Friday, May 23, 2014

Spread the Love, and Spread the Knowledge!


Now, we are very glad and pleasant to open the opportunity for you guys out there to join us.

Be one of the author the entries of this blog. Spread the knowledge, the love and the dakwah to open community.

This is your chance! Grab it now. Don't miss out this opportunity.

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All of the writings, depends on your own creativity.

Some of suggestion form of articles, that we can suggest are:

1. Share a video link (talk, events, dakwah films/short videos), elaborate about the main concern about the video, or lessons can be obtained through watching it.

2. Share an address link of article (from another blogs, such as Angel Pakai Gucci blog, Temetemerity blog, Ana Muzakkar blog, Muharikah website or any blogs/website/wordpress of any islamic figures),and you may want to elaborate some more.

3. Short stories!

4. Poems!

5. Common form of articles: reviewing certain issues and provide the main resources used. You may include words from Al-Qur'an and Hadiths.

6. Share any comic strips! It might be from your own or other peoples (ensure that you give credit to that people). You can include your opinion and elaborate further the issue discussed in the comic and relate them, with Islam.

Fuuhh.. Other type of form, we Think, you should find it yourself. Use your CREATIVITY.


*Any words from Al-Quran that included, must be checked to be ensure that its from the correct ayaat, and surah.

*Any words from Hadits that include, must be ensured that, it is hadiths shahih.

*If there are any violations of words used, which hurts other sensitivity, we have rights to not post it.

*After sending this form, you must know that, you are the one responsible to what you write.

Thank you again, for viewing this form! ^_^

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How to send it?

It's  so easy!

1. Email us your article, by uploading your article/sharing stuff. You may also upload any preferred picture which you want to use in the article (don't forget to give the link address of the picture)

2. Make a title, with this format: [Article] Your Entry Post's Title

3. Include your personal information, by filling up this form:

4. Alhamdulillah, you may raise your hand, and make du'a. May Allah bless our efforts. Insha-Allah.

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