Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hey World, have you seen me?!

Hey world, have you seen me?!
“Me, a joyful young girl. 
Up and downs in life I faced it regularly,
But never did I think about it seriously.
When people ask me what makes me constantly happy,
I said: thinking about HIM, the god almighty.”

Hey world, I’m the luckiest girl ever lived.
“Bleeding, crying, scaring,
Bombing, shooting and shelling,
Filling the air constantly without failing.
Mushrikin are who we are combating, 
White flag never thought of raising.”

Hey Mushrikin, I’m the luckiest girl ever lived.
“Mom and dad not here that’s fine,
Cause there’s always someone next in line.
The sun will not always hide, it will shine,
Trust me my friend, ‘cos god is divine.”

Hey friend, I’m the luckiest girl ever lived.
“Im here not to share my story,
If you think I am, I’m sorry.
It’s not me; it’s you I’m worry,
Time’s running out, I need to hurry.”

“Here’s for you, hope it’s worthwhile;
Thinking about your problems will not make you smile,
So why waste your time, give it a trial.
Life is as long as the Nile,
Give it some meander and some of your style.”

“Trust me;
You don’t need to share your pain or fear,
If you feel He is always near.
Talk about it if u may,
Cos love ONE will always stay.”

Still not gonna say it?!
Yes! You are the luckiest creature ever lived.

Editor: Amirah Wasilah binti Abdul Wahid
Vice President 2012/2013
Muslim Society (MSOC) 
International Medical University (IMU) Bukit Jalil.


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