About Us

IMU Muslim Society Logo

IMU Muslim Society or MSOC is an organization that has for a long time served Muslim students and staff at IMU Bukit Jalil hence known for its significance and important roles by all members. Beginning from  9 August 2010, a new committee of 16 people is given the mandate to continue being the main working group for MSOC with a number of aims and objectives outlined to suit the best interest of everyone in the society.

As time passes, new paradigm is required to ensure that MSOC will remain relevant and useful to its members. Among all, the new committee has pledged to emphasize on better communication, this time not only among local Muslims, but also those brothers and sisters that come far from African continent, Middle East and even from Western countries, not to forget from nearby countries like Singapore and Myanmar. This uniqueness of Islam should be shared as Islam is not only for Muslims, but for the whole mankind. The correct faith and understanding of Islam is therefore very important so that we can promote proper Islamic character building that will not only help produce quality individual but also a better and victorious Ummah of Islam as a whole.

To walk the talk and see things from a more realistic perspective, Key Performance Index (KPI) is introduced to accommodate the need of every individual in the committee to perform and contribute to the society, according to the portfolio that they hold. Also, it is much hoped that all of us in the committee will most importantly learn from each other in the committee and also in the society, hence the motto and tagline “From Muslims To Muslims, Reaching You To Reach Others.” We here believe that by learning and making correction to ourselves, we then will benefit others that we reach and talk to, so this will certainly provide positive domino effect as a result, towards creating a true environment of Islam, the way of life, the one and only that is blessed by Allah the Almighty God. Let us pray that with sacrifice and sincerity that we instill in ourselves, Allah will allow our noble goals to materialize and insya Allah, may He assist us all along the way, now and always.


There is no need to explain in greater details about the logo despite its new appearance to substitute the old one. One may argue the necessity but we in the committee believe that what matters more is our intention towards making change and we have priority in our every action. This logo is only symbolic of modernization that we favor in Islam, as it represents some kind of geometrical shape which is closely associated with Islamic art and architecture. In other words, it is a proof that Islam is not an ad-din that promotes mediocrity, backwardness and poverty, but by practicing the correct way of Islamic teaching, we shall stand tall and high above all others instead.

The four colours namely green, yellow, orange and brown are typical combination of colours that represent peace, Islam, truth and high spirit. Arguably though, that different people may have different interpretation.

The main element of the logo is the slanted green M-shape on the top left corner of the logo, which represents the letter M, which means MSOC, in general, or Muslim to be specific. More importantly, the symbol is actually a simpler shape of showing peace symbol (the second and middle finger) that is used universally as a gesture that means ‘peace.’ This absolutely suits the name of Islam, which one of the meanings is peace.

May Allah bless us all and hey, we’d like to hear from you too!

Thank you and wassalam ;-)