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From A Reader: The Arts Of Being Happy

Assalamualaikum :)

Hi. I’m one of the MSOC-blog’s readers. And when I read the recent post on "the art of being happy" I smiled to myself as I too seem to have forgotten that I shouldn’t be putting conditions to be happy and because that’s exactly what I’m doing right now.

“If only I can finish covering all the systems, go through all the past year papers AND remember everything during my 1st Professional Exam, I would be the happiest person on earth”

And to make things worse, I was reminded of a post I wrote some time ago (about happiness. Attached below), claiming how I *rarely* put conditions to be happy.

Duh. What a hypocrite. I’m basically putting lots and lots of conditions to be happy now.
If I can get a Secret Recipe cake, if we (me and my housemates) can borrow Arman’s oven, if I can get Pnut’s camera for a day, if my pieces can get published, if I can get a really good cup of coffee and of course, the exam one.

And as I read my post back, I realized that what we all need is – a constant reminder. Thanks for the post as it technically brought me back to being happy, just with what I have.

Working hard for exam and all the other things in life is kind of a necessity but it’s also something else. Not a condition to be happy. (Someone should explain that in another post).

Well. Below is my post about happiness *with some editing*. Hope it’s beneficial, insyaAllah.
(originally posted at
http://thefinaldefence.wordpress.com/2012/03/08/o-e/ on Mar 8,2012) 
Title: O.E.

Okay. Now, I would like to story-morry about how to be happy. Not that I don’t have my own downs, my sad times, my gloomy days. Almost every day would be my bad-tudung-day (if my tudung isn’t folded –if you know what I mean-, then you should know that it's a BTD!). But then, I believe that despite all, I have more happy times than sad ones, Alhamdulillah.

Easy, just appreciate everything you have.

The idea of appreciating everything hit me hard when I always listen to my chemistry lecturer (Madam –now Dr.- Shanti) saying ,
"You must appreciate this formula,". And, I’ll go  "(??)How do you “appreciate” a formula – ‘cuz after all it’s a FOR-MU-LA?".

Truth is, till today I don’t know if what I understood from what she said is actually what she was trying to say. Anyway, I believe there'retonnes of ways of APPRECIATING.

The last time I played “AciLigan” (a game where you have to run and catch your friends or run away from your friend who's supposed to catch you) was when I was 12 and that was one game I shall not forget to the dayI die (well, unless i got amnesia or Alzheimer’s). The suspense, thrill and ‘heart attack’ it can give you is simply awesome. I loved it. So, after A-Level the other day, after sets of badminton games, I played this game with a friend. It was brief though – for a very short period. But I was contented.

I haven’t ride on a motorbike for years. When my uncle took me on his bike the few days ago, I was super-delighted! Like super-super-super happy you know! I don't understand it myself. I mean, okay I was on a bike, so? No no, it was not JUST, because it was SO awesome. How it feels when you have always been in a car, or bus when travelling? You see everything through the window (opened or closed). It is so different when I put the helmet on, with the plastic shield covering part of my face. I'd lift that up,I don't want anything to block my view of the beautiful scenery that seems so near yet so far and better still, while I’m moving! The air moving fast, thinking of whether I hit the air or did it hit me, it made me feel so much better than standing in front of a fan on a very hot day. It is really cool that you can feel the invisible gases that make up the air hitting your skin. The lights from the various cars and buildings, the noise and sounds they made, the thick black sky that changes in pattern and colour as we move. It was like a roller coaster ride (ignore the fact that I never ride on a roller coaster).  I was happy. Full stop.

Yeah, those are the two things (from many others)which I am happy for. I have wonderful friends who never stop annoying me, that's bliss. I mean, how many people get friends to fight but don't end up being enemies? See what I mean?

It's all about looking at things the right way. Some people say your mood depends on what you did in the morning ie how you start your day. Well, it might be true but I don't stick to that. You did something wrong? You feel bad? Ah-ha! You realized it already? Nah, start changing, now! The day has not ended yet. :)
If you set yourself conditions to be happy, then it might be too difficult to be happy. "I'll be happy when all the debts are paid" "I'll be happy if only I get all As" "I'll be happy when I move to a new home"

These 'when's and 'if's are very uncertain. How can you achieve anything when you're not happy working towards it?

It is difficult to be happy when everything seems to be going against you. But being happy despite all means being grateful to Allah subhanahuwata'ala continuously. It's hard, but it's possible.

So everyone, be happy. If you know the true meaning of it, life will be so much easier, MasyaAllah.
See ya!
Oh, by the way, O.E. stands for Over Excited. :)

The writer is (as she claims)an avid bloggerwho loves to write her mind out. Feel free to check out her site at http://thefinaldefence.wordpress.com/ . Comments and ideas are most welcome.


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