Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Realize or not?

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" Oh Allah, I want to pass the exam with flying colours"
" Ya Rahman Ya Rahim, I want a good wife and children"

" Ya Allah, ......."

Everyday and every time we pray, we will ask Allah for things that we want,
Some people ask for wealth, some for passing exams, some for good health,etc...

It is not bad to ask Allah for these things,
In fact, Allah loves and wants us to ask Him everything and anything,

However, it is not a guarantee that we will obtain what we ask from Allah,
Some may get what they want while others may not,

And those who do not obtain what they asked,
Some of them get angry, upset to Allah,

But,do they realize that there are so many things that Allah give us,
Although we never ask Him,
Oxygen, organs in our body, our parents,
And the greatest of them all : IMAN and ISLAM,

Picture from here.

 Have they ever thank Him for these important and valuable things?

Editor: Abdul Afiq bin Abdul Rahman
Vice Treasurer 2012/2013
Muslim Society (MSOC)
International Medical University (IMU) Bukit Jalil.


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