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Malaysia a Christian Nation?

Assalamualaikum brothers and sisters, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, I pray to Allah, may peace be upon all of you.

The above Arabic verse means: In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful.

1. Let me begin by praising Allah, He is my God and your God, He is One and Only, He is Absolute and Eternal, He has no begotten son, neither has He any parents that beget Him and He is of no equals. (Refer to Holy Quran, Surah Al-Ikhlas, 112:1-4)

2. In less than 24 hours from now, I have an important medical academic exam to attend so I should not be blogging. In addition, I have just authored an article (on politics) merely 2 days ago. However, I feel compelled to throw this commentary about the subject above because unless I do it, I feel uncomfortable like having butterfly in my stomach (a giant one), so simply put, I must do this!

3. Malaysia a Christian Nation? What do I think? What do you think I think? I am a Muslim. So again, what do you think I think? A yes? No?

4. Stop there. Yes, right there. If I were to say no, is it because I am a Muslim? So will I say yes if I am a Christian?

5. Let me get this straight, what do you mean by Malaysia as a Christian Nation? Is this a battle of identity? As in, if it's a Christian Nation, so the Christians can be proud. If it's a Muslim Nation, then the Muslims can be proud. Either way, whether Muslims become second class citizen in the former case or Christians become the second class citizen in the latter case (Muslim Nation). Seriously is this what it's all about? A battle for identity and pride? Is this what worth fighting for? If you say yes, a big BOO for you..

6. Let me talk to you first my Muslim friends. What do you understand about Islam? If you were to back the idea of having an Islamic state (empire) of Malaysia, is it merely because you were born Muslim? Or because you are a Malay? Even funnier to me, is it because the Constitution (perlembagaan) says so (that a Malay is a Muslim)?

7. Yes I said funny. You know why? Because it is funny. Ok, no. It's because of this.

First:  Our constitution is man-made. I repeat, man-made. In terms of priority, Al-Quran is our divine guidance, coming from God, so it is the FIRST source of reference. If anything in constitution contradicts the Quran, bye-bye to that part of constitution. If anything in the Quran contradicts the constitution, the same thing, bye-bye to that part of constitution again (which the Quran contradicts).

Second: But is there any contradiction bro? Okay. Thank you for asking. A pat on your back, it's a good one. This is my answer. I don't study law, so I may not comment much. However, it is the effect of misleadingly relying on the constitution that contradicts the Quran and this is what I am fighting against.

8. Let me clarify. A Muslim is Muslim. Obviously. The question is, can a Muslim quit Islam? The answer is no. But those who fanatically digest the constitution, you know what they say? They say, you can quit Islam, but you will not deserve the special rights of Malays anymore (because only Muslims are considered Malays)! 

9. I know, it's a threat and a means to make a Malay Muslim stay a Muslim. But have you ever thought of how flawed that could be? How?

10. Number one. How could you compare the Malay special rights with the blazing Fire of Allah? You think people mind losing the special rights? No, they don't. Especially when they get more money after they quit Islam (you know what I mean). Simply put, losing that special rights is more than just bearable. Proof: How many non-Malays die because of no special rights can you tell? Common sense bro. More over, how do you know that a Malay is no longer a Muslim. I mean, is it obviously obvious?

11. Don't get me wrong. I am a Malay too. I thank Allah for the blessings I enjoy from the special rights. But my point is, when we entice people with materials, we won't go far. Whether you are a Malay or not a Malay, we are not talking about special rights now, we are talking about faith (imaan), and for that we are talking about the threat of the eternal Blazing Hellfire (if you quit Islam). Bro, google the meaning of the word eternal.

12. Number two. Common sense again. If today a non-Malay enters Islam, can he or she enjoys the special rights? Then we answer: No. Why? Because he is not Malay. But according to you, a Malay is a Muslim, and a Muslim is a Malay? So now, this non-Malay is a Muslim, so he too is a Malay isn't it? Huh? You: Err....

13. Do you understand now how flawed is this man-made concept?

14. To conclude, let me say to you this. Yes, the constitution says that a Malay is always a Muslim (by constitution's definition). I just don't agree when you put it the other way round i.e a Muslim is always a Malay. Dude, Rasulullah is an Arab. It is unfair if I can not become a Muslim just because I am not an Arab. Just like you, don't you think?

15. Therefore, by saying funny, I don't mean funny actually, I mean ridiculous instead!

16. Now, both of you, my Muslim and non-Muslim friends. Let me tell you, what ever these people are bickering about Christian Nation etc, they are politicking. I am afraid, they are not sincere, and they care only their own interest. If they work to serve the people, they could have handled this in a better manner.

17. Let put religion aside just for a moment. I said, just for a moment! Now, as an individual who is aware of your rights and your value in this country, let me ask you one question. What do you want from this country? Sincerely, honestly, frankly, what all of us want is simply this- JUSTICE.

18. Justice is color-blind you know? It can't distinguish a Malay from a Chinese or an Indian or Kadazandusun or Iban bla bla bla. Justice is for everyone and it is this that we look for. The question now is, when it comes to justice, let me ask you sincerely, what religion in this world that has a complete set of guidance that leads us to peace and justice? Let me ask you again, what kind of scripture and a single book, that not only teaches us how to pray or go to mosque or church or temple, or only about good moral values but also teaches us the way we treat other people, the way we do business, the way we practice fair judgement and every other single thing?

19. You will only be able to find the answer to this, if you are sincere looking for the truth and if you desire justice for everyone, whether you are a Muslim or not. Get away from here now if all you seek all this while is your personal interest. Yes, go away.

20. Having that said, my non-Muslim and Muslim friends, I want to stay a Muslim because I know Islam teaches me the best guidance for the whole mankind. And because of that, whether or not you are a Muslim, let me tell you that I am convinced as much as I hope you are, only the true teaching of Islam that can comprehensively spread justice around the world.

21. Islam does not say enter Islam when it gives you money. Islam does not say enter Islam because you are a Malay. Islam says, hey, here's a guidance for you, no matter who you are, and do justice to all people. Islam says, live in this world with a belief that God is watching you, and He has promised you something eternally wonderful there. Ask yourselves, what are you looking for in this life after all.

22. Dear my non-Muslim friends, Islam teaches me this, that we should come to a common term, that your God and my God is the same God, and He is One and Only, no one is equal to Him.

23. If today I want to disagree with Malaysia as a Christian Nation, it is not because of my identity (as a Muslim) alone. That's unfair because we have different identity (by name, race etc). However I only want to invite you to agree with me that the only right path to truth and justice is there taught in Islam, so why should we look for other than this?

24. My reminder to Malaysian leaders and followers. If you are backing Islam just because you are a Muslim, the non-Muslims only see injustice in you. It is unfair to them. Tell them instead, that Islam is what we should share, not because of it's name, but because of what it teaches.

25. To end this (now I feel slightly better), I want to invite you to do just this. Don't let people blind you and cause disunity in you with something you do not know. I have no problem with you so long as you don't chase me out from my house or ban me from practising my religion. I will also give you due respect even if you are not a Muslim, if you are sincere for justice, because to me, a just non-Muslim is more Muslim than an unjust Muslim. Trust me, if you understand Islam, you'll understand (and practice) justice.

It ain't about what identity you belong to!

"Allah forbids you not, with regard to those who fight you not for (your) Faith nor drive you out of your homes, from dealing kindly and justly with them: for Allah loves those who are just."

Wallahua'lam. I ask forgiveness from Allah, my God and your God, He knows best, really ;-)

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