Monday, April 16, 2012


This is a story of an amazing character,
For her greatness is known to have no border,
Her existence can be replaced by no other,
She is the one whom I called mother;
For ummi whom I loved so dearly,
How I wish to have you here with me,
But I know I would never be so lucky,
So for you these few words, that the winds will carry;
How I long for your embrace,
For it always, sets my heart ablaze,
The warmth it gives is such a craze,
While the sooth it lease, keeps my heart at peace;
How I long to see your face,
For your smile lifted my heart to space,
Your kiss on my cheek, sets my heart to race,
While sleeping on your laps, frees me from my worries;
Dear mother, may I be forgiven,
For I had always been a naughty son,
Seldom have I ever met your expectation,
And your wish that I, become a better person;
Every time you looks rather gloomy,
It makes my heart goes uneasy,
I'm scared that it's because of me,
For I would never, hurt you mommy; 

I want to tell you another story,
About how my friends always make fun of me,
As I'm really close to you, ummi,
They say that I'm my mother’s baby;
Thinking back, it was really funny,
About how I used to be so angry,
It's because of my own stupidity,
As I don't know what it means literally;
The actual meaning of their teasing,
Is an acknowledgment of my love for you ummi,
And it shall receive Allah's Blessing,
Not like my love to an ajnabi;
In this poem,
Though I've called you with so many names,
Know that you are but one and the same;
And this poem,
I've confessed most of the feelings I had,
For you the one, that stays in my heart;
In this poem,
For all those things I've wrote to you,
What's most important is actually these two,
The first one is exactly how much I thank you,
The other one is the depth of my love for you.
If you somehow found and read this,
Know that its you, whom I loved the most,
Your name will be in my heart always,
And your love is what, I dont want to waste...

By :

Msoc Comittee 2011/12


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