IMU) you should feel the responsibility to bring Islam to its greater height even if it's not through MSOC, as it can be through MCS too, or whatever other societies that are relevant.

It is an act of ignorance and a sign of fear for those who only know how to criticize at the back but never bring important matter forward. Only those with truth are true and brave enough to come forward and share what and what not to do. We always WELCOME you.
This post is not a response to anything, I just thought about it because it has been in my mind for quite sometime, so if I didn't spill it out now, I wonder when would it be then? I can't wait forever. Please do reflect on this and act accordingly.

Above all, we always welcome your says and opinions, no matter whom you are.
Don't be afraid if we intend to help Islam because all we need to ask those who are against Islam is this:

"We have Allah, what have you?"


Friday, November 12, 2010

Jom Subuh

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

1. Early in the morning today, 12 November 2010, a group of us already 'officiated' the very first turn for this life long campaign. Insya Allah as we go along, we would like to hereby make this announcement and invite all of you to join this weekly 'fajr gathering.'

2. Let me divide this announcement today into 4 parts, so that you can at ease choose which one you would like to know and therefore read. First, is how is this going to be taking place. Second, some brief information about ayat of sujud tilawah. Third, the purpose of doing this. Fourth, busting the myths related to holding such a campaign.

3. FIRST: As a pilot project, we are going to start at Musolla Vista C first. A brother will be assigned to lead the Subuh (Fajr) prayer and recite any ayatul (verse) Quran that requires us to perform sujud tilawah. It is weekly on Friday and insya Allah at 6 am, unless upon significant change in prayer time. As simple as that. We are looking for an Imam at Musolla Vista B as well insya Allah. If any of you intend to volunteer, we really appreciate it and welcome you the most.

Note: Almost half of jemaah (congregation) that came today are from Vista B, and they are all Muslimah- a proof that with strong desire, nothing would ever come in our way to do things in the way of Allah and worship Him.

SECOND: The above is the ayat for sujud tilawah. You can google on the internet for its meaning and also about when to recite it. Also, please take note that sujud tilawah is actually not wajib (compulsory) but is very strongly encouraged in Islam.

Quite basically, for our weekly Friday Subuh Prayer, we usually will recite surah Sajdah (chapter 32) until the 15th ayat, then we sujud (prostration) immediately (no ruku' and iktidal /no bowing and straightening up) and recite the ayat of sujud tilawah above (during prostration), before we raise again standing up straight so that Imam can continue the remaining of the surah. This is still considered the first rakaat. Next after is the usual flow of Subuh prayer we are familiar with ;-)

A simpler zikr such as subhanallah, alhamdulillah, Allahuakbar and lailaha illallah (one or all combined) can be an alternative to the ayat of sujud tilawah but let's put some efforts to memorize the very short ayat above, insya Allah.

5. THIRD: The purpose of doing this is very simple, the fact that Subuh prayer is the source of our strength as Muslims. More importantly, I personally believe that because we are students, we can gain spirit and energy to study by making it a habit to overcome the challenge and difficulties of waking up early during dawn.

We are all aware the fact that our enemies fear us not unless, we are strong enough to gather for Subuh prayer for congregrational prayer, like that we have for weekly Friday prayer (in terms of number of jemaah).

6. FOURTH: Everything should start slowly and regularly. Hence why we chose Friday as a start. We never intend to imply that we only have to wake up early on Friday alone. Insya Allah even everyday, there'll always be people in the surau for Subuh Prayer. So, please do come. At least as the first step, do wake up early and perform Solah ;-)

Insya Allah my best prayers to all of you brothers and sisters and please help spread the message. More importantly, please do join us, in rebuilding the strength of ummah. The world is getting old. Even if it's not, we are. Let's be prepared so long as we can still breathe oxygen in and out. ;-)

Wallahuaklam. Wassalam

MSOC Committee

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Seri Malam Pengantin

Kita pasti dirisik..
Pertunangan sejak azali..
Di hujung hidup nanti..

Berlangsungnya perkahwinanmu dengan maut..
Hantarannya..sakit dan nazak..
Tamu bertandang menghadiahkan esak tangis..
Pengantin dimandikan..

Dipakaikan baju cantik putih..
Wangian gaharu dan cendana..
Keranda jadi pelaminan..
Pengantin bersanding sendirian..

Di arak keliling kampung..
Berkompangkan azan dan kalimah kudus..
Akad nikahnya bacaan talkin..
Berwalikan liang lahat..

