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The Legend of Ghul’- Part 1

: Bismillahirrahmanirrahim:
By His mercy Allah the Almighty I seek guidance & strength…

Once upon a time, in a land far far away…there was a boy in a glorious ancient kingdom, Miraga. This majestic kingdom of men, by the will of Allah SWT had reached an astounding level of civilization, and here, as we all nowadays are obsessed with electronic gadgets (okay, I’m soo into it!) the society, from the humble old man on the street to the innocent cute –looking toddler in the nursery- all are obsessed with MAGIC. Yes, magic...

Taking this obsession as an unfair advantage, the King, Ashdud manipulated the obsession to maintain a strong grip to the kingdom, forever unopposed by anyone, anywhere in the planet for he had a powerful sorcerer whom he called Nuray the Deceiver. Ashdud ordered Nuray to do tricks to the eyes and illusion to the hearts of men so that he alone, forever alone can rule over them and worse still, claim himself as their God!

As the sunnatullah, Nuray the great Deceiver grew older. In a sense of urgency he asked King Ashdud to find him a kid, whose heart is pure- to learn sorcery and eventually once again help Ashdud to dominate the kingdom….and so it began where Ghul’ the innocent boy was selected and endowed the ‘holy’ knowledge of magic, trickey and sorcery. Ghul’, the pure-hearted boy was selected among thousands of competing apprentices for his brilliance. He was a normal boy, living with his parents like any other normal kids of his age. Every day he would go forth and back from his family’s house and the castle to learn magic. Until one day…

“God is Great…God is the Greatest...”

 A voice. From the cave he usually passed every time he went to learn from the great Nuray. Who dared proclaiming there’s other God than Ashdud?! Ghul’, with a heart fueled with curiosity, explored the cave, and there he met an old priest, prostrating that ‘God is the Greatest!’. Is he mad?? If the castle guards found out about this he could had his head ripped off! Unwaveringly, the priest approached Ghul’ and taught him of the truth. The truth to be told. That Ashdud is but a mere human, and there’s really is Allah, the true and only one God. As an innocent boy whose life was controlled by Nuray, Ghul’ was indeed in doubt. How can there’s an invisible God? The most powerful, who watches over men’s doings? Ghul’, feeling depressed as well as confused, left the old priest.

One day, Miraga the great kingdom was under siege by a great beast, disturbing the lives of the civilians living at the outskirts of the castle walls. Both footmen and knights alike were incapable of chasing away the Great Beast back to its wilderness in the dark jungle. Ghul’ was on his way to the castle and seeing this event, as a gifted smart boy- used the opportunity to clear his doubt.

                “Oh God, if whatever the priest’s preaching me is true and the sorcery I learn is but a stray from the path of Truth, then help me to kill the Great Beast with this humble stone!”

He shouted loudly in front of the citizens and guards. Unhesitatingly, He then threw a stone, which directly hit the monster’s head and it died right away…The truth is unfolded. There’s no God but Allah SWT! Hastily but sure, Ghul’ ran back to the priest, and told him everything. The priest was impressed and asked the boy to conceal his identity, for the sake of da’wah he was doing inside of Miraga.

Soon enough, news began to spread about the new imaan the boy believed. The enraged Ashdud ordered the sentinels to catch Ghul’ and investigated him on his new ‘false’ faith. Ghul’ refused, since he had promised the priest to keep their meetings a secret. However, the cruel Ashdud, using his brutal tools of agony whipped the poor boy…until he confessed of the priest. Immediately, the priest was taken to the throne, and without further questioning he was executed in the name of the great King- as an act of treason to their great ‘god’ Ashdud. The body of the priest was hung in the public, served as a warning to whoever denies Ashdud as their god.

Ghul’ was kept in custody in the cold, dark dungeon. Soon after, the day had come; he was chained and brought upon the so-called almighty Ashdud, who was sitting proudly on his golden throne.

                “O young man, have u not afraid and believe in me?! Surely if you convert from your faith to me, I’ll deliver your freedom and your family be spared!”

                “There’s only one God, and he is Allah. How can you ignore that you are also a mere mortal, waiting to die on the majestic throne of yours!”

The unwavering faith of the boy shook the King. In utmost anger, he ordered the best among his warriors to bring Ghul’ far away from Miraga, so that people would not see the execution. He was brought upon the peak of Mount Jablu, the grandest mountain in the territory of the great Miraga kingdom and was sentenced to be executed by falling down the peak to the deep abyss. Ghul’, in a sense of hope and protection from Allah the Almighty, prayed so that he was savored and spared from the warriors. Suddenly, the great mountain shook with such intensity that the warriors were devastated and fled. The sounds of armours clanking, people shouting and ground scattering are all around Ghul’….until there was pin-drop silence. The warriors were dead, most of them fell into the abyss, never to be found again.

All praises be to Allah! Ghul’ immediately rushed back to Miraga, straight to the throne, for he had a mission to accomplish. To save all of Miraga. Both Ashdud and Nuray were shocked and awed. How this boy could escape from the watch our mightiest warriors?? Ashdud desperately called upon his loyal guards, pinning Ghul’ to the ground.

                “O your Majesty, if you really desire to assassinate me, then you have to follow my wish. For my God won’t allow you to kill me, except by his Will.”

The desperato, Ashdud agreed to listen to the boy’s conditions, as long as he can eliminate the threat to his kingdom. The next day, all the citizens of Miraga are gathered on the kingdom square, all curious of what would have the brilliant boy asked from the King.

The blessed boy Ghul’ was crucified on a tall pole at the end corner of the kingdom square, putting his entire faith on the Almighty Allah. Ashdud and Nuray the Deceiver alongside their walls of knights watched in anxiety. Just as Ghul’’s final death wish, an elite archer of the King’s personal guard was prepared, standing ready in front of Ghul’ distances away. Slowly but firm, he took out a razor sharp arrow, putting it in between his fingers and uttered:

                “By the name of this boy’s God!”

That was Ghul’s final wish. That the archer would pray in the true God’s name to shoot him the arrow. The arrow flew swiftly and hit right on Ghul’ head! Slowly, the boy passed away, in His blessings. This event, witnessed by the thousands of the people of Miraga opened their hearts at last. Ashdud is but a weakling! A mere mortal! If he really is God then why he himself cannot kill the boy, and only finally managed to execute him by praying to the ‘other’ God. This sparked rage and sudden realization of the people of the true and only faith they had been waiting for so long.

                “We’re in faith with the boy’s God. There’s no one but Him (Allah SWT).”

Ashdud, as a final attempt to cleanse his kingdom of these ‘heretics’, commanded that a big moat of inferno be built. Whoever opposed him and disobey to convert back to him will be thrown in agony. Voices in pain and sufferings filled the kingdom on that day…and so it happened, the massacre of the believers in the path of Allah SWT by the cruel King of Miraga.

-The End-

Editor: Mohd Amirul Arif bin Yaakub
Academic and Tarbiyyah Bureau 2012/ 2013
Muslim Society (MSOC)
International Medical University (IMU) Bukit Jalil.


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