Wednesday, February 25, 2015

When Life Gets Rough

Wondering what I've been doing lately that I was gone MIA from this site? Well, things were a little bit hard on my side and it took me about more than a week before I could get my sense back. I am beginning to see things clearly now, breathable and better. In other words, I'm in a good condition to write today, so here I am. (Also partly because 'Muftabar Hasanah' has started buzzing me) (Laughing) I didn't mean anything bad though. ^_^

Let's get started. Hmm, Do you know what makes a writer happy?
It is when people read what they wrote. And as you, yes you! Today, right now, am reading what I'm writing. Do know that you just make my day. Do know that, you just make me smile, on this tough day of mine.

Storms and rains come once in a while in our life, turning a bright day to a cloudy day, covering the sunshine,making our day dull for quite some time, not forever though. Do you agree with that? You should. (Laughing)  How is your life now? If good, then Alhamdulillah. If not, then do not feel down. Let's say Alhamdulillah for now and stay tune for my stories

It started with my days that were filled with surprises from Allah and good times with friends and everything. When I felt that the world was finally treating me a little better, when I feel like, things could never get any better. When I feel like I'm the happiest person in the world. Suddenly. Just with one mistake. It could be anything. Like you break your promises or you are going astray without realizing or you without any particular reasons are feeling that things suddenly get hard and rough.
Assignments are too much. Deadlines are too soon. Classes are too many. Subjects to study are too confusing. You lose your focus. You lose your momentum. You lose your determination. You lose your reasons. You keep on losing to the extend that you would be asking yourself. "What's happening on me now?" "Why is it that everything get so complicated?" and "Why am I feeling so lost and down? and "Why am I feeling lonely?"

That was what happened to me. I isolated myself from people and I shut my mind from thinking of the reasons why my life, suddenly gets rough. I walked alone. I studied alone (Trust me nothing will get inside the brain if you are like this). I ate alone. I felt bad for no reasons. Here comes the 'Satan', whispering and more whispering, to confuse me. And in my mind it goes like. "I shouldn't have done that. I shouldn't waste my time. I shouldn't forget the reason I'm living" Regretting.

And if while regretting, you are still listening to the whisper that tells you you are bad, you will lose. You will fall into the trap.

One day, when I suddenly felt suffocating, not able to carry on anymore. All that I could think was, I did a lot of mistakes. I broke my promises to love Allah. I keep on making sins despite promised to change. And I felt so bad, being me. Feeling not worth it being loved by HIM. On that day, I ate my lunch alone at a corner of the cafe, when someone suddenly tapped my back. It was my psychologist friend who happened to see me, ended up accompanying me for lunch. We talked and somehow I ended up telling and pouring to her.
She looked and me and said, "Anne, don't you realize that Allah is desperate to listen to your desperate calling right now?" I was stunned. "Eh?" was my replied. "That is why your life becomes hard, tough and rough. It will continue that way until you see no one. but HIM...."

I pondered for a moment. While she was giving me the advice, I felt like tearing up. In order to get my attention, in order to make me see only HIM, in order to make me remember only HIM, in order to save me from drowning in the happiness of the world that does not lasts, in order to keep me closer to HIM, in order to keep me floating not drowning, in order to make me realize that in everything, in the end it will always be him, HE gives hardships and hard times. He makes life unbearable for a short moment. Just a while, until you are looking at HIM again.

If you make mistakes and you feel like you would never be forgiven. Don't. Stop it. Allah is the Most Forgiving. Never doubt that. There is this beautiful Islamic quote:

 Strange is our relationship with Allah.
We sin as if He is seeing nothing
and He forgives as if He saw nothing.

Even if you fall, you stand up, and if within only seconds you fall again, just keep trying to stand up. The pain, the hardships that you felt, the tears that you cried, Allah sees that all.  And He would never give you something you are not capable of taking or handling. When one thing suddenly becomes hard, getting hard, harder and when you feel like you cannot take it anymore, He will come for your rescue without fail, not even late for a second. That was what happened to me.
Just reach out for HIM. He just want to listen to your cry as HE is the best Listener.

You are like a kite. He let you flies following the wind, he let you flies wherever you want. But if you are approaching a bad storm, or if you are going too far, HE would pulled you back slowly, closer to HIM. You'll feel hard, having to go against the wind from the pull, but once you are in a safe sky space He would let you fly again. HE just did not want the string attached to the kite gets broken. Sweet right? Where can you get a lover this PERFECT?

As a conclusion. when life gets rough, do know and realize that someone SUPER DUPER special is missing you. It's not a bad thing at all. Allah is missing you. Allah still care about you, that is why he keep on testing. Doesn't that make you feel special?

Find someone and talk to them, that helps. Sometimes, when things just don't happen the way we wanted it to be, our rationality level drop. Sometimes, we know why we are feeling bad and terrible but we just can't accept it.We need someone to talk to us. We need to be around people. Because sometimes, from those around us, there are messages that Allah would relay to us.

As for the day, I'll share this verse from Surah Al-Baqarah:

By: AnneZR
p/s: If you are tension, take a deep breath, have a cup of tea or coffee by the balcony and look at the sky. Isn't it beautiful? Isn't it a wonderful creation? Relax. Have a mental free mind by always think about Allah. Think about how well He has been taking care of you today and say Alhamdulillah.


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