Saksi pula nisan-nisan..
Siraman air mawar..
Keluarga terdekat menepung tawar..
Tiba masa pengantin..
Menunggu sendirian..

Malam pertama bersama KEKASIH..
Di kamar bertilamkan tanah..
Dan Dia menuntut janji..
Sucikah kita tatkala berpadu..

Pernahkah taubat sepanjang hayat..
Atau terkubur bersama dosa-dosa...
Dan Dia Kekasih itu..
Menetapkanmu ke syurga..
Atau melemparkan dirimu ke neraka..

P/S: Terkadang, kita lupa pada saat yang amat penting dalam hidup kita dek keseronokan sementara yang dijanjikan dunia. Moga bait-bait puisi di atas dapat mengingatkan kita pada saat itu. Renung-renungkan dan selamat beramal ……..^_^

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rasulullah SAW, Inspirasiku

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Rasulullah SAW bersabda, Barang siapa yang menghidupkan Sunnahku berarti dia cinta kepadaku dan  barangsiapa yang cinta kepadaku, maka ia akan bersamaku di dalam syurga. (Hr. As Sajzi dari Anas)

 “Tidak sempurna iman seseorang diantara kamu sehingga ia lebih mencintai aku daripada keluarganya, hartanya dan seluruh manusia."(Hr. Muslim dan Nasa’i)

Pengorbanan Rasulullah

Selawat dan salam ke atas junjungan besar nabi Muhammad SAW dan juga keluarga baginda, para sahabat baginda. Untuk agama, Allah SWT telah mengorbankan kekasihnya dalamn usaha mengajak manusia kepada keimanan yang sebenar, iaitu beriman kepada Allah SWT. Agama ditegak dengan pengorbanan, kepayahan, tekad dan air mata. Seorang yang digelar Al- Amin oleh masyarakat Quraisy kerana perkataan dan perbuatannya, namun kerana penyebaran Islam, baginda dipanggil orang gila dan ahli sihir. Pelbagai susah payah diharungi; Tentangan daripada masyarakat Musyrikin Quraisy,  termasuklah daripada ahli keluarganya sendiri, Abu Jahal dan Abu Lahab, pelbagai peperangan fisabilillah, perjalanan dakwah baginda dan banyak lagi. Semua ini dilakukan kerana kasih baginda kepada kita, ummatnya dimana fikir baginda bagaimana setiap manusia mendapat kalimah LAILAHAILLALLAH sehingga bayi yang terakhir sebelum kiamat.

Kasih Sayang baginda

Alangkah bertuahnya umat ini kerana dikurniakan seorang Rasul yang memiliki cinta agung yang tulus dan sejati terhadap umatnya. Baginda SAW mengungkapkan cintanya dengan ungkapan-ungkapan cinta yang paling murni dan sejati, termasuklah cinta seorang ayah kepada anaknya, seperti sabdanya, "Sesungguhnya diriku bagi kalian bagaikan seorang ayah bagi anaknya." (riwayat Al-Darimi).

Sesungguhnya telah datang kepadamu seorang Rasul dari kaummu sendiri, berat terasa olehnya penderitaanmu, sangat menginginkan (keimanan dan keselamatan) bagimu, amat belas kasihan lagi penyayang terhadap orang-orang mukmin. (At-Taubah- 128)

Malah Rasulullah pernah bersabda: "Sesungguhnya perumpamaanku dengan umatku seperti seorang lelaki yang menyalakan api, lalu datang serangga dan kelkatu mengerumuni api itu. Maka aku berusaha menjauhkan kalian dari terkena api itu, sedangkan kalian sentiasa ingin mendekati api itu." (Riwayat Bukhari dan Muslim).

Nabi SAW juga mengambil berat tentang keadaan umatnya dan sentiasa mendoakan mereka. Diriwayatkan oleh al-Bazzar daripada Aisyah berkata: Tatkala saya melihat Nabi SAW berada dalam keadaan baik, saya berkata, "Wahai Rasulullah! Doakanlah untuk saya." Rasulullah SAW pun mendoakan, "Ya Allah! Ampunilah dosa Aisyah yang terdahulu dan yang terkemudian, yang tersembunyi dan yang terang." Mendengarnya, Aisyah ketawa gembira sehingga kepalanya jatuh ke ribanya kerana terlalu gembira. Lalu Rasulullah SAW bersabda, "Adakah doa saya menggembirakan kamu?" Aisyah menjawab, "Kenapa tidak, saya begitu gembira dengan doamu itu?" Rasulullah SAW bersabda, "Demi Allah! Inilah doa yang saya panjatkan untuk umat saya dalam setiap solat."

