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The Legend of Ghul' Part 2: Ascension

My fellow brothers & sisters in Islam,

What do u think of the story? This is but a fictional story, but does it reminds u of another...? J

Sounds familiar is it? The storyline, the characters and the setting. All seems too true to be fictional.

Well…Indeed it is!! Wanna know how?? Now, take a Quran (translation/Android/Apple/whatever you have) and open this interesting surah.

1.     By heaven in which are zodiacal signs.
2.     And by the promised day.
3.     And by the day which is a witness, and by the day, they are presented.
4.     Cursed be the fellows of the ditch..

[Al-Buruj, 1-4]

Surah Al-Buruj. Try to read the whole surah’s translation. Short time only mehh. Have u not feel the feeling?...the feeling of resemblance of the whole fictional story to this one? Well ehemm2...

Miraga -> (derived from the English word) Mirage; the kingdom is only an illusion,  luring the unwary hearts of mankind to astray
Ashdud -> Ashabul Ushdud (Fellows of the Ditch)
Ghul’ -> Ghulam (the Kid)
Nuray -> An-Nuraniyyin (the blocker of light)
Jablu -> jabal (the mountain)

But wait!! There’s more~

As ‘abid and as a caliph.

The story above is just fictional, a derivation and incomplete look-alike that serves only to draw ur attention here. Nevertheless, the REAL story is here, right in the Quran. What’s more, this is mentioned in a long hadith of our beloved Prophet SAW about this boy! 


Both Surah Al-Buruj and the hadith tell us the legend of a young boy, against the cruelty and syirk of his King of Najran in Yaman centuries ago. He used his intelligence to turn things to his favor, forever spreading the true message of da’wah to the people. Hey, that’s what we ought to do even nowadays right?..
So what is the ibrah (moral values) which we can obtain from the story?

            Let’s play a guess game. Is the legend really has ended? It’s up to us to decide. The ghulam in the hadith is actually the RESEMBLANCE of ourselves, who are going here and there from our homes to IMU or wherever u study, everyday- to learn knowledge, most of them worldly knowledge. We have our time of fun, have family and once in a while go to usrah or Islamic preaches to ease our hearts.
My comrades, is it enough this way?

“And I have created the Jinn and the men only for this that they may worship Me.”

[Az-Zariyat, 56]

The characters; the King, the Sorcerer and his magic resemble ALL the worldly possessions and also distractions in our life from reliving the mission of our Deen, while the priest is the metaphor of the side and time of our lives which we dedicate for the Deen. This is a sunnatullah. Where there’s always be the ghulam in the strikingly similar situation and all the characters throughout the human centuries. Including us now.

Ask yourself; which is more prevalent? Which is heavier?

The answer lies within self. Laa tansaa! (don’t forget!) Wherever we go, whatever we do, do it for Allah SWT! InsyaAllah all of our works, sweats and tears will never be in vain. Be ikhlas.

Relive the spirit of the Ghulam in YOU! It’s in YOU, both young men and women. Waiting to be unleashed. Use ur creativity as the Ghulam himself when he turned the biggest obstacle into the most effective way to teach and enlighten mankind with da’wah and knowledge on Islam, our True Deen.
Why hesitate? Let’s go! Discover the hidden potential in you. May Allah SWT eases mine and your way! ;-)
…and the legend lives on.

And the legend goes on..... Picture from here.

Editor: Mohd Amirul Arif bin Yaakub
Academic and Tarbiyyah Bureau 2012/ 2013
Muslim Society (MSOC)
International Medical University (IMU) Bukit Jalil.


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