Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Patience With All Things

May peace be upon you wherever you are. It's me again, on my second entry in March and I am hoping that you are still keeping updated with our MSOC blog.  Right now, the sun is setting and the picturesque view of the sky never fails in reminding me to Allah, Alhamdulillah and Subhanallah, what a great creation the sky is if you ever noticed. 

Before I started, let me clarify something here. One of my friend, who happened to read my previous entries, carefully, thoughtfully, seriously, professionally told me, 

"I think you should cut out some of your nonsense and go straight to the point. It's good to write on some, but not too much. I'm lost while reading..."

(Laughing) Okay, I bet, if you have read my previous entries before, you may be having the same thoughts as him. BUT. Let me just BRIEFLY explain myself. I want you to read as if you are listening and I'm writing as if I'm talking. Let's be carefree here. Stop frowning and enjoy reading. Let's not read with brain but heart. So, young ladies, young man and all, bear with me for a while. It's not wrong reading pretty and sweet nonsense, am I right? Just like what the title said, "Patience With All Thing"

Just recently, my mom called. As usual she asked, "How are you doing?" Listening to her voice, her lovely voice, I realized how I've been crazily missing her. It has been nearly three months I was away from home and things, obstacles just kept on appearing one after another as if they are meant to bring me down. I told my mother, "Ma, I don't know how I'm going through next week..." That summed up all. I couldn't go on because the tears could break any time.  My mom calmly told me, "Remember Allah, Remember Allah, and be patience with the tests. The test is from Allah, the hardship is from Allah. Ask for HIS help, Ask for HIM to look after you, Ask for HIM to ease things ahead, and in HIS will you'll be fine..." I told her "Okay..." But ended up crying after our phone conversation end.

And when Monday arrived and when Tuesday followed, MashaAllah, only Allah knows what was inside me. Assignments, classes, practicals, REPORTS, and all. Ya Rabbi, Ya Rabbi, Ya Rabbi. I kept on saying that throughout the day, feeling so impossible. You know like you keep on running, but somehow never reach the final line. Okay, do you think I'm taking things too seriously here? You may have your own tests and mine may look nothing to you. But trust me, you would not last a day in my shoes same as how I would not last a day in yours. Going to IMU and nothing was settled, coming back home and nothing get better. Finishing one thing, here comes three things. When you have so many things bulking inside, trying to get someone to talk about nonsense so that you can divert your stress mind somewhere else but no one was available. Just because everyone was in their toughest time too. Being over sensitive, hurt, angry and all. I nearly lose myself a moment ago. Everyone has gone super tired and reaching their limits. And in this situation, to get through all this, patience is the only answer. Because every good times and hard times pass. They are meant to pass. The pain and the hardship will pass. Sometimes later, we may even forget it all. So, we just have to be a little more patience.

I came across a conversation of Hanne and Frann in the 'The Life Journal of Anne Song'.

Frann: Hey, are you okay?
Hanne: I'm good. Better than ever.
Frann: Women always say the opposite thing of what they felt, and you are not excluded sister.
Hanne: Okay, I'm so mad right now. Why? Don't ask. Because I may ended up cursing people.
Frann: (laughing)You are holding it in? That's good. 
Hanne: I'm just trying to be thoughtful and considerate. I am having hard time, but others may be having even a harder time. So, I'm trying to be patience with whatever that is happening around me. Tolerate and be undertanding...
And after saying that Anne turned away from her brother, looking at the ceiling to control her tears and continued, "But it is very hard to be patience, you know. Why is it that it's always me who has to deal with this kind of situation that need patience? Why is that it's always me who has to give in? It's not fair..." And Anne ended up crouching on the floor, hugging both her knees and sobbed silently.

Reading that, I know exactly how she felt.
But do you know what Frann told her? Something that make not only her sister felt better, but, also me the one who was reading. He said
"Don't you feel good trying to be patience and considerate to people? Many has been given chance to be patience, but not many who choose to be one. Indeed it is hard, indeed there are people like you, who cry holding your anger, who cry trying to be patient. But remember, in Surah Ali-Imran verse 146, Allah surely loves those who are Sabireen. And with the Decree of Allah, He gives reward to those who are patient. Isn't it a very good deal for you? Things that relate to Allah, there is no such thing as unfairness existed, dear. Your patience is never overlooked.."

It is true. In all things that happened and is happening, it is from Allah. He is the Greatest of All. Ask from him, lean on HIM, believe HIM, do this for HIM, do this because we want HIM to love us more.

Patience is not just when we are angry.  It is in everything, in all things in life. Patience with human, patience with our studies, patience with our works and even patience with ourselves.

I am the center of my world and people who surrounds me should have taken great effort in taking care of my heart and not trying to hurt me. That is true. But everyone is the center of their world too, and I may be one of the people who surround them, who may even have hurt them before. Living with each other, we support each other, we should be a little more thoughtful and patience with each other. There are things and there are situations which I believe, we will have to silently step backward or we should have tone down a little bit, understanding their condition so that we would not be acting without thinking. There are always that kind of case in which our toleration and considerations are much more needed, in that lies patience.

In the case of studies, we are all aware of that. No matter how many, how impossible things look, how hard things are, never lose faith in Allah. It doesn't mean you could just close your eyes and hope for your complicated Genomic Journal to be miraculously done the day after when you wake up, saying that you are being patience. No. Goodness. No. Effort. Anything needs effort. Even if you want Allah to help you, you must help yourself too. Our LOVER, Ya Rahim would definitely help, but not right away. Like parents who let their young baby to stand by his own and if he or she stood, they will always be behind or in front of the baby, just in case he or she fall. And if he or she did fall, the parents are there, to catch him or her. Just like that and maybe in a way that we never expected, Allah is just there, Allah is just here for you. So, be patient.

Ibnul Qayyim said that patience is the ability to stop ourselves from despairing, to refrain from complaining and to control ourselves in times of sadness and worry. And Ali ibn Abu Talib defined patience as 'Seeking God's help"
So, you can reflect yourself here friends and comrades. Are you being patient as you go through life challenges? If not, it's okay. Keep trying. Let this be another mission that you would love to accomplish, to learn to be patient. Always turn to Allah. Always see Allah first. Prophet Muhammad, may the mercy and blessings of God be upon him also said, "Whoever tries to be patient then Allah will help him to be patient..."

I think I need to go now. There are many other things to settle and coming here to write, I feel much better. I hope you get something from this entry. Everything that is bad is from me and all that is good is from Allahu Rabbi. Thanks for listening.

Anne ZR

P/s: Sorry to that fellow friend of mine, I guess I was writing even longer junk stories than the main thing today. Hope you didn't get confuse. Pardon me if you do.
Pp/s: Did you see the sky tonight? It's dark. But stay watching, stay looking, somehow you'll see shining stars. That's the price of your patience.
Ppp/s: Special credit to my course mates who are having terrible yet lovable time struggling with deadlines of assignments. If you happen to read this, just feel special and burn more fuel to strive for the night!! And dear housemates, thanks for being by my side along this journey. It would have been even harder without you guys around. For the one who had lunch with me in front of 1.10 today ^_^ . For those who eat pizza with me for dinner, tonight. ^_^ For one who is in the house, keeping me accompany ^_^. I thank Allah for sending you all in my life. Let's be patience these coming weeks for Allah.


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