Sunday, October 26, 2014

MSOC Recruitment Drive

            Last week, there has been held 'Club Recruitment Drive' at IMU, just in the atrium and driveway area. The purpose of this event is solely to recruit new members from the intake from that year which want to involve themselves with the clubs and society.

            It was a compulsory annual event in which the committee or volunteer of that represent of that particular society will struggle and sacrifice their time, to explain about activities and other stuffs in order to recruit new members.

More members, are definitely better!

And usual, the committee and volunteer of Muslim Society also strive to attract as much new members as possible especially for those muslim.

Below is the video from the recruitment drive to summarise all of the activity done this year.

You would learn a lot of new thing.

Gain new experience.

Grab MPU hours more! ( for certain tasks )

Get the Knowledge.

Experience it yourself, and

Let's join us!


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