Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Tajdid Our Niyyahh : Easy in Words, Hard in Action

Peace be upon all. It's quite windy today and even right now, the wind is blowing quite strong from the balcony of my house. Seeing that, the poetic side of me told myself, "Not only papers in the living room are flying around, but everything in the heart and mind too. They are in an unexplainable mess..."

Finding writing as a way I expressed the mess I had in me, is one of the reason I am here. And believing that by writing I would somehow reflecting me, advising me at the same time is my next reason I am here. But there is another reason. Everyone is an anonymous to me at the moment Some may be someone who once in a while, visit to update with new entries in this site. Some, maybe someone who just clicks on the link posted in facebook and all. And some may just randomly happen to arrive at this site and happen to read this. But I, want to be someone, that is always here, doing what I can, sharing what I felt, and the reason, is not any other than Allah. InshaAllah, that's my last reason for being here now.

Tajdid Our Niyyah. If that sounds too 'not common' for you then just don't freak out. Well, I believe most of you do know. But, just in case there are others who are just like me when I first heard of that, I think just a brief definition would be a great help. It's simply means, renewing your niyyah (intention). Like always be conscious and even better be unconsciously remembered the reason you are doing something. Example, "For whom I'm doing this?" or "Why I'm doing this?" Simple,right?

I know you may be so aware of this now. You heard it everywhere, everyday in your life. You may even know better than I do. There is no need for me to add on, replaying on the same thing over and over again. 
But I will still write. If it's not for you, it may be a useful reminder for me. Later on when I forget and happen to read this again, I may be able to learn something from this. InshaAllah.

It is narrated on the authority of Amirul Mu'minin, Abu Hafs 'Umar bin al-Khattab (ra) who said:
I heard the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) say: "Actions are (judged) by motives (niyyah), so each man will have what he intended. Thus, he whose migration (hijrah) was to Allah and His Messenger, his migration is to Allah and His Messenger; but he whose migration was for some worldly thing he might gain, or for a wife he might marry, his migration is to that for which he migrated." [Bukhari and Muslim]

Did you, ever in life have at least a person who told you this, "Study for Allah. Go to school for Allah. Do this for Allah. Do everything for Allah. Then only the things that you do will be 'berkat' " Have you?
I do and mostly all the time people told me that. More frequently, my mom. Well, people can only go and advise to the extend of words and it is you who are going to put it in action. The question is, did you just listen and choose to do nothing? Or did you, listen and put on efforts to make it a routine? Or did you listen and succeed in doing things for Allah in everything? In which categories are you in? 

Do you realize that, this renewing the niyyah thing is hard? Well, I can just tell you that we need to 'Niat' for Allah, on and on, over and over again. And generally speaking, it is not something that even requires physical labour at all. Compared to studying, tajdid the niyyah should be a much more easier thing to do, right? Coz it's all in the mind. And of course, the heart too. 
I admit, (so must you if you are in the same boat as me again) that I, still find this hard and difficult.

Just like today, I started my day, telling myself, "Okay, let's do this for Allah. Let's live for Allah. Let's strive for Allah! Let's not go to class because I want to meet my friends. Let's not go to IMU to finish my reports. Instead, let's live striving for Allah's blessings." Can you imagine how many times I've been hypnotizing myself, convincing her that 'You can do it. Let's HIM be the reason..." Trying to remember HIM in my every steps to IMU and just few moment ago, when I just came back from IMU, when I felt so tired of no reasons, when I felt so down and unhappy, when I felt like something has gone wrong somewhere. 
I scratched my head, searching for answers. 
"Where did things go wrong today?"
AndI realized that, since the first class in the morning, the reasons to my smiles and laughs, the reasons to my bright and cheerful self of mine, is not Allah anymore. 
Human is forgetful. And being a human, I forgot easily. 

Now, I'm wondering to myself as I'm writing, 'Things would have be a little be different to me if I, live my today with Allah in mind and heart, right? Things should have been even more meaningful if I went through today with Allah the reason I'm doing it, right? Things, should have been more easier to handle right? I would have been more happier and satisfied right?"
So, I found the culprit. The culprit that lead to me in the crime of feeling empty and exhausted. 
It is the me that live without the right Niyyah being renewed.  I did have the right Niyyah at the beginning, but it, 'amazingly', unnoticeably renewed into something else in the middle of my day. Something that never lasts, something that you could not put your hope on to. End of the story on my side.

In everything that we do, if we have a good intention and even better, if it's because of Allah, things become easier. Not in a way that, the report and journal that your are supposedly to hand in by next weekday suddenly become less complicated like magic. No. But, the you that are handling that complicated task may be feeling much more lighter and calm to the extend that it helps you with the understanding of your work and the efficiency of your brain in interpreting the results and more. 

Isn't it awesome? If you don't trust me, try. With all of your heart. With Allah in mind and Heart. With Allah the reason you are doing it, in every second your hands are typing on the keyboard. InshaAllah, things will fall to its place again. The wind that previously has blown up all of the stuffs in your head will tone down and starts to blow softly to your sweating face, cooling it down. You'll feel way much better.

And as the title stated, I know, it is easy in words but hard when it comes to action. So true. But do it for Allah. Ask Allah to help you out. You are not doing it alone. You are not strong to be able to do it in one try. Human is weak in front of Allah, so ask from HIM, our ONE and ONLY. And remember one more thing that I always said, you are not losing anything when trying. Because Allah sees efforts more. 

Feeling hard to keep on tajdid niyyah every second? What about we think of it as if we are trying to make someone that we love to love us even more.

Everyone has their reasons in doing things. May it be for their loved ones, their family, their friends, themselves and even for their Creator, Allah The Greatest. 
There must be an answer to "Why am I doing this?" So that when things get hard, you could get your strength from that reason again, to keep on going strong.
And having others as reason, you may get strengthen up, but I wonder whether that is eternally?
But I'm sure if Allah is the reason, close your eyes, you don't have to cross your fingers, because things will definitely get solved beautifully. Strength that at first you doubt if there is still any left, will get recharged, smiles that you thought has fade will started to bloom again.
To cut it short. InshaAllah, you are under HIS special care, with special treatment, add on with special rewards. You can't see but have faith that it is of even greater than any other rewards ever existed in this world.

So, stand up friends and comrades. This journey is short but long for us who is still trying. Allah still gives you chances to make a change in your life so grab it and never let it go. Tajdid Your Niyyah in hopes for Allah's blessings. Tajdid your Niyyah for Allah. It's hard but what is hard is counted and accumulated. And 'Hardship' is the currency to get heaven. 
This is the verse of the day that I am sharing from the Al-Quran:

Happy evening! Assalamualaikum.

With love and great passion,
Anne ZR

P/s: I don't know when you are reading this, where you are reading this. But here, it is starting to rain. And the rain is a very heavy rain. They said, Allah listens to us even more when it's raining. So, I'm not going to miss it. Even if it's not raining on your side, your prayers are always listen. So no issue here. (Laughing) It feels good, as if I'm talking to you. And the happiness that I felt, I believe it's from Allah.

Pp/s: I'm sorry if the content is not as what you expected. But still, thanks for reading! May Allah blesses your day and mine! Let's fighting !!


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