Malaysia a Christian Nation?

What do I think? What do you think I think? I am a Muslim. So again, what do you think I think? A yes? No?

Fiqh Medic

What are the legal maxims of Islamic Law (QAWA’ID FIQHIYYAH). Let's say, if a patient is having a colostomy bag (which contains his urine or feces), would the ablution be valid? How about, if a women is in labour (bear in mind that giving birth to the first child can be as long as 19hours); can she still performs Salah? (Let's find the answer here.)

Men VS Women

Let's think critically. Who is the one which better in governing this world!? Men, who have more influencing and have strong character or women, who have emotional values, and boundless cares and love?

Are You Ready to Fall in Love??

What is love to begin with? we might assume that we have that sort of wonderful love, unshakeable by no others even death. We may sacrifice anything to our beloved person. But, if we claimed that we love Rasulullah, where are the proofs? You are willing to sacrifice anything for his sake?

Does God need us?

Now, tell me, what are the differences between this human-made lego tree and the one who created by our almighty creator,our god?

Friday, February 27, 2015

The Overlooked Love

I'm writing about love today. Yes. (Too sudden isn't it? I also thought so) Anyway, what is the first thing that come across your mind when you see the title 'Love'? Don't you feel curious about what I'm going to be specially talking, I mean, writing about for today? What triggers me to write? Why, out of any other topic, it must be about this? Or you are not interested at all? That's no fun then.

I hope you didn't go to the extend of complaining,
"We are too young to talk about this. It's still early to think about love. There are many other important things lining up in our future. Right now, focus on etc. etc. etc. etc. No need to worry etc. etc. etc."

Okay. Fine. I get it. Relax. Cool. Chill. To read this entry, let's set our mood a little different than when we talked about hardships and mistakes. Bring out the most soft and beautiful feelings you have ever had to continue reading.
And don't stop reading, if you've reached this part of my writing. That is a warning and my story begin.

I, turned on my right and my friend told me that one of her friend was married recently. I was like, "Oh" at first. And when I turned of my left, another story about someone younger than my age, is getting married. I was like "Really?" And when I looked at my computer, a new facebook notification popped out and it was an engagement day of my childhood friend. This time I went like, "What?!" With all this sort of news greeting my days, how do you expect me to not think about loving someone? I don't know about you though. But in my case, I admit, I once in a while thought to myself, 'I want to love too'

If we are to love, I believe we have some sort of expectations listed in our head, right? Okay, in the most common term people is using nowadays, I would say, your ideal type. Everyone has it.

I want to have someone that care about me more than anything else. I want someone who could take good care of me all the time, I want someone who could make me happy. I want someone who would be able to be by my sides during my hard times and my happy times. I want someone who understand me without me explaining or even speaking, I want someone that is full of surprises, I want to have someone that is the coolest when loving me, I want someone that with the prettiest heart could eternally love me, I want someone who would only see me, I want, I want, I want and I want someone who is this, someone who is that, and someone who is..
Oh! And that could go on, on and on forever.

Do you think you would be able to find someone like this?
Frankly writing, I know you know where my story is leading you to. Who would write about 'worldly' dating here? I believe that the moment you read the title of the post, you know who I would be talking about. Right?

Indeed. I'll be sharing my thoughts on the love that we often overlooked. The love that we should have put more efforts to see, that love that is the prettiest of all. If you could see.

Suddenly, it makes me feel bad. Just by thinking on what I've overlooked. I feel like I'm filming a love drama and as the main character, instead of going for the one who everyday, expressing His undying love for me, pursuing me desperately and yet I, stupidly, I would say, like a fool, turning away and was busy chasing and looking for love from other supporting characters.

Today, I opened my eyes and realized more. That in my soundless sleep last night, someone has been watching over me. And HE waited until this morning before giving the first call (Azan). Why is it so early? Have you ever wonder on the reasons?
Being woken up by alarm or friends every morning, do you, with eyes half closed, perform the Subuh prayer and sleep again right after that? Just because, we can't skip our prayer. It's important, compulsory.
"No matter how sleepy I am, I'll pray. Pray comes first. I can sleep later. No big deal. Whatever. As long as I just don't skip Subuh prayer."

