Thursday, November 17, 2011

let's make du'a =)


here is a love story.

once upon a time, there was a guy who fell in love with a girl. one day, the girl dropped her notebook. an important one. long story short, the guy happened to find this notebook belonged to this girl whom he had a crush on. he told the girl that her lost notebook was with him. he asked to meet up so that he can give it back to her, and the girl agreed. but it happened in a way that every time they met, the guy always "failed" to return the notebook. at first it was he forgot to bring the notebook with him each and every time he was about to go and meet her; and after some time when they eventually became friends, he always found a way to distract the girl with stories that will bring her attention to other things than their "main" reason to meet up. some time had passed, and on this one so-called "date", the girl found out that the guy actually always had her notebook with him but never return it back. the girl asked him why did he do this to her. and the guy replied, "if i return it back to you, i'm afraid that i couldn't talk to you anymore since there's no more reason for you to meet me.."

ok..... so what? why do i have to read this kind of story?

well.. like everything else that needs explanation, we always need to use an example to make others easily understand what we are trying to express. am i right?

so from this story that i just told, it's obvious isn't it; that the guy wanted to be with the girl for a longer time. that's the reason he did all those things. why? because he loves her.

now, i would like to ask all of you readers. have you ever feel confused, unsatisfied, sad, depressed, so on and so forth when Allah didn't answer your prayers? we're all human beings. so i believe no one will dare to say no to this question. have you wondered why Allah didn't answer your prayers?

"And your Lord says, 'Call upon Me; I will respond to you'..." [40:60]

Allah did say in al-Quran itself that He will respond to our prayers. so why do we do not get what we want? there's a lot of reasons. i mean A LOT. but i would like to stress on one reason that has a connection with the story that i've told just now. it's simple.


"Sometimes a believer supplicates for a need before God-Almighty; but, He orders His Angels to delay the grant of servant's needs, because, He loves to hear his voice and supplication more. Then on the Day of Judgment says to him: ' Oh My servant! You called me but I delayed your request, now in return I will bestow upon you such and such reward and so and so supplication. ' Hearing it the servant would say: I wish none of my needs would have been granted in the world. ' He says so because he sees the excellent rewards of Hereafter." (al-Kafi, vol. 2, pg 490)

the conclusion is, never stop making du'a. if your prayers are not answered, la tahzan; as you'll know He loves to hear more from you because He loves you. and if He replies, be thankful and continue to praise Allah. it doesn't mean that He doesn't love you, but treat it as a test from Him; as He loves those who is grateful.

Msoc Committee 2011/12

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