Friday, May 27, 2011

T-Shirt by IMU Muslim Society (MSOC) 2011

Assalamualaikum wbt

Dear brothers and sisters and all people out there, our prayers, may Allah always bless you with His unlimited blessings and forgiveness.
The following will be a complete detail and information for your convenience, on how to order and what are the choices available for you, with regard to our t-shirt making this year insya Allah.

For the theme of the t-shirt, and meanings behind the design, please visit us here.

So, basically, there are three things to consider before you make order.

First, we have three types:
a) short sleeve
b) long sleeve (normal)
c) long sleeve for Muslimah (labuh)

Second, the choice of color: a) maroon b) orange

Third, your size of course: Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large (S, M, L, or XL)

Ok, for the size though, I have to specify, as below (look at the image);

See the white arrow right? I think it's called breadth or ukur bidang in Malay language. So for small size, it is 19 inches, then 20 inches for M, 21 inches for L and 22 inches for XL. You got it right? I hope it's helpful, if not, do drop your comment on this post we will reply to you as quickly as possible, insya Allah within less than 24 hours ;-)

Now, the pricing is very simple, and it only depends on your shirt type.

For short sleeve, RM24
Long sleeve, RM26
Long sleeve for Muslimah, RM30

Interested? So what is the next step? Easy. Download the order form here and email to us at You can also do this through any of our committee members if you know any of them. Do specify the quantity if you are buying for others too (more than one).

Don't worry about the payment first, we will contact you later for that.

We are trying our best to get all the t-shirts to you before July. For that, we need your co-operation to start making order (or change anything if you have ordered) before the 5th of June OK? Thank you =D

So what are you waiting for? Come join us spread the message of Islam yeah? =D

Take care and may Allah bless all of us =)

More previews below ;-)


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  1. salam alayk.

    Eka Irina
    Long sleeve muslimah (red)
    size: L