Saturday, June 28, 2014

Hooray! Its Ramadhan already!

Ramadhan is the ninth month according to islamic calendar.

Surely, all muslim around the world (!) are looking forwards for this month and always prays for another meeting with next ramadhan in their lifetime.

اَللّهُمَّ بَارِكْ لَنَا فِى رَجَبَ وَ شَعْبَانَ وَ بَلِّغْنَا رَمَضَان
Allahumma barik lana fi Rajab wa Sha’ban wa ballighna Ramadan.
“O Allah! Make the months of Rajab and Sha’ban blessed for us, and let us reach the month of Ramadan.”
[Narrated by at-Tabarani and Ahmad]

Allahumma balighna Ramadhan.

Allahumma balighna Ramadhan.

Allahumma balighna Ramadhan.

Alhamdulillah, I believe that the readers also has met with Ramadhan. May Allah ease us in our business of jihad and firming our faith towards Him.

Its utterly true and undeniable that, The month of Ramadhan Al-Kareem inspire us to do many and many good deeds, and gain rewards and mardhotillah, InsyaAllah. The multiplicity of rewards for those who are doing any good deeds truly inspire us.

In the history of Imam Muslim:
كل عمل ابن آدم يضاعف الحسنة عشر أمثالها إلى سبعمائة ضعف قال الله عز وجل إلا الصوم فإنه لي وأنا أجزي به يدع شهوته وطعامه من أجلي. 
"Every son of Adam a charity that is done will be multiplied. The goodness multiplied into ten to seven hundred times. Then Allah Almighty says, "Except for fasting. Indeed it was for my fast and I was the one who gave the reward. People who leave orgasm fasting and eating as I am alone. "
But, it is encouraged that we are not doing and obeying His rule and His order just because expecting His rewards. We must do it with Ihsan, with Ikhlas.

Because, we love Him.

Because, we want His redha.

May Allah, bless us His Jannatul Firdaus for us in the hereafter.


Hmm.. FIFA

Fasting is For Allah.

This thought still being remembered by most of us, since we are in World Cup Season.

What is the effect of fasting to Muslim who participate in the world cup football?

Anyone thought about it before?

I read an article which catch my interests, I collected only some parts of it, you may read it here .

FIFA reportedly studied the effects of fasting before the tournament started, with "positive" results. "If you do it intelligently, then you can adapt perfectly," Dr. Michel D’Hooghe, FIFA's medical committee chairman, told the New York Times. "Before the sun comes up, they have enough hydration to go on through the whole day.”

Professional footballer Kolo Toure, who plays for his native Côte d'Ivoire and Liverpool in the Barclay's Premier League, has said he adjusts for Ramadan yearly when the holy month falls during their season. "It's been tough, but at the same time I feel like I am much stronger, because my mental condition takes over," he told Liverpool FC's official website last summer.

NBA basketball player?

NBA basketball player Hakeem Olajuwon was also known to play while fasting during Ramadan, by drinking a gallon of water and eating seven dates before sunrise. Germany's Ozil, according to the BBC, fasts as much during Ramadan "as his sporting commitments allow."


Hmmm.. what else?

Let's do our best for this Ramadhan. May Allah bless us with His rahmah, insyaAllah.

Oh ya, there some files to be downloaded that catch my interest.


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Oh! Don't Forget to Update the MSOC Programme for this Ramadhan. Its 'Ihya' Ramadhan' Project!


Yeay! Its Ramadhan!


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