Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Why New Blog?

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Thank you to my friends Muslimah and Qurratulain (whom prefer to use pseudonyms-which is not wrong, but let's not speculate on that) for your feedbacks. I on behalf of new committee would firstly like to thank you for visiting us on the new blog, which by right is a way of supporting us- hence our sincerest gratitude for that.

Answering to your questions on why this new blog (as posted on the chat box), here are my answers:

1. I hope you have always updated yourselves with the progress of the old blog (it is not old, it just belongs to the previous committee) because if you do, then you should realize that there has been a major change in the layout and few other things (as you requested- and this is done quite some time ago, even before MSOC's AGM). This is done with the help of new committee, with great hospitability served and permission granted by Hanis, the original author of the blog.

2. About good materials from that blog, there is no problems at all about that. Why, because firstly, we can always copy them and republish here (like Muslimah said). Second, introducing this new blog never means that the old one is deleted, so you can always go there to revisit your favourite articles. In addition, in case you do not realize, let me kindly inform you that we have provided special link to the previous blog, under the name 'MSOC Alumni,' which is located at the right bottom corner of the new blog. Third, it is one of our aims to always provide new and fresh materials to Muslims or even non-Muslims, so that it will not only benefit our readers out there, but also provide some sort of challenges on our part to work harder- as it is an easy job to copy and paste new articles but we do not do things because it is easy, we do things because it is the right thing to do.

3. Here comes the final part. Actually, I have already discussed with Hanis at length about this. The old one has always been open to even previous seniors to contribute (articles). And we decided to leave it that way. Now, the authors is a combination of new, slightly old and old people haha =p But my point is that, there are already enough people contributing to the blog, and it is a courtesy to let them stay.

4. Meanwhile, the new blog has its own specialty. Before that, let me state here that we have also created a new MSOC Facebook (hence the name) which will work hand in hand with the blog, and this is how it'll work. All events and activities by MSOC will be informed to members via Facebook by sending them a message. They will then be directed to the blog- which will provide all the great details of any programs mentioned, venue, place, time, tentative etc. Hope you could join us on Facebook, in case you haven't.

Apart from that, we also provide a download section, which aims to share useful things such as As-Shifa', Bura' (for Ramadhan only) and some wallpapers, plus a few more to come, where and when possible. Most importantly, we also have the about us section, primarily aims to create an effective and better communication between the working group (us) and all members of MSOC. You can always talk to us personally, if you prefer so. All of these, are actually already explained in our first post- The Introduction ;-)

I hope that explains all about your inquiries. May Allah bless us and we whole-heartedly always welcome your participation with us, not because of you or us, but for the sake of the Ad-Din and Ummah, if we are sincere enough at things we do. Insya Allah.

Thank you


Editor in Chief


  1. Jazakallahukhair for the explanation!
    That was fast! =)

    Hope you didn't take my comments personally.
    Just need some clarification coz in my opinion,
    having a different blog would somehow lead to the other blog being unread.
    But since you've included the link,hopefully the old blog remains visited.

    Anyway,best wishes for the new committee!
    Have seen quite a number of improvement for the society~


  2. Salam.

    Dear Qurratulain,

    We need more people like you in this world ;-) It is difficult to have people whom are ready to discuss with open mind, sincerity and maturity. Thank you for being one. (no we didn't take things personally) ;-)

    We have considered all possible factors when we started this blog. And none of us can deny the fact that, even before this blog exists, old blog has problems with public visit.

    Hence, the way we see it, this new one will help make the previous better instead, where possible. See it from a better perspective, that no matter how many blogs we have on earth, that is not the reason why people don't visit the blog, but the contents etc. that the blog provides would be the dominant factor instead. I leave it to previous committee to work on it, as we have our own purview and we work on what we have now- the new blog.

    Thank you for your support. Our prayer is that may Allah always be with you.

    Wassalam ;-)