Thursday, February 5, 2015

What lies behind Immunology?

 As usual, a story must be written with some incident behind. Being a person who somehow or in someway was going through a so-not-that-great dilemma, I learn something interesting in the end. 

(Holding a deep breath and go!) Being a science student, I am required to learn about the systems of human body, how it works, how it goes when things go wrong, more and frankly writing, I have encountered all kinds of weird, tongue twisted, the hard-to-pronounce words of all ever since I first started this course and even until today, an hour ago, I was drowning in new terms, new processes and new, super new twisted things. (I bet it is even extreme for all the doctors-to-be comrades. How did they cope with that seriously?). 

 But, why am I talking about this? Am I pouring down my frustration having to know and learn all of these, knowing that I may forget most of it sometimes later? Definitely not my friends.

The culprit, the promoter, the starter of my post today is because of my dearest, 'Immunology System' fellow. But thanks to 'him' or 'her' (I wasn't sure of it), I get to learn something beautiful in its existence in our body.
I always say this to myself whenever I am scared of something or when I started a new day. "Allah is here, HE'll protect me..." And I never think  of anything more than that. I somehow leave it all to Him, having great faith in HIS protection. The forgetful human, if they ever stop thinking about life and things that happen around them, taking good lessons from it, the faith they had before in them could sway and at times, and when the totally forget, they'll become ungrateful, somehow.

The fact that Allah is protecting us all from every single things, from everything, I swallowed it as it is. 'There are too much of it, I couldn't think and list it all. It'll never end" was what my naive thoughts has been telling me all this while. Having to learn immunology, I learn more than just about our body protect mechanisms but I also learn about the Greatness in Allah's creation.

Starting with the B cells production that the so-many complicated steps before it could plays its roles in producing antibodies and memory cells (Okay that is a little too 'science') and today, in the T- cell class, I gave up in listening and understanding the lecture in the midway of class, started to doodle and sketch on the notes, writing things like, 'I can't go on anymore'. Immunology is really complicated.  Complicated to the extend that it angers you (Laughing), that is how the system has been operating since 22 years ago, in my case. 

Glory to be Allah. All of it, is also HIS protection on us. It is within us. Sometimes, I lose myself' in a way that I began taking it out on Allah," I think I was strong enough to face difficulties when I had Allah in my heart but there are times when the tests are a little harder than usual and than what I was expecting, causing me to lose rationality, cry and say things like, "You said you'll protect me~~~"

And He is. Only now I realized. Why bother questioning when the answer to the question is long long answered? In every single steps of the antibodies production, if any goes wrong, we would not be able to resist any kind of infection, diseases and all. There are too many stages that if it is holed, it could rise in the failing of our immunology system and yet ours (In His wills) are functioning perfectly well. In every cells in our body, their existence are to give benefit to us all and they itself, each of them are all protected by Allah. (Okay let's not get into Parasitology and Gastrointestinal system).

I gave up learning that small part of immunology. I get tired of the details of the defense cells production. I become angry that the topics are so long winded. Even to only learn about it, all sort of negative feedbacks are pouring out from my mind. But one of Allah's protection, the complicated system I was complaining back then, never stops functioning and are continuously working. Let's be grateful. Let us all keep on saying 'Alhamdulillah' that HE is protecting us even through something that is nearly unseen. Studying science, it is not only for examination, it is also one of the door to see the greatest of Allah's creation and be grateful of it.

The fact that we are all living healthily, it is because of Allah. He is giving everything and only want for one thing, worshiping HIM. Let's be humble and grateful. Let's learn more and see HIM in it all.
So, that is all from me at the moment. My apology for any lacking and I am really sorry that I couldn't be as knowledgeable as others. Let's just take the good one as it is InshaAllah from Him.

Don't get stress or else your immune system will get weaken. If you are tired, search for Allah, He'll send someone to listen to you. Take care of your health and smile even if you don't feel like smiling. Good things, In Allah's will shall happen if we live positively.

I'm sharing an ayah from The Nobel Al-Quran, may or maybe not related to today's post but this is my favorite of the day.


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