Rasulullah SAW juga menyimpan doa mustajabnya untuk dijadikan sebagai syafaat bagi umatnya pada hari yang paling penting dan sukar iaitu Hari Kiamat. Abu Hurairah ra meriwayatkan, bahawa Nabi SAW bersabda: Setiap nabi mempunyai doa yang mustajab. Maka setiap nabi bersegera memanfaat doa itu. Tetapi aku menyimpankan doa itu sebagai penolong untuk umatku pada Hari Kiamat." (Riwayat Muslim dalam Kitab Al Iman)

Para sahabat adalah orang yang paling hebat kecintaannya terhadap Baginda SAW, maka mereka adalah orang yang paling sempurna ikutannya terhadap sunah Baginda. Bagi mereka, melaksanakan perintah Baginda SAW merupakan suatu kebahagiaan yang tidak mengenal erti jemu, lemah dan malas.

Diriwayatkan bahawa pada suatu hari Baginda bersabda yang maksudnya, "Bertuahlah sesiapa yang melihatku dan beriman padaku." Mendengarkan akan sabdaan ini, maka golongan sahabatlah Rasulullah sangat beruntung dimana  kita umatnya yang tidak sempat melihat Rasulullah pasti sedih dan terkilan kerana tidak turut terangkum dalam sabdaannya itu. Tetapi alangkahnya terhibur hati kita apabila mendengar Rasulullah menyambung lagi sabdanya dengan bersemangat, "Bertuahlah, dan bertuahlah, dan bertuahlah, sesiapa yang tidak melihatku dan beriman padaku."

Beginilah kasih sayang Rasulullah kepada kita, namun kita kini kurang menghayati dan mengasihi akan Rasulullah, dimana kita dihanyutkan oleh pelbagai perkara lain yang sia-sia. Tidak sepertimana Rasulullah yang sentiasa memikirkan akan umatnya sehinggalah baginda berdepan dengan sakaratul maut, dimana baginda  masih menyebut “Ummati, ummati, ummati (umatku, umatku, umatku)”

Buat renungan bersama:

Sumber daripada MR Shah Kirit bin Kakulal Govindji, Islamic Information & Services Foundation

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Insight & Wisdom

Assalamualaikum w.b.t
Photo of a dark blue sky and stars over Northern Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
 In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

He has made subject to you the Night and the Day; the sun and the moon; and the stars are in subjection by His Command: verily in this are Signs for men who are wise. (Quran 16:12)

Those who listen to the Word, and follow the best of it:   those are the ones  who Allah has guided, and  those  are the  ones endowed with understanding. (Qur’an, 39:18)

In order to know Allah Who created all living creatures and the universe and to comprehend His power, a person should consider everything our Lord has created and try to appreciate the manifestations of His boundless knowledge and will.

Picture of Kilimanjaro Mountain, Africa as viewed from near Loitokitok (photo by Fred Skinner)
Only in this way can he understand that everything he sees was created and must definitely be the product of a power and intelligence.

By acknowledging the intelligence and creative power of Allah in this way he will come closer to Allah and realize that he needs to have faith in Him.

However, for a person to be able to see and understand all these things, he requires an insight which sees with wisdom. Seeing everything around him with wisdom is the best means of referring to Allah and remembering Him at every moment, as Allah tells us in the verse, "an instruction and a reminder for every penitent human being." (Quran 50: 8)

To give sight and as a reminder to every servant who turns frequently (to Allah).
For a person to be able to be cautious, notice every detail and evaluate these things correctly, peace of mind is necessary.

The minds of people living in the community of the ignorant are perpetually filled with worldly concerns. They do not want to see, these people are blinder than the blind and because they do not want to hear they are deafer than the deaf. Allah describes such people in the following Qur'anic verse:

... Many are the Jinns and men we have made for Hell: They have hearts wherewith they understand not, eyes wherewith they see not, and ears wherewith they hear not. They are like cattle,- nay more misguided: for they are heedless (of warning).  (Qran 07:179)

They are incapable of seeing the divine wisdom in the signs of Allah's creation because as well as the imbalance in their mental state they are not at ease and tranquil in spiritual terms. In the following verse of the Qur'an, Allah describes the inability of disbelievers to see the proofs of the creation which are evident even in a small insect:

Allah disdains not to use the similitude of things, lowest as well as highest. Those who believe know that it is truth from their Lord; but those who reject Faith say: "What means Allah by this similitude?" By it He causes many to stray, and many He leads into the right path; but He causes not to stray, except those who forsake (the path),-  (Quran 02: 26)

Deniers of the faith do not consider the truths of the faith which are before their eyes every day because their intellects are obscured by depression, anxiety and stress.

