Monday, October 18, 2010

The First Of Its Kind- Electronic As-Shifa' by MSOC

Dear all,

1. It is indeed our pleasure to present you the most innovative publishing of Electronic As-Syifa', the first of its kind and it's just for you! This new one has evolved from the previous pdf format e-magazine. ;-)

2. We hope that you also already have a hard copy (printed edition) of it as we already started distributing since last Friday, 17 October 2010. We will try to reach every single one of you and hopefully this will always get us connected. The best of all, it is free! =)

3. What we hope from you is very simple- Your feedbacks. We are reaching you to reach others, the same way we reach others to reach you. We strongly believe in the fact that two heads are better than one, let alone if there are more than 100 of us! Hence we hope for your sincere participation as MSOC does not belong to only us the committee alone but we are together in a world where positions does not really matter- we are one because we believe in He the only One and Only- Allah S.W.T.

Some Features of As-Shifa' Online:

- It is an executable file with extension .exe so please do not worry, we assure you it's not a virus so long as you download it from our legitimate website.
- You need a flash player to play it, I believe most laptops or PCs already come with it, or even if not, it's free online, so go get it now! 
- Once you launch it, it automatically plays a song to accompany your reading, but you can press a button at its bottom bar to silence the sound if you wish so.
- Most interestingly this online edition resembles the real book you have- in the sense that you can flip it from one page to another! We hope you enjoy this unique feature ;-)
- There are many others. Please kindly explore at your convenience.


4. Again, your feedbacks are always welcome. Share this even with your friends outside IMU. We hope that we always pray for each other and promote unity towards the strength of Ummah by empowering ourselves and people around us.

Enjoy reading my brothers and sisters!

With Love,
MSOC Committee Members


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