(Well, the 'oit' is partly for me and those who think they are with me)
Are we living with rules or heart? In Eeeeeverything that I have to do as a Muslim, I have been mostly living, swallowing the rules:
Because we MUST, because we CAN'T, because in Islam etc. etc.
That's why, even though I never skipped the five times prayer a day, sometimes, I still feel empty.
And I never try seeing the beauty part of it.

So now, if you are in the same boat as me, let's open the door of our heart and let Allah's love inside.

The Azan five times a day, is like five calls a day from your lover. I bet even your Mom didn't manage to call up till five times a day, right?
And when He call, He wanted to meet for sure. Here comes the prayers.
"Why is it so early in the morning? If He loves me, He should know that I am tired from sleeping late doing assignment last night."
Fool. It is because He wants you, to meet HIM, the first on your new day.
Be fresh. Just like when someone that you love is calling for you. You stop doing whatever you are doing and go running to them, "Yes honey~~"
That's how you should wake up and pray Subuh.
If you are tired, you can tell HIM in your Du'a. 'Ya Rabbi, I feel so tired. But thinking that you've been waiting for me all long nights to see me first in the morning, here I am, asking for strength on this new day of mine...'

Well, it don't have to be specifically this. But what I am saying here is that, somehow, find the beauty to what you are doing, put sincere effort, then you'll do it with heart not for the sake of abiding rules. If not, just know that you are overlooking such beautiful love.

The same thing goes to Zohor and Asar prayer. After a long hours in class, in lab or in the Clinical Stimulation Centre. Tired of working, tired of studying, tired of dealing with people and emotions, tired from skipping the lunch and Argh It's Zohor. Argh It's Asar. Argh I have class right after that. (Freaking out) Okay breath, Plan. Let's pray first then later, I don't have to worry about it already.
What? Did you just say worry? When praying is the time you can meet your love one. The break time between a long and tiring day of yours, when the heavy head with worldly matters of yours could lay rest on the Sajadah. When you can share, when you can pour out, when you can regain your strength from the meeting with Allah the Most Loving of all. When you can cry to your love one. When you can lay your head on Allah and when you can leave your worries and all to HIM.
And are you still doing it because you are just accomplishing what you should do? Or are you doing it because you really do feel the healing from that short date? A short yet strength refilling date.

This is something that we often overlooked. Maybe not WE because I don't know about you. So, this is something that I often overlooked. There are many more and I could list some of it but, you know how it never ends.

Allah always make events and send people to make I smile everyday. He never fails to send family, friends or even strangers to give motivation on days I felt down. He listens and answers in various unexpected ways. Sometimes, when I just could not accept HIS answer though clearly knew that HE was right, still, He would make unexpected surprises that make I think, 'So, life is just not about going through tests and all...' And Allah is a lover that gives everything you ask for. But if what you are asking from HIM would harm you, HE would never allow that to even cross in your pathway. Even if you blame HIM for not being fair, Even if you say that you hate HIM, Even if you cry pitifully asking for it, He would still not giving it to you, knowing that you could get hurt. See how beautiful and secure that overlooked love is? HE is someone that when I said 'I want to be alone', but still keeping me accompany.He protects me from everything. Every single things. And He did that without me noticing. Romantically, secretly, that when I found out one, I would fall to HIM more. HIS love letters, written long long long before I am even born (The Al-Quran), interestingly answered me whenever I asked. When loneliness strike, I randomly opened to any page, and words like, 'Tell them I am near' appeared as if that was a planned event.
Now you tell me, how much do you think He has been loving me all this while? How patience He has been loving me all my life? And yet I, selfishly living, forgetting, neglecting and overlooking this love.

For Allah who makes my eyes sleepy when I overworked, For Allah who everyday, offering a place for me to lay my head resting, which is onto HIM, For Allah that always want me to, if possible learn to leave it all for HIM to settle, after my long days struggling, For Allah that never lose hope in me despite how many times I disappointed HIM, I just hope that I would not overlook this matter any more. I want to love. To love HIM for HIM, to love others because of HIM. To love everything because of HIM.

