Monday, April 15, 2013

No Title

Why this article don’t have a title, you may asked?
 Because, it depends on you.
On how you would give a title to this article.

Dear my brothers and sister,
Most of us are in the 20’s. Yes.
This is when, all the fun and excitement supposed to be at its peak.
Well, supposedly….. (Tears drip slowly while thinking all the lectures and exams that are coming our way)
But nevertheless, we are still enjoying our sweet hyperglycemic 20’s.
So I want to take your mind a little while to your past.

Have you still remembered all those memories in your childhood?
Those times when TV’s played a big role in your life? From there we got Digimon, Pokemon, Oggy and the Cockroaches, Barbie etc. (yes, Digimon and Pokemon are meant for the kids. Read between the lines. Hoho)  or when you were in a car, thinking that the moon was following you? Or you purposely try to close the freezer door slowly cause you what to see the freezer light to turn off? Or when drew your ‘masterpiece’ all over the wall, thinking the wall need some additional touch up? Voila!

Yeah. And if you don’t have any of these memories, ummm.. I know someone in hospital that can help you. Or, it could be, that I am the only one with these memories. Which makes me…… an alien? (Need to find a cliff to jump. Thank you.)

Or, during your teenager’s time?
The time you start to feel ‘something-something’ towards opposite gender?
Or, the experience you gain for your O-level exams, A-level exam, SPM exam?

It seems like yesterday right?
Most of our friend in those times, has gone to another place.
Some has change. Some, are still the same.
Indeed, that is why Allah purposely put the speech of those who has already in Akhirah, it’s like a preview of what’s going to happen, in Surah An-Naziat [79:46].

" It will be, on the Day they see it, as though they had not remained [in the world] except for an afternoon or a morning thereof."

They, whom are already in Akhirah, will say, they have been on this earth, just like from the moment you wake up in the morning, until afternoon.

That quick. Even quicker, they will say it’s like they’re living only in the morning.
Even you can relate it right?

How all those memories that we have, feels like it just a moment ago.
20 years, it’s like nothing.

All the sweat that we have put on, just like, a quick flash back.

So, that’s why Allah swear by Time.
(Please take note, when Allah swore on something, that means Allah is serious.)

" By time,
Indeed, mankind is in loss,"
[As-‘Asr 103:1-2]

By time, you and me, are in loss.
Allah relates, the existence of time with loss.
It’s like when you have time, you would most probably be in loss. Indeed.


For 4 things
  • Except for those who have believed
  • done righteous deeds
  • advised each other to truth
  • advised each other to patience.

Why is that so?

Because Allah, wants us to prepare for the Akhirah.
You can have a valley of gold, but Death sure will get you.
And you will face the Akhirah.
You know, you can have all the money in the world. Yes, you do!
But never let it, affect your preparation for Akhirah.

Take Abdur Rahman bin Auf, Uthman bin Affan, Abu Bakr as examples. These Sahabah, were among the rich sahabah, and yet, they were among the 10 promised companion to enter Jannah.

If you close to Allah, He will give you anything in this world.

" Before this We wrote in the Psalms, after the Message (given to Moses): My servants the righteous, shall inherit the earth."
[Al-Anbiya’ 21:105]

The righteous, will inherit the earth.
It is our Fitrah (nature) to want something from this world. Take it!
But never ever forget, the reasons why we are here.

" Then did you think that We created you uselessly and that to Us you would not be returned?"
Al-Mu’minun [23:115]

So I would end this post by sharing a verse from Surah Furqan [25:27]

"And the Day the wrongdoer will bite on his hands [in regret] he will say, "Oh, I wish I had taken with the Messenger a way."

On the Day of Judgement, all the people who are in loss, will be so anxious, will be so nervous, they would even do things that they are not in control with. Irrational body language.
For example, your loved ones had to undergo a surgery. And you were waiting outside the operation room, you were anxious. You start to walk around, clenched your finger. Sweating.Irrational body language.
That’s why, on that Day, you will be so anxious, so afraid of what’s going to happen to you, you will do things you can’t control of.

Because you are too worry. Terrified of what’s going to happen.
You will bite you hand.
Not only one hand, but both of your hand!
And the pain from biting your hand, you wouldn’t even notice it. You are just too terrified.
And you start to wish. “O I wish I could have do that, I wish I could have done this etc”
On that Day, you wish you had taken the Messenger’s WAY.

It means?
It’s not focusing on the non-believer only.
It also focuses on the believer. They believe in Prophet Muhammad PBUH, but they didn’t follow him.
To not just believing in Islam, and accepting Islam,
But to follow our prophet Muhammad PBUH footsteps.
His teachings. His Sunnah.


There’s still time, insyaAllah.
Prepare yourself.
If you do,
You will see the world, from a different and beautiful perspective Insya- Allah.

I pray to Allah, to whoever who was reading this, get something beneficial, get the strength to hold on to this Deen. I know, its challenging. We are up against the main stream. But trust me, what Allah has prepared for you, is far greater than anything on this earth.

May Allah guide you and me, to His straight path. Amiin.

*may whatever I wrote, I can also practice. I’m far weak than you are. May Allah give us istiqomah (steadfast) in this path.  Amiin.
*that’s why there’s no title. You are the one who are being able to name this post. How this post relate to you.


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