Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Appreciating Ramadan

Assalamualaikum to ALL out there.

Today, it is the sixth day we are fasting and so far, Is there any significant improvement in your daily life? Are you continuously reciting Al-Quran with Allah in heart? Have you said thanks to Allah? For giving you chance to arrive on this blessing month, again this year, without much efforts from us but with HIS mercy and hopes that we could change. We open our eyes today, and it is Ramadan. For He has given the chance for us all to repent on our mistakes and He has given us chance to collect as much rewards as possible during Ramadan. So don't, ever, ever, ever you waste it. Grab every seconds, remember him, do good deeds for him, be patience to get HIS blessings, read Al-Quran, Zikir, and whatever that you could, as your rewards are multiplied. 

Do you know what? I am on a semester break and all that I do at home was cleaning the house, doing the never end housework, making sure everything is in the right order, sending and taking my siblings to and from school, helping them with their assignments, visiting relatives and all. Well, I have some time for myself too, to do things that I want and like, to prepare for my coming semester and all. And yes, we are in a fasting month, so reading Al-Quran is a must. But, is that all to Ramadan? Living life like normal, fasting, praying Taraweh and reciting the Al-Quran? Well, I know there are so much of it if we are to talk about the blessings of Ramadan and the amal that we could do along way, very much that you could type it on Google and what is there left was for you to read.

My mom, every weekdays, from 4.30 am in the morning, I woke up and she was already in the kitchen, preparing food. She drives to work everyday, to another state, and came back late evening at around 6.30, helped dad and me in the kitchen, break fast, clear the kitchen, pray Maghrib, Read Al-Quran and fall asleep before Isyak, too tired, very tired. 
I told her,
"Mommy, if you are this tired, just pray Isyak and rest..." I told her apologetically, saying her that Taraweh is just a Sunnah
She smiled at me with her sleepy eyes when I woke her up during Azan and told me something very simple from her thoughts.
 "Angah, it's okay. I know it's sunnah. To me, since this prayer can only be done in Ramadan, I didn't want a miss even a day. We never know if next year, we could still have the chance to do it, that's why..."
Her answer, may sounds very basic and simple, from someone who understand Islam as so-so. But to me, it hit me right on the heart. It brings me back to the deepest importance of Ramadan, it made me realize how special Ramadan is and it made me appreaciate Ramadan.

Let's not get drown in worldly matters. Let's open our eyes and think with our heart. For this one time, for those who may have forgotten the blessings of Ramadan, let's try to remind ourselves and those around us. Doing the right things is good, but knowing the reason you are doing it, with heart I should say, is equally important.

There are many benefits to Ramadan and right this moment, I would just write about how it could affect our Taqwa and how Ramadan gives protection to us all. Bear with me comrades, like I always say, it may be something so trivial to you, but to people like me who always forget and need to be reminded, sometimes, it is good to write and say it many times.

Self-discipline, self-control, self-restraint and self-evaluation. All of these, if practiced, could increase our Taqwa to Allah. I bet everyone has heard about how Ramadan is the best month to change. For one month, if you do something routinely, it will become alive in your blood, making it a habit without fail even when Ramadan ends. Cool, right? Then, use this moment to become more discipline. Wake up early and help your mom to prepare Sahur to get Allah's blessings. Even though just by laying the plate on the table, Allah would reward you for sure. There are nothing to lose in Ramadan, if you do it all for Allah. Take this opportunity, to make those around you happy for Allah. And for those who are fasting far away from the family, it did not mean that you have nothing good to do. Wake up and Pray Tahajjud. Recite the Al-Quran. Have a personal, quiet, one-to-one talk with Allah early in the morning, do anything, that keep your heart and mind on him, and it will help you increase not only your discipline but taqwa. This is the time, we prepare for Hereafter, grab as many rewards as you can and learn to fear Allah so you would have a better self-restraint towards worldly stuffs.

The next benefit is the chance of becoming a better, good manner muslim. Well, it is about the same as the first one. Frankly, I really didn't know why my writing turn out that way. Anyway, we all know that we are free from the Satan whisper in Ramadan, but remember, we still have our nafsu to deal with. And trust me, for everyone, this is not something small to deal with. Sometimes, Allah tested us with a higher level of situation where it angers you to the maximum, to build your patience. We are to stay away from any immorality and the makrooh, masbooh and haram and this is the moment we are taught to restrain our self from what is wrong.

Sincerely, I think human, with the advance of technology and the widespread of entertainment nowadays, they began to forget and slowly drowning in this busy world. There are so many sources where good knowledge and islamic reminders, all over the media and books but not all actually pay attention to these things. We would drown too deep if we let ourselves loose for so long. Allah, has gives us everything that is the best for us, there are helping hands, supporting people around, there are boats to board around, there is also nearby land where you could start a new, and now, it is all depend on us, whether we want to be rescued, whether we want to swim and safe our self from the ocean of dunya or whether you want to stay drowning. The decision is actually ours. We are the creation of Allah that is given the ability to think and make our own decision. So, choose what is right.

 Never forget, another thing that Allah gives us in hand at the moment, time. As for this second, it is still ours and so we could still make good use of it. But, once the time return to the giver, Allah, there is really nothing else that is left with us dear friends. So, extend your hand, go against the strong current of the ocean, with Allah as reason you want to keep surviving in this harsh world to carry on our responsibility as a Muslim. Take this chance in this blessings month, pray to Allah to ease your way in struggling to the surface of the ocean. I know it is not easy, because you may be too deep inside, but slowly, slowly and patiently swim upwards. Though you may feel like it is dark ahead of you, when you have Allah in your heart, even with closed eyes, you could see the light.

Ramadan makes it easier for you as one of the big obstacle, the satans are chained. So, use it well, Fight your nafsu, fight the darkness within you. fight your past mistakes, fight to be better and remember to do it all for Allah, then only you would be rewarded and blessed.

Up to here for now. It has been a while since I last write, so I apologize for any failings in my part. Hope you enjoy reading. And as for today sharing, it is a verse from Surah Ibraheem that tells us about one of the greatness of Al-Quran


p/s: There was a joke in my family during Ramadan. After coming back from Taraweh, my three brothers would be acting as if they were carrying something heavy, "Tepi, tepi, tepi angah..." They would acting perfectly well, as if it was so heavy when not even a sinlg thing was on their hand. Do you know what, they said they are carrying their rewards and it is so much that they may have to go back to the mosque again to carry all back. Last few days, I asked my dad, "Baba, tak bawak balik pahala ka hari ni...?" I asked him, seeing him leisurely walked inside the house. And he answered, "Ish banyak sangat, baba tak tau berapa lori baru nak boleh bawak. Baba tinggai dulu la kat masjid..."

I know the rewards to 'Beribadah' is not countable. And to human, maybe few lorries of rewards are considered too much already, but Allah is giving us more, more than what we could ever thought. So, take the chance in Ramadan and prepare yourself for the Hereafter, a reminder to me and you all.


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