Let's love Allah that never stops loving us, Love Allah that has been loving us way more prettier than any pretty flowers ever existed, way more beautiful than any beauty we have ever seen and way more fantasy than any story lines you have ever imagining.

But how? I have no idea too. But I'm thinking of starting with my Prayer. I would do my best in this relationship that I've overlooked. Instead of avoiding the call, I would be waiting for it. Instead of praying because I have to, I want to pray because I want to, I desperately want to see HIM in the middle of my chaotic worldly life, telling HIM how I feel better after seeing HIM. Like someone who is crazily in love, I would learn to only see HIM. Takbir and I believe He is smiling at me. Rukuk and I know He is supporting me from falling, Sujud and He is whispering how He has been missing me and how He has been loving me. And in the sitting between the two Sujud, He is stating that He would never let anyone to touch even a single hair of mine.
Praying with heart only attaching to HIM, it sounds like a good idea though to me. Despite the hardship, just know that it's worth it. Try.

And I'm not sharing any verses from the Al-Quran today, but just a love quote. It's a normal cheesy love quote generally, but how do you see and interpret it make it different.

Humbly written by:

p/s: Well, another mission starting from today. Remember Allah's love in your pray. Don't think of deadlines or assignments while praying. Take that praying time as the only times you could escape from the fiction reality into a real fantasy, special with our Rabbi.

Pp/s: Feeling lonely when it rains? Not any more. No one is single. Everyone is in a love relationship, it is either you are treasuring it or you are overlooking it. Let's live in love! Fighting! And smile. Now. Yes. I said smile. Before you close this page. Smile. The prettiest smile you've ever had. Yes. Like that. And InshaAllah, the sun will shine on your day, the stars will blink brightly on your night.
May peace be upon you.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Bitter Medicine With Sweet

Shouldn't you be writing on something that are more Islamic related here, Anne? I asked myself. I was contemplating whether or not to, nearly drawing lot to help me decide. In writing, I am more comfortable of being who I am than being who I should be, in hoping that you could somehow relate to me. Or if not, maybe you could understand that I'm writing as someone who is also learning in life.

In my previous post, I talked on 'When Life Gets Rough'.
If you have read that, you may (or may not) have the rough idea on how it is relating to this new post of mine.
I've been in darkness and was lost for so many times. Uncountable. But this one time was the worst of all. For the first time in my life I felt so lifeless. My view on life drastically changed to the extend that I asked my friend, "Is there happiness in this life?"
Despite being loved by Allah everyday, I could not bring myself to see that, to believe that, to live for that. I wake up everyday for the past one week, Instead of saying 'Alhamdulillah' like I used to, I ended up asking myself, 'How am I going to go through today?"

Because I kept on falling after more than thousand times trying, fighting and standing. I felt so tired. I wanted to sit for a while and that a while become a day. As I was preparing to stand, before I could properly stand, mistake pushed me down again and a day becomes a week. The tests are getting harder and I am only getting weaker.
I asked myself. "How long are you going to sit, Anne?"
"I don't know how to stand anymore...." I answered to myself

Happened to see this friend of mine whom one of her advice goes like "Write on three good things that happened to you everyday" Gathering my strength, I accepted her idea. "Okay, let's do it"

But, I had a headache afterward thinking on what I should write on my first day list ended up with only two. But on the next day, they were five good things that happened to me. (Alhamdulillah) And I can't wait to start my next day, to see what good things are going to happen. And today, when I looked back at the things I listed, everything brings me back to Allah again. In every good things that happened, I see Allah.And surprisingly, I almost forgotten that the past three days have been a tough and tiring day to me.

First day:
  1. Someone came and listen to me. (Through her, Allah replied to my dilemma)
  2. I somehow inspired to tell myself, "It's okay to smile Anne"
Second day:
  1. It was a tough day with a difficult assignment due soon but strangely, I was never alone. There were friends around me wherever I go saying things like. "You can, we can" (Allah knows how I could not take it alone. How I need continuous motivation)
  2. Someone said to me 'You look pretty today" (Allah knows that makes my day)
  3. I didn't skip class (Allah made the class super interesting)
And on the third day, the listed things went over than just three. There are many beautiful things that are happening in my daily life, including now.Writtng and expressing myself and how I feel, right here, is another good thing that is happening to me today.

