Monday, January 26, 2015

Face the Mirror, and Look upon Yourself.

Whenever we felt that we have gone astray far away from the path to the will of god, we should always remember Allah, repent and back to His will. Though it might not that far away, you may at least doing a wrong action in particular situation. Who knows? The spontaneous action just pass automatically from brain nerves and allow our muscles… or in other words, the whole body just react on something without a proper judgement.

This is what reflecting our akhlak. (and terrible assimilation of science in article... heh)

Yet, who dare to say that he or she is the one with the best of akhlak after all, since all of us always doing mistake somewhere and sometime. You think you have decide the best action on everything Though you might have no time either to decide?

His or her akhlak is what determine the kind of action that he or she will react.

Sometimes, we might have insufficient time to ask ourselves, “Is it the best action for this circumstance?”

“Is it better to do like this? Rather than this?”

Eventually, you never know that you might choose a wrong decision at a time when you actually best to do this… and this…

As time goes, the circumstance and decision will lead to another new storyline where the bad or good things will happen upon us, either in next 2 years, next 2 months and can be even next 2 seconds! Only then, you know how bad or how good your decision is.

This reminds me about a story of a father who went to work in early of the morning, which began when his daughter accidentally crashed to the table and caused his father’s coffee fell off and spilled on his shirt.

What if the father turned out to be a ‘cruel monster’, yelling or even hitting his own daughter just because of the spilled coffee?

The story goes with a stressful timeline of the day, as bad things keep happen to him. His daughter has been late to go to school as the bus already left and he need to send his daughter off to go to school. He had difficult time to go to the school area even leave to his working office since the traffic is hectic with cars of which parents sending of their children. His daughter left him without a good bye. He late went to work, and scolded by his boss. Even after working, he has a bad day with his wife because of his reaction on that morning.

Then, what if the father reacts calmly on that situation and do the best action. A timeline with a happy day would be come out.

Therefore, we should realize that any unexpected events require a proper and accurate action to make your day better. Think before acting.

Imam Ibn Qayyim once said regarding thinking and reflecting, that the origin of all acts of obedience to God is to think before acting, and the source of all evil doing is the absence of thinking and reflection before doing.

Even if you have done wrong, do reflect upon yourself and manage yourself to improve akhlak, so that we can endure this life better. Muhasabah.

Now, interpret this picture in a way that you can improve yourself as you gain its positive message.
How would you react then? Just neglect it?


Hmm… This actually remind me of ‘6M Formula’ of changing your routine to best of routine as it turn you to be always submissive and obedient to the will of Allah. InsyaAllah, in the next article…


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