Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Food For The Souls.


Food is something you eat, when you are hungry. Fill your stomache.

Something that provide essential nutrition for your body, nourish yourself for a healthy life.

When we talk about, 'food for the souls', what does it really means?
(I'm sure all of you already aware though. Never mind.)

It's a metaphor. literally, it is a spiritual nourishment.

It nourish your soul. Nourish your thought. Nourish your heart.

It makes you ponder of who you are, and what the reason that you born on this earth, for what purpose.

'Food For The Souls'.

Its something that you can 'eat' routinely anywhere and everywhere, resembles the food for you stomach. But, it nourish and fulfill you inner-self need, rather than physical necessities.

That's why, these theme has been brought further and chosen as one of a name for event conducted by Muslim Society, this year!


Food For The Souls

*note: the venue for 'entre' event is changed to IMU Driveway.

Below are some of general information regarding all the main speakers, that has been extracted from several reliable websites.


1. Ustazah Isfadiah binti Mohd Dasuki

  • Graduant of Bachelor (Hons) Revelation Knowledge Course with minor in Communication from International Islamic University Malaysia on the year 1994.
  • Complete her Master in Psychology course in Universiti Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) pon the year 1998.
  • She was ex-lecturer of Centre of Foundation Studies of  International Islamic University Malaysia, and served for 13 years since 2000 in Human Science and Revelation Knowledge Department. (Jabatan Ilmu Wahyu dan Sains Kemanusiaan (IRKHS).)
  • Qualified Religious Speaker of Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor and Qualified Member of Neuro-Linguisticprograming (NLP) Antarabangsa (2011), Certified Coach (2011), Certified  Time Line Terapi™(2011), dan Certified Professional Hypnotheraphist (2011).
  • Consultant for ‘Little Scientist’ Curriculum by Fun Science Enterprise which implement science experiment and Islam for the kindergarten children around the world since 2013.
  • Appearance in television such as TV Al-Hijrah in several segments especially in 'Assalamualaikum' segment to touch about parenting issues. and 'Cinta Ilmu' program. Also appeared in other TV channels such asTV9, TV3 and Astro Oasis as well as some radio channels.
  • Columnist in 'Berita Harian' for 'Parenting' segment.
  • Became one of the jury for the reality show in TV al-Hijrah ‘Solehah’
  • Now, Syariah Advisor of Brainy Bunch Islamic Montessori (BBIM), the combination of Montessori and Islam in early education of pre-schoool children and posted as Chief of Brainy Bunch International School.


2. Muhammad Syaari bin Abdul Rahman.

  • Graduant of Bachelor (Hons) of Arabic Literature and Languange from International Islamic University Malaysia, and now further his study of master level in the course of Ottoman History.
  • Chief Executive and full-time consultant in Ibrah Paradigm Training & Consultancy since May 2011.
  • Qualified Consultant under Human Resource Developmen Bhd. ( Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad, PSMB.)
  • Experienced more that 4 years in training, motivational, and consultancy industry and he had served for 2 years in I.P Minda Training & Consultancy Sdn. Bhd.
  • Registered member under Training and Consultancy Association Muslim Malaysia.
    (Pertubuhan Perunding Latihan dan Motivasi Muslim Malaysia (TAMRIN).
  • Author of  a best-seller book. “Kuasa Kepemimpinan Al-Fateh” published by PTS Milennia.
  • Few television programme that he was invited before for interview session were TV Al-Hijrah in “Assalamualaikum” segment and RTM TV1 in “Amir Amira” segment.


3. Mohamad Ridhauddin bin Mohd Salleh

  • BA (Hons), Fiqh And Usul Fiqh, International Islamic University Of Malaysia (IIUM).
  • Acquisition editor, PTS Publications and Distributors Sdn. Bhd, June 2006- Disember 2006
  • Teacher, Setiabudi School Sdn. Bhd, January 2007- June 2007.
  • Lecturer, International Education College (INTEC- previously known as International Education Center), July 2007- 27 July 2011.
  • Publishing book entitle ” Demonstrasi BERSIH: Menilai Semula Pandangan Antara Mengharamkan dan Mengharuskan” published by Kolej Islam Darul Ulum (KIDU) on July 2012.
  • Publishing book entitle “Kerjasama Politik DAP PAS dan UMNO MCA: Menyingkap Tabir Kebenaran”.
  • Invited speaker in Rancangan Selamat Pagi Malaysia (SPM) RTM on the topic of “Kelesuan Mahasiswa; Apa penyelesaiannya, 8.00-8.30a.m.
  • Actively be the speaker for many talks, and events either in Malaysia or overseas.


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