Appreciating this good feeling, it makes the 'sujud' in my prayer longer. It makes me want to strive harder, It makes me feel stronger. It's not that my problems disappeared. The problems were still there, queuing  in mind but because I am seeing simple yet beautiful events that are happening at the same time, all the pain and problems are somehow bearable. Strange.

It was like, I was given a sweet after swallowing a bitter medicine. The medicine was never to hurt but heal me, making me stronger. It was bitter, but that sweet somehow, was given to make me forget the bitterness of the medicine I just took. Even if the bitter taste was still there, it was much tolerable.

Any hardships would not stand alone. Allah gives them together with the 'sweet'. So find it. See it.

And because of that. Again. I fall for HIM. Fall for His beautiful love and arrangements. Fall in love with His events. Fall in love with HIM the Most Loving.
The End for Now.

I've read that sometimes people purposely build a wall to see who bothers to break it. And in my case, when I build one, it was always Allah who bother and succeed in breaking it. As expected.
And when I purposely throw the key to the door of my heart, I thought the door can never be opened again. But you know what? Allah makes me open it from inside.
That;s all for tonight.

Sincerely written by:

p/s: May Allah showers us with His never ending blessings and mercy. Let's strive to change into a better person even if it takes years of trying and falling.

Pp/s: I burnt hour and hours writing this despite feeling sleepy, that is the bitter medicine. But having you reading this, that is the sweet. Rather than tiring, it was much more enjoying (Laughing, can't get enough cheesiness. It becomes a habit) Night!

When Life Gets Rough

Wondering what I've been doing lately that I was gone MIA from this site? Well, things were a little bit hard on my side and it took me about more than a week before I could get my sense back. I am beginning to see things clearly now, breathable and better. In other words, I'm in a good condition to write today, so here I am. (Also partly because 'Muftabar Hasanah' has started buzzing me) (Laughing) I didn't mean anything bad though. ^_^

Let's get started. Hmm, Do you know what makes a writer happy?
It is when people read what they wrote. And as you, yes you! Today, right now, am reading what I'm writing. Do know that you just make my day. Do know that, you just make me smile, on this tough day of mine.

Storms and rains come once in a while in our life, turning a bright day to a cloudy day, covering the sunshine,making our day dull for quite some time, not forever though. Do you agree with that? You should. (Laughing)  How is your life now? If good, then Alhamdulillah. If not, then do not feel down. Let's say Alhamdulillah for now and stay tune for my stories

It started with my days that were filled with surprises from Allah and good times with friends and everything. When I felt that the world was finally treating me a little better, when I feel like, things could never get any better. When I feel like I'm the happiest person in the world. Suddenly. Just with one mistake. It could be anything. Like you break your promises or you are going astray without realizing or you without any particular reasons are feeling that things suddenly get hard and rough.
Assignments are too much. Deadlines are too soon. Classes are too many. Subjects to study are too confusing. You lose your focus. You lose your momentum. You lose your determination. You lose your reasons. You keep on losing to the extend that you would be asking yourself. "What's happening on me now?" "Why is it that everything get so complicated?" and "Why am I feeling so lost and down? and "Why am I feeling lonely?"

That was what happened to me. I isolated myself from people and I shut my mind from thinking of the reasons why my life, suddenly gets rough. I walked alone. I studied alone (Trust me nothing will get inside the brain if you are like this). I ate alone. I felt bad for no reasons. Here comes the 'Satan', whispering and more whispering, to confuse me. And in my mind it goes like. "I shouldn't have done that. I shouldn't waste my time. I shouldn't forget the reason I'm living" Regretting.

And if while regretting, you are still listening to the whisper that tells you you are bad, you will lose. You will fall into the trap.

