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These are some of the qualities that distinguish us from one another from His perspective. Do we believe in Allah? How strong our trust is in Him? Do we have full dependence on Him?
“If a person is sincere towards Allah and all his affairs, Allah will give him more that what He gives to others, and this sincerity results from true love of Allah and true trust in Him. So the most sincere of people is the one who loves Allah most and puts the most trust in Him”
                                                                                                                                – Imam Ibn Al-Qayyim 

No matter what circumstances we are in, the consequences will be in the hand of Almighty God. Sometimes we did not notice that a simple “basmallah” can change the situation from a negative intention to a blessed outcome i.e. what we actually decided to do. Meanwhile as a student, you know that you did not perform well in the exam. However, with your complete trust towards Him, knowing that He is the only one you are in favor of, the results turned out to be more than what you can ask for. And that is what He promises in return of our reliance on Him.
“If Allah helps you, none can overcome you. And if He forsakes you, who is there after Him that can help you? And in Allah alone let believers put their trust”
                                                                                                                             -Surah Ali-Imran [3:160]

So what if He did not ‘listen’ to your du’a?

“ When things do not go exactly the way we wanted, when we do not achieve what we have tried so hard to achieve or when we feel so let down by others, then always know that for as long as we have faith and trust in the Almighty, He definitely has something better in store for us, He has saved us from a calamity or disaster that would have been in our path or has elevated our status through surrendering to His decree.
We are not considered believers until we are pleased with the decisions made by Him. This will save us from much anxiety and depression. Try your best and leave the rest to Him.”
                                                                                                                                              -Mufti Menk

So, have trust in Him. Make it endless and beyond.

Inni tawakkaltu ala’Allahi rabbi wa rabbikum.

I put my trust in Allah, my Lord and your Lord.

Editor: Furzanie Nor binti Pazilah
Economic and Welfare Bureau 2012/ 2013
Muslim Society (MSOC)
International Medical University (IMU) Bukit Jalil.


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