They cannot understand the need for and the importance of faith in Allah because they cannot, in the true sense, see His supremacy over all the living creatures which He has created.

Even if they seem to understand just a little, this understanding quickly loses its effect because they are not strong enough to put their consciences to work. Allah tells us in the following verse of the Qur'an that even though He confronts them with proofs which point to Him, these have no effect on them:

And how many Signs in the heavens and the earth do they pass by? Yet they turn (their faces) away from them!  (Quran 12:105)

They are not comfortable or tranquil in spiritual terms because of their unhappiness. This prevents them from looking at everything around them with insight and holds them back from faith in Allah. They lose the happiness sincere belief in Allah would bring them and lead miserable lives because of their own lack of intelligence.

Believers always feel happiness because they believe in Him, think about Him and try to earn His approval. In order to approach Allah more closely they think deeply about and investigate everything He has created.

For example, for a believer, looking at the boundless Heavens is a way of appreciating the power and artistry of Allah. Or when he sees a beautiful view, he considers that this beauty has been shown him by Allah and is grateful to Him for it.

For the faithful, regarding everything around them as an opportunity to praise Allah ensures that they gain His approval and experience happiness more fully.
P/S: Translation sourced from Abdullah Yusuf Ali's Translation of The Holy Quran

Adapted from the book, FAITH: The Way to Happiness ,written by Harun Yahya.
By Diana Rizal (

Photo of moon at night

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Hikmah dan kebaikan membaca Al-Quran sering dibincangkan atau dihuraikan dalam ceramah atau artikel. Disamping kita mengetahui kebaikan membaca Al-Quran, adalah amat wajar untuk kita mengetahui kesan buruk sekiranya kita melupakan Al-Quran. Apatah lagi meninggalkan terus kitab suci itu.

Sebelum kita kupas isu utama, kita kenali dahulu ciri-ciri Al-Quran.

Ciri-ciri Al-Quran:

1.    An-nur dan al-huda (petunjuk)
2.    Ar-Rahmah (bahagia)
3.    Al-Furqan (pembeza kebenaran dan kebatilan)
4.    Al-Haq (yang benar dan dapat memberi sumber keyakinan)
5.    Al-Bushra (pembawa berita gembira)
6.    As-Syifa’ (penawar dan penghapus kesedihan)
7.    Az-Zikri (peringatan)

Kesan kepada individu

1. Buta mata hati

Al-Quran merupakan petunjuk bagi manusia di dunia ini. Siapa yang melupakan dan meninggalkannya tidak akan dapat melihat kebenaran Allah kerana matahatinya telah gelap dan ditutupi daripada cahaya kebenaran.

“Maka tidak pernahkah mereka berjalan di bumi, sehingga hati (akal) mereka dapat memahami, telinga mereka dapat mendengar? Sebenarnya bukan mata itu yang buta, tetapi yang buta ialah hati yang di dalam dada” (al-Hajj: 46)

Daripada ayat di atas, mata yang paling penting untuk dipelihara adalah mata hati yang apabila hati kita dijaga dan dipelihara, maka secara tidak langsung mata penglihatan dan telinga kita turut terjaga. Dan cara yang terbaik untuk menjaganya adalah dengan sentiasa membaca dan memahami ayat-ayat Allah.

2. Keras hati

Hati yang jauh dari petunjuk Allah menjadi keras dan sukar untuk menerima kebenaran sehingga disifatkan oleh Allah lebih keras daripada batu.

“Belum tibakah waktunya bagi orang-orang yang beriman untuk secara khusyuk mengingat Allah dan mematuhi kebenaran yang telah diwahyukan (kepada mereka), dan janganlah mereka (berlaku) seperti orang-orang yang telah menerima kitab sebelum itu, kemudian mereka melalui masa yang panjang sehingga hati mereka menjadi keras. Dan ramai diantara mereka menjadi orang-orang fasik” (al-Hadid: 16)

Sejarah sendiri telah membuktikan bahawa kaum sebelum ini yang telah berpaling dari kitab Allah, hati mereka akan menjadi keras dan sukar untuk menerima kebenaran Islam. Dan sekiranya dibiarkan berlarutan menjauhi ayat-ayat Allah kelak mereka menjadi orang yang fasik.