One day, when I suddenly felt suffocating, not able to carry on anymore. All that I could think was, I did a lot of mistakes. I broke my promises to love Allah. I keep on making sins despite promised to change. And I felt so bad, being me. Feeling not worth it being loved by HIM. On that day, I ate my lunch alone at a corner of the cafe, when someone suddenly tapped my back. It was my psychologist friend who happened to see me, ended up accompanying me for lunch. We talked and somehow I ended up telling and pouring to her.
She looked and me and said, "Anne, don't you realize that Allah is desperate to listen to your desperate calling right now?" I was stunned. "Eh?" was my replied. "That is why your life becomes hard, tough and rough. It will continue that way until you see no one. but HIM...."

I pondered for a moment. While she was giving me the advice, I felt like tearing up. In order to get my attention, in order to make me see only HIM, in order to make me remember only HIM, in order to save me from drowning in the happiness of the world that does not lasts, in order to keep me closer to HIM, in order to keep me floating not drowning, in order to make me realize that in everything, in the end it will always be him, HE gives hardships and hard times. He makes life unbearable for a short moment. Just a while, until you are looking at HIM again.

If you make mistakes and you feel like you would never be forgiven. Don't. Stop it. Allah is the Most Forgiving. Never doubt that. There is this beautiful Islamic quote:

 Strange is our relationship with Allah.
We sin as if He is seeing nothing
and He forgives as if He saw nothing.

Even if you fall, you stand up, and if within only seconds you fall again, just keep trying to stand up. The pain, the hardships that you felt, the tears that you cried, Allah sees that all.  And He would never give you something you are not capable of taking or handling. When one thing suddenly becomes hard, getting hard, harder and when you feel like you cannot take it anymore, He will come for your rescue without fail, not even late for a second. That was what happened to me.
Just reach out for HIM. He just want to listen to your cry as HE is the best Listener.

You are like a kite. He let you flies following the wind, he let you flies wherever you want. But if you are approaching a bad storm, or if you are going too far, HE would pulled you back slowly, closer to HIM. You'll feel hard, having to go against the wind from the pull, but once you are in a safe sky space He would let you fly again. HE just did not want the string attached to the kite gets broken. Sweet right? Where can you get a lover this PERFECT?

As a conclusion. when life gets rough, do know and realize that someone SUPER DUPER special is missing you. It's not a bad thing at all. Allah is missing you. Allah still care about you, that is why he keep on testing. Doesn't that make you feel special?

Find someone and talk to them, that helps. Sometimes, when things just don't happen the way we wanted it to be, our rationality level drop. Sometimes, we know why we are feeling bad and terrible but we just can't accept it.We need someone to talk to us. We need to be around people. Because sometimes, from those around us, there are messages that Allah would relay to us.

As for the day, I'll share this verse from Surah Al-Baqarah:

By: AnneZR
p/s: If you are tension, take a deep breath, have a cup of tea or coffee by the balcony and look at the sky. Isn't it beautiful? Isn't it a wonderful creation? Relax. Have a mental free mind by always think about Allah. Think about how well He has been taking care of you today and say Alhamdulillah.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

What lies behind Immunology?

 As usual, a story must be written with some incident behind. Being a person who somehow or in someway was going through a so-not-that-great dilemma, I learn something interesting in the end. 

(Holding a deep breath and go!) Being a science student, I am required to learn about the systems of human body, how it works, how it goes when things go wrong, more and frankly writing, I have encountered all kinds of weird, tongue twisted, the hard-to-pronounce words of all ever since I first started this course and even until today, an hour ago, I was drowning in new terms, new processes and new, super new twisted things. (I bet it is even extreme for all the doctors-to-be comrades. How did they cope with that seriously?). 

 But, why am I talking about this? Am I pouring down my frustration having to know and learn all of these, knowing that I may forget most of it sometimes later? Definitely not my friends.

The culprit, the promoter, the starter of my post today is because of my dearest, 'Immunology System' fellow. But thanks to 'him' or 'her' (I wasn't sure of it), I get to learn something beautiful in its existence in our body.
I always say this to myself whenever I am scared of something or when I started a new day. "Allah is here, HE'll protect me..." And I never think  of anything more than that. I somehow leave it all to Him, having great faith in HIS protection. The forgetful human, if they ever stop thinking about life and things that happen around them, taking good lessons from it, the faith they had before in them could sway and at times, and when the totally forget, they'll become ungrateful, somehow.

