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Loser : By Phantom

Assalamualaikum w.b.t
Greetings to all and I pray to Allah to shower you with loves, blessings, couple with good health.

InsyaAllah, with Allah’s love and care I’m back with an article. I heard few number of you guys were actually curious about me. I will remain as PHANTOM as for now because I still do not have the intention to disclose myself to public. I apologize for that and I ask for your understandings. *big smile*

Have you guys ever realized on the messages or I prefer it to be called gist of Suratul Asr? This is the surah that we recite each time we end a program alongside ‘tasbih kifarah’. However, how many of us are actually give attention on the contents of it? We all agree that Quran is our manual, therefore we should not neglect any of the surah as for this, just because it is a short surah with only three ayah. Surely I believe none of you will do that.

By time,
Indeed, mankind is in loss,
Except for those who have believed and done righteous deeds and advised each other to truth and advised each other to patience.
(Al Asr, 103)

 First of all, as you read the translation, it says by time. Why time? Time is actually the closest creation of Allah to us especially for students. It is something that we think of every seconds and it is valuable. Otherwise, people will not simply say, time is GOLD.  It has no start or even an end. This shows that this surah is relevant for all who are bounded and living in time. Don’t we? Yes we are! We all are stress thinking of deadlines and exams. Besides, we are also frightened with the thoughts on The Day of Judgment, because no one knows when it is except The Almighty Allah.

And then, Allah calls us as people who are in loss. In loss! Who likes to be called a loser? No one!! Every one of us wants to be a winner, a champion, and for that we are willing to do anything. As we are living in this world, it is actually more like a race. Doesn’t? In school, we want to be labelled as the smartest, in work place, we want to be the best worker, every year and in a group we desire to be a leader. Why is that so? Is there something wrong with our ‘wiring’? Why Allah created us this way?

Thinking of it, because we are wired this way, therefore no doubt this surah will boost our desire to learn why and how I can be favored by Him. When you believe that Allah is the only reason for everything, and it is only Him you want to please, absolutely you are eager to do anything to manifest your love to Him.

Certainly He is entirely Merciful, especially Merciful, He does not leave us hanging with all the worries and uncertainties. He conclude the surah with steps to success as a Muslim. Firstly, we will not be in loss if 1) we believed. Second is when we 2) do good deeds, then when we 3) advise each other to truth last but not least when we 4) advise each other to patience.

I really like how Allah mentions in Quran about those who believed and righteous deeds. These two always come together. It is kind of a package *grin*. Allah wants us to learn that, when we claim ourselves as the believers, it should be followed with righteous deeds. Therefore, it is not sufficient to believe without any demonstrations. Besides, the only way for us to keep track to our iman is via our actions. You know your iman is decreasing when you no longer feel content reading the Quran and the translations also when you no longer be able to engage in good practices as previously.

We did advise each other each day. Yes we did, I believe. However, in this surah we should advise each other to truth and patience in being a Muslim. As a Muslim, I admit each day we are dealing with obstacles and challenges. Not every one of us are lucky to have the opportunity to learn the truths and to be trained with patience. On the basis that we all are brothers and sisters, we should take care of each other.

While confronting with hardships, many of us drowned in emotions and not able to act patiently, to distinguish bad things, and decide things correctly. We might be a good person during the goody-goody days but the moment you face hard situations it is really hard to act calmly at the very first encounter. Commonly we will just react based on emotions. Thus, it is important for each one of us to serve as brothers or sisters who are supportive in terms of guiding and advising each other to truth and patience.

There is a hadith related to this surah.

On the authority of Abu Hurairah, who said: The messenger of Allah said:
"Part of someone's being a good Muslim is his leaving alone that which does not concern him."
(hadith narrated by Termithi and others)

Again, leave all those unnecessary stuffs. And if you ever wonder what will be the substitutions. All the above are in. *big smile*

MasyaAllah, thank you for your time to read this article. May Allah bless you and may this benefits both sides, me, writer and you, readers.

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