Friday, November 12, 2010

Jom Subuh

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

1. Early in the morning today, 12 November 2010, a group of us already 'officiated' the very first turn for this life long campaign. Insya Allah as we go along, we would like to hereby make this announcement and invite all of you to join this weekly 'fajr gathering.'

2. Let me divide this announcement today into 4 parts, so that you can at ease choose which one you would like to know and therefore read. First, is how is this going to be taking place. Second, some brief information about ayat of sujud tilawah. Third, the purpose of doing this. Fourth, busting the myths related to holding such a campaign.

3. FIRST: As a pilot project, we are going to start at Musolla Vista C first. A brother will be assigned to lead the Subuh (Fajr) prayer and recite any ayatul (verse) Quran that requires us to perform sujud tilawah. It is weekly on Friday and insya Allah at 6 am, unless upon significant change in prayer time. As simple as that. We are looking for an Imam at Musolla Vista B as well insya Allah. If any of you intend to volunteer, we really appreciate it and welcome you the most.

Note: Almost half of jemaah (congregation) that came today are from Vista B, and they are all Muslimah- a proof that with strong desire, nothing would ever come in our way to do things in the way of Allah and worship Him.

SECOND: The above is the ayat for sujud tilawah. You can google on the internet for its meaning and also about when to recite it. Also, please take note that sujud tilawah is actually not wajib (compulsory) but is very strongly encouraged in Islam.

Quite basically, for our weekly Friday Subuh Prayer, we usually will recite surah Sajdah (chapter 32) until the 15th ayat, then we sujud (prostration) immediately (no ruku' and iktidal /no bowing and straightening up) and recite the ayat of sujud tilawah above (during prostration), before we raise again standing up straight so that Imam can continue the remaining of the surah. This is still considered the first rakaat. Next after is the usual flow of Subuh prayer we are familiar with ;-)

A simpler zikr such as subhanallah, alhamdulillah, Allahuakbar and lailaha illallah (one or all combined) can be an alternative to the ayat of sujud tilawah but let's put some efforts to memorize the very short ayat above, insya Allah.

5. THIRD: The purpose of doing this is very simple, the fact that Subuh prayer is the source of our strength as Muslims. More importantly, I personally believe that because we are students, we can gain spirit and energy to study by making it a habit to overcome the challenge and difficulties of waking up early during dawn.

We are all aware the fact that our enemies fear us not unless, we are strong enough to gather for Subuh prayer for congregrational prayer, like that we have for weekly Friday prayer (in terms of number of jemaah).

6. FOURTH: Everything should start slowly and regularly. Hence why we chose Friday as a start. We never intend to imply that we only have to wake up early on Friday alone. Insya Allah even everyday, there'll always be people in the surau for Subuh Prayer. So, please do come. At least as the first step, do wake up early and perform Solah ;-)

Insya Allah my best prayers to all of you brothers and sisters and please help spread the message. More importantly, please do join us, in rebuilding the strength of ummah. The world is getting old. Even if it's not, we are. Let's be prepared so long as we can still breathe oxygen in and out. ;-)

Wallahuaklam. Wassalam

MSOC Committee

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