The fact that Allah is protecting us all from every single things, from everything, I swallowed it as it is. 'There are too much of it, I couldn't think and list it all. It'll never end" was what my naive thoughts has been telling me all this while. Having to learn immunology, I learn more than just about our body protect mechanisms but I also learn about the Greatness in Allah's creation.

Starting with the B cells production that the so-many complicated steps before it could plays its roles in producing antibodies and memory cells (Okay that is a little too 'science') and today, in the T- cell class, I gave up in listening and understanding the lecture in the midway of class, started to doodle and sketch on the notes, writing things like, 'I can't go on anymore'. Immunology is really complicated.  Complicated to the extend that it angers you (Laughing), that is how the system has been operating since 22 years ago, in my case. 

Glory to be Allah. All of it, is also HIS protection on us. It is within us. Sometimes, I lose myself' in a way that I began taking it out on Allah," I think I was strong enough to face difficulties when I had Allah in my heart but there are times when the tests are a little harder than usual and than what I was expecting, causing me to lose rationality, cry and say things like, "You said you'll protect me~~~"

And He is. Only now I realized. Why bother questioning when the answer to the question is long long answered? In every single steps of the antibodies production, if any goes wrong, we would not be able to resist any kind of infection, diseases and all. There are too many stages that if it is holed, it could rise in the failing of our immunology system and yet ours (In His wills) are functioning perfectly well. In every cells in our body, their existence are to give benefit to us all and they itself, each of them are all protected by Allah. (Okay let's not get into Parasitology and Gastrointestinal system).

I gave up learning that small part of immunology. I get tired of the details of the defense cells production. I become angry that the topics are so long winded. Even to only learn about it, all sort of negative feedbacks are pouring out from my mind. But one of Allah's protection, the complicated system I was complaining back then, never stops functioning and are continuously working. Let's be grateful. Let us all keep on saying 'Alhamdulillah' that HE is protecting us even through something that is nearly unseen. Studying science, it is not only for examination, it is also one of the door to see the greatest of Allah's creation and be grateful of it.

The fact that we are all living healthily, it is because of Allah. He is giving everything and only want for one thing, worshiping HIM. Let's be humble and grateful. Let's learn more and see HIM in it all.
So, that is all from me at the moment. My apology for any lacking and I am really sorry that I couldn't be as knowledgeable as others. Let's just take the good one as it is InshaAllah from Him.

Don't get stress or else your immune system will get weaken. If you are tired, search for Allah, He'll send someone to listen to you. Take care of your health and smile even if you don't feel like smiling. Good things, In Allah's will shall happen if we live positively.

I'm sharing an ayah from The Nobel Al-Quran, may or maybe not related to today's post but this is my favorite of the day.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Flood Relief Project

31 January 2015 was really a tiresome day, but yet really meaningful to all of us, who joined the charity trip to Kuala Krai, Kelantan. Congrates to everyone who involved!

Flood Relief Project

To those who participate, sure it will bring back your memories of a whole day in one of the Malaysia's state, Kelantan in order to help the flood's victim psychologically as well as distributing items for their uses. The sight-seeing view over there was utterly different than what we might ever imagine of what happened to them. Now, we shall see how the real life at that place.

We departed from IMU Bukit Jalil around 8.30 pm on Friday, 30th January 2015 with a bus which came from IMU Seremban as it fetched the students from there as well. From IMU Bukit Jalil, alhamdulillah 16 students managed to volunteer themselves to participate in this charity trip. 4 girls and 12 boys. From here, this journey began...

The bus stopped at 11.30 pm in front of a restaurant 'Syed Bistro', and most of us grabbed their 'dinner' or supper there. We slept in the bus until we arrived at Hentian Gua Musang, a bus station in order to refresh ourselves by taking a bath, changing attire as well as grabbing a breakfast there. We were given about one hour for that purposes from 4.30 am to 5.30 am. Then, we departed again and stopped at in front of Masjid Laloh (mosque) around 6.50 am to allow those muslims performing their subuh prayer there. The school that we were going was already near from the mosque just about 100 metres. However, all the four lorries cannot proceed to the school to deliver tonnes of packaging, and thus all those items gathered in the mosque where we prayed in that morning. The process of unloading items began at that place.