3. Sempit dada

Apabila kita bergantung kepada selain Allah (makhluk) maka kita akan bergantung kepada sesuatu yang lemah dan tidak memiliki apapun. Kita akan merasa sempit apabila bergantung selain kepada Allah apabila tidak mampu memenuhi kehendak dan keinginan kita.

“Barangsiapa yang dikehendaki Allah akan mendapat hidayah (petunjuk), Dia akan membukakan dadanya untuk (menerima) Islam. Dan barangsiapa yang dikehendakiNya menjadi sesat, Dia jadikan dadanya sempit dan sesak…” (al-An’am: 125)

4. Lupa terhadap diri sendiri

Hubungan Allah dengan hamba-hambaNya begitu dekat. Apabila hamba dekat kepadaNya maka Allah lebih dekat lagi. Tetapi apabila hamba melupakan Allah, maka Allah akan melupakan hambaNya, bahkan menjadikan mereka lupa akan diri mereka sendiri.

“Dan janganlah kamu seperti orang-orang yang lupa kepada Allah, sehingga Allah menjadikan mereka lupa akan diri sendiri. Mereka itulah orang-orang fasik” (al-Hasyr: 19)

5. Fasiq

Fasiq merujuk kepada golongan yang keluar dari batasan-batasan yang telah ditentukan oleh Allah swt. Apabila kita melupakan Al-Quran atau meninggalkannya, maka kita telah berada di luar batasan Allah swt sedangkan semua itu disebutkan dan diperingatkan di dalam kitabNya.

“Sesungguhnya Allah tidak segan membuat perumpamaan seekor nyamuk atau yang lebih kecil dari itu. Adapun orang-orang yang beriman, mereka tahu bahawa itu kebenaran dari Tuhan. Tetapi mereka yang kafir berkata, “Apa maksud Allah dengan perumpaan ini? Dengan (perumpamaan) itu banyak orang yang dibiarkanNya sesat, dan dengan itu banyak (pula) orang yang diberiNya petunjuk. Tetapi tidak ada yang Dia sesatkan dengan (perumpamaan) itu selain orang-orang fasik”
(al-Baqarah: 26)

Orang yang beriman akan menerima dengan hati yang terbuka kebenaran ayat-ayat Allah tanpa perlu dipersoalkan lagi walaupun perkara itu sekecil-kecil perkara. Tetapi bagi orang yang melupakan Al-Quran, sukar bagi mereka untuk menerima perintah Allah walaupun memang sudah dinyatakan dengan jelas di dalam Al-Quran dan mereka akan terus menerus mempertikaikan hukum Allah itu.

Kesan kepada masyarakat

1. Kehidupan serba sulit

Allah swt telah berjanji bahawa siapa yang berpaling dari ajaran yang telah dibawa oleh nabi saw akan menerima balasan dalam kehidupannya. Kerana petunjuk selain dari Allah mempunyai kekurangan dalam setiap sisi.

“Dan barangsiapa yang berpaling dari peringatanKu, maka sungguh dia akan menjalani kehidupan yang sempit, dan Kami akan mengumpulkannya pada hari kiamat dalam keadaan buta.”
(Taha: 24)

2. Zalim dan hina

Apabila kita lari dari keadilan yang ditunjukkan oleh Allah maka tempat untuk kita adalah kezaliman kerana kita telah meletakkan sesuatu tidak pada tempatnya yang sepatutnya menurut apa yang dikehendaki Allah. Kebergantungan kepada selain Yang Maha Pencipta iaitu makhluk akan melahirkan kehinaan.

“Dan siapakah yang lebih zalim daripada orang yang telah diperingatkan dengan ayat-ayat TuhanNya, kemudian dia berpaling darinya? Sungguh, Kami akan berikan balasan kepada orang-orang yang berdosa” (as-Sajdah: 22)

3. Nifaq

Nifaq adalah sifat yang berbahaya bagi masyarakat dan bagi individu tersebut. Hal ini kerana orang tidak mengetahui mereka dengan baik, kerana pada zahirnya mereka seperti orang (muslim) lain. Tetapi Allah Maha Mengetahui apa yang ada di dalam hati-hati mereka. Rasulullah saw menceritakan sifat atau ciri-ciri nifaq dan meminta kita menjauhinya.

