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Awal Muharram is around the corner! :D and when we talk about Awal Muharram, Hijrah will come to mind. so let's talk a bit about Hijrah, shall we?

as we all know, Hijri means migration literally, while for Muslims it has a special meaning of the emigration of Rasulullah SAW and the muslims from Mekah to Madinah. well, i'm not going to talk much about Hijrah in this context, but let's talk about hijrah in general.

migration. when we heard about migration we would think of moving from a place to another. of course, for the better. but is it necessary to think of hijrah only as migrating from a place to another? why don't we think of it in other context, for example "hijrah" from a lifestyle to another, for the better. it's easier to apply in our daily lives isn't it?

i have a friend. actually plenty of friends that i could refer to regarding the story that i would like to share but i choose to talk about this one friend of mine. i met her not too long ago. at our earlier encounter she's just like any other Muslim girl. i mean those that we can see around us in public. well, you guys know how majority of Muslim girls in this country right? as time goes by, i've seen her changed quite drastically, especially in her appearance. and i'm quite surprised and impressed with her determination, which i should take as an example or perhaps a role model for myself.

the point here is, whatever it is if we have the determination, the strong will, nothing is impossible. she managed to change herself for the better; to migrate from her old self into being a better muslimah. and with Allah's will, why can't we?

together let's pray to Allah to give us courage, determination, and guidance to be a better Muslim, Mu'min or even Muhsin. amiin.

last but not least, salam Maal Hijrah to all! =)

Msoc Committee 2011/12


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