Prior to that, as we arrived, we were quite surprised with the surrounding environment. A lot of house damaged. Some families cleaned up the mud at their house area. All the shops were in a big mess! and dirts everywhere. Besides, we also barely heard any vehicles' noises. we believed that most of the vehicles were impaired during the flood period.

this is what cooperation means...
Then, we started the unloading process as the lorries also arrived not long after we arrived. There were many items brought along such as toiletries, groceries, insect repellent, mineral water, cooking oil, and blankets. All of them packaged accordingly to ease distribution. In the morning, all of us unloaded all those things from the lorries, and seriously this part was the most tiring task of the day, same as when we loaded the things into the trucks and lorry.
These were all of the abundant items. Even the camera cannot cover it all!

Then, all of us went to Sekolah Kebangsaan Laloh which just about 100 metres distance by walking. In a hall, we saw all of the parents whose their children schooled there. There was a officiation ceremony which include short talks by the representative of each NGOs including one from IMU. The master of ceremony was Cik Sakinah, a medical student who currently in clinical years in IMU Seremban. She also led the games to entertain the children together with Ikhwan.

This is SK Laloh

Here, everyone was divided into distribution group and the group which entertained the children. Therefore, as they proceeded with the game parts. Most of us involved in the loading of the items into trucks and the lorry. The selected villages were Kampung Karangan, Kampung Lela Jasa, Kampung Pemberian, Kampung Manjur, and Kampung Laloh. Before lunch break and zuhur prayer, the items to be given to residents of Laloh were placed in the SK Laloh which transported from the mosque. Only then, all of us took a break to have a lunch and then, perform zuhur prayer and asar prayer (jama' takdim).

At first, the distribution team was divided according to designated villages, but at the end, volunteers were randomly selected for every trip in order to distribute the items. This part was the most interesting part! We could the real life and situation of living in the villages. It was really unexpected view.

Further down the road to enter those villages, we could see plants dying as if there was disastrous drought. The road seems quite silent as if there was no animals around, though we could find some only at certain place. A rubber estate all grew wihout leaves, except at the uppermost part. Trees' trunks were covered with dust from the dried mud of the recent flood. Not to mention, the route through the villages also covered with the dust, and worse when the dust flew up as we get through by the trucks. Our eyes strained very much as we attempted to avoid the dust from entering the eyes. Then, the skin started to feel uncomfortable as the dust irritate the skin very much, worsen by the low moisture.

In this environment, we cannot help myself except to have a mask or anything that can avoid the entry of dust into respiratory system, every time when the dust flew into the air. Other than that, it was fine without mask. But the children, boys kept playing football outside neglecting the dust flew up everywhere as they ran and kicked the ball as if it was nothing. They felt nothing about it. Are they actually, used to it? At nearby area where there was also boys playing outside, some of them asked one of us, if he could give mineral water t them. They asked for it, as if they really begging for it. Then, he just give a mineral bottle for each one of them.

The set of items distributed equally for each family, by groups. For instance, at this area, there were only 5 families, so, prepare those items and called each family to grab their items. Some families may need us to carry it for them to their 'house', since it was quite heavy actually. Some people (male) only wearing 'kain pelikat' to go outside.

"Maybe he doesn't have clean shirts." I think.

Many of the children also wore the old shirts, that I believed that they were dirtied by the mud of flood, though they were washed to be clean.

Along the way, we could also see many damaged houses and properties, as well as dirty shirts. Some families even only have tent for their family to pursue living. Some families were only living under part of the roof which didn't damaged completely, but only fell a bit onto the ground. They kept their family there, on the bare ground, covered with mat. Almost all the wooden house damaged utterly. Only brick houses that kept in structure though they also had damaged here and there.

The distribution continued until at the end of the villages, and we need to gather other remnants of items accordingly as fixed proportion for each family. Not many were left, since it was pre-determined its quantity after the survey beforehand.

