Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ka Ching!

بسمﷲالرحمن الرحم

“Alhamdulillah duit dah masuk” ^__^ 

“Ok time to sort them out. Rental, bills and other essentials goes in account A, the rest goes in account B. Since the bank B ATM is hard to find I might be able to spend less.” 

This may be a common scenario for some of us. We calculate our expenditure throughout a month and we try hard to spend less each month so that we can save for hajj or a house or a car or anything else we’ve planned for the future. 

What about money for sadaqa? Have you put out some money for that? 

We don’t really do that do we? We usually give the extras that we have in our purse and wallets. If it’s a little bit then we’ll give a little but if it’s a lot we still give a little right? 

Then how about money for infaq? Have you put out some money for the cause of Islam? 

Let’s check ourselves, of the money we’ve spent minus the rent, bills and other basic needs, where has it all gone to: 

1. Self-satisfaction items 
2. Family and friends 
3. A good cause 
4. Others in need 

In which category have we spent the most? Then ask yourself again, where did the money come from? Now, have really fairly divided the wealth we get from Allah? If yes then Alhamdulillah =) I you haven’t, then what’s stopping you? 

As humans, we (the general public) fear that the money we have might not be enough. However, Islam teaches us to be hard working, to seek wealth through righteous means and spend on our wives, children, parents, relatives, and give in charity; this is an obligation on us and we will be rewarded for doing it. Furthermore, it is the duty of the rich to take care of the poor. That is why Allah enjoins "zakat" and "sadaqa". This is to remove greediness from our hearts, purify our hearts and properties, and foster good relationship and kindness among us. Therefore as starters for us students, it’s a good practice to start giving even in small amounts to charity and for the sake of Allah. Believe that Allah will always give back more for the little things that we do insyaAllah. 

“Katakanlah: ‘Siapakah yang memberi rezeki kepada kamu dari langit dan bumi?’ Katakanlah: ‘Allah’ dan kami atau (orang-orang musyrik) pasti berada dalam kebenaran atau dalam kesesatan yang nyata.” 
(Saba: 24)

“..dan tiada satu pun makhluk bergerak di bumi melainkan dijamin Allah rezekinya.” 
(Hud: 6)

MSOC Committee 2011/12


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