“Dan apabila dikatakan kepada mereka, “Marilah (patuh) kepada apa yang telah diturunkan Allah dan (patuh) kepada Rasul,” (nescaya) engkau (Muhammad) orang munafik menghalangi dengan keras darimu” (an-Nisa’: 61)

4. Sesat

Petunjuk yang diturunkan oleh Allah swt adalah petunjuk yang jelas kebenaran. Dinyatakan satu persatu oleh Allah swt hakikat-hakikat kebenaran ini dengan bukti-bukti yang begitu jelas sehingga tidak ada lagi alasan bagi mereka untuk berpaling setelah mereka mengaku beriman, kecuali keingkaran mereka terhadap hakikat yang begitu jelas yang terbukti di hadapannya. Inilah yang disebutkan kesesatan yang nyata.

“Tidakkah engkau (Muhammad) memperhatikan orang-orang yang mengaku bahawa mereka telah beriman kepada apa yang diturunkan kepadamu dan kepada apa yang diturunkan sebelummu? Tetapi mereka masih inginkan ketetapan hukum kepada thaghut, padahal mereka telah diperintahkan untuk mengingkari thaghut itu. Dan syaitan bermaksud menyesatkan mereka (dengan) kesesatan yang sejauh-jauhnya” (an-Nisa’: 60)

“Orang yang dalam dadanya tidak ada sedikit pun dari Al-Quran, ibarat rumah yang buruk dan hampir roboh” (HR. At-Tirmidzi)

Maha Bijaksana Allah swt. yang menciptakan kehidupan dengan segala kelengkapannya. Laut yang luas dengan segala kandungannya. Langit yang biru dengan gemerlap hiasan bintang-bintangnya. Dan kehidupan manusia dengan kelengkapan aturan dan rambu-rambunya.

Berdekat-dekatlah dengan Al-Quran, hati akan memperoleh kesegaran. Untuk hati, siraman air adalah cahaya Al-Quran, kehangatan matahari adalah nasihat, dan tanah gembur merupakan lingkungan yang baik (bergaul dengan orang yang baik). Hati yang selalu dekat dengan Al-Quran bagaikan tanaman yang tumbuh di sekitar mata air yang jernih. Ia akan tumbuh subur.

Dari Abu Hurairah ra., Rasulullah saw. bersabda, “Tidaklah suatu kaum berkumpul di salah satu rumah-rumah Allah untuk melantunkan ayat-ayat suci Al-Quran dan mempelajarinya, melainkan akan turun kepada mereka ketenangan, dilingkupi pada diri mereka rahmat, dilingkari para malaikat, dan Allah pun akan menyebut (memuji) mereka pada makhluk yang ada di dekat-Nya.” (HR. Muslim)

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Monday, October 18, 2010

The First Of Its Kind- Electronic As-Shifa' by MSOC

Dear all,

1. It is indeed our pleasure to present you the most innovative publishing of Electronic As-Syifa', the first of its kind and it's just for you! This new one has evolved from the previous pdf format e-magazine. ;-)

2. We hope that you also already have a hard copy (printed edition) of it as we already started distributing since last Friday, 17 October 2010. We will try to reach every single one of you and hopefully this will always get us connected. The best of all, it is free! =)

3. What we hope from you is very simple- Your feedbacks. We are reaching you to reach others, the same way we reach others to reach you. We strongly believe in the fact that two heads are better than one, let alone if there are more than 100 of us! Hence we hope for your sincere participation as MSOC does not belong to only us the committee alone but we are together in a world where positions does not really matter- we are one because we believe in He the only One and Only- Allah S.W.T.

Some Features of As-Shifa' Online:

- It is an executable file with extension .exe so please do not worry, we assure you it's not a virus so long as you download it from our legitimate website.
- You need a flash player to play it, I believe most laptops or PCs already come with it, or even if not, it's free online, so go get it now! 
- Once you launch it, it automatically plays a song to accompany your reading, but you can press a button at its bottom bar to silence the sound if you wish so.
- Most interestingly this online edition resembles the real book you have- in the sense that you can flip it from one page to another! We hope you enjoy this unique feature ;-)
- There are many others. Please kindly explore at your convenience.


4. Again, your feedbacks are always welcome. Share this even with your friends outside IMU. We hope that we always pray for each other and promote unity towards the strength of Ummah by empowering ourselves and people around us.

Enjoy reading my brothers and sisters!

With Love,
MSOC Committee Members