Around 5.30 pm, all of us gathered again at our 'base' the mosque in order to have a headcounts, to ensure that everyone was there and safe. Only then, we cleaned up the mosque area as there was rubbish here and there after it became our 'base'. Thanks to Imam, and committee of the mosque because allowing us to make the mosque as our 'base'. We really glad that you permitted us to do so. We truly appreciated your kindness. May Allah bless all of you.

Before we were having a dinner, we cleaned ourselves first, taking a bath. The boys went to a mosque, 'Masjid At-Taqwa' . Meanwhile, the girls went to Ikhwan's house. At the mosque, it was quite unusal view, as the mosque also affected by the flood similar to Masjid Laloh, our base. Some part of the building damaged. Alhamdulillah, the carpet was replaced anew to allow jemaah performing their prayers comfortably.

Then, we had a dinner feast at Ikhwan's house! Ikhwan is a medical students who also currently in clinical years in IMU Seremban. The treat was really appetizing, and delicious! Thanks for the meal, Ikhwan! and his family!

We performed our maghrib prayer and isya' prayer (jamak takdim) in that mosque just right after we were having the meal.

We departed from Ikhwan's house around 8.30 pm. We slept along the way, and most of us, not even take a break at 'Syed Bistro', instead just sleeping. It was really a hectic and tiresome day. we were really lethargic after all that. We arrived at IMU Bukit Jalil at 4.30 am on the next day, sunday, 1 February 2015. Then, we went back to our house at vista.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Interfaith Week: Reclaim Your Faith

In conjuction with the Interfaith Week which was organised by Student Representative Council of IMU, Muslim Society had lend hands to support this event together with other religious society such as Buddhist Society, Christian Fellowship Society, and Catholic Student Society. The event was held in four days from 26-29  January 2015 which began with a flash mob, four-day exhibition, and an interfaith forum on the last day.

Congratulations to all volunteers who represent Muslim Society for the exhibition set up, as well as the flash mob. Even Farah Shaheera, Cultural and Religious Representative of SRC IMU who led this event into a successful one and unite all of us, didn't expect it would be come out as great set up with all those nice decorations. As we entered the atrium, we could see the flying paper birds which symbolize the freedom. Freedom may not the best word to describe it, but on the ground meaning, it has a deeper understanding on how we look upon this world. What does 'freedom' mean to us. Those volunteers sure having a hard time to endure all those tedious job which eventually create a wonderful decorations. Thanks to all of you. May all of your hard works and efforts rewarded by Allah.

Not to mention, the flash mob muslim guys also had done a very good job. They acted along one of the most popular songs of Maher Zain entitled 'Freedom'. A short and meaningful theatrical moment to emphasize the unity, regardless of religion or races and freedom from cruelty and inhumanity of politics and people. Though it just a small part of the whole performance for the flash mob, but sure it has a deep meanings within.

The boards were full pasted with information about multi-religions in Malaysia. This include the brief introduction about each religion as well as their impact to society. People in Malaysia able to reach peace as they can respect each other and always avoiding sensitive issues as well as words that might offend others. Although we want to spread our religion, so called dakwah, we must do it in appropriate manner and of best behaviour so that it can be accepted by others without creating chaos and such.

The Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. is a preachers who reflected in the behaviour and interactions.

Narrated 'Abdullah bin 'Amr: "The Prophet never used bad language neither a 'Fahish nor a Mutafahish. He used to say 'The best amongst you are those who have the best manners and character.' (Translation of Sahih Bukhari, Virtues and Merits of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and his Companions, Volume 4, Book 56, Number 759)"

Lastly, at the end of this event, there was Interfaith Forum which attended by four panels with each representing Islam, Christian, Buddha, and Hindu respectively. Congratulations to all muslim who attended this forum. Clearly, we had a new lens on other religions and understand their belief. Who knows, maybe we can use such knowledge to share the Islamic way of life better throughout the world.

We listened to all basic understanding about each religion, as well as their impact on society. When being asked about the meaning of justice and freedom of speech to each religion, they had different answers, but more or less they were quite similar.

At the end, we should respect each other though we have different belief and faith. Share the knowledge of 'deen', so that, they know the real content of this 'deen' and denied all the fake accusations that blame to us.

After all, thanks to